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4 or 6 Arrow Quiver: The Right One For You!

As a general rule, carry the number of arrows that make you feel confident and prepared. If you don’t intend to use a quiver with your bow, it doesn’t really matter.

So, you’re confused between a 4 or 6 arrow quiver?

Although both arrow quivers are of the same material, the 6 arrow quiver is bigger in size. But lighter than 4 arrow quiver. Also, 4 arrow quiver has 2 grippers while 6 arrow quiver has 1. But 4 arrow quiver is cheaper. There is also a difference in the hood dimension and item dimension. 

Doesn’t matter how many arrows you’re carrying. What matters the most is accurate practice. So that, others can say “That buck is a shooter for sure’’.

Let’s jump into the details!

4 And  6 Arrow Quiver: Quick Overview

Bowhunting seems to be enjoyable and exhilarating. One aspect we may neglect is the quiver of the arrows that we bring into the field. 

Some may also wonder how do I choose a quiver for my bow? Seems like you are already one step closer since you are here to find the right choice. 

Here’s a quick technical comparison 4 or 6 arrow quiver to make it easier for you.

Factors4 Arrow Quiver6 Arrow Quiver
Size4- Arrow6- Arrow
Number of Arrow Grippers 2 Grippers1 Gripper
Hood Dimension (Inside)4.5″ side to side, 2″ front to back, 1.875″ Deep4.625″ side to side, 2.5″ front to back, 1.5″ Deep
Weight0.05 Pounds0.39 Pounds
Item Dimension(L x W x H)‎12.5 x 4.88 x 2.75 inches‎12 x 6 x 4.4 inches
PriceComparatively LessComparatively More
Stem MaterialPolymerPolymer
Brand Name ‎Kwikee KwiverKwikee Kwiver

Check out the recommended ones to avoid wasting your time. 

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4 or 6 Arrow Quiver- Detailed Comparisons

Both arrow quivers have different qualities but similar ones will make you a little confused. So let’s see which one to choose as per your requirements.

Weight & Accuracy

A quiver attached to your bow affects its accuracy. Quiver sizes of various capacities have been examined in scientific studies using mechanical shooters. 

The consequences are so small that a bowhunter doesn’t usually worry about it. But the way a quiver attached to your bow feels now matters more. Obviously, fastening arrows to the riser will change the bow’s balance. 

Hand at full draw If you’ve ever shot your bow with a quiver and then without. You’ll understand. In most cases, the bow feels better without the quiver. It’s lighter and strives to keep itself balanced so you don’t have to work as hard. 

So, 4 arrow quiver obviously will be lighter than 6 arrow quiver. Plus, the additional weight both quivers has is almost the same.

If you hunt with your quiver always attached, you’ll need to consider all of this. plus how much additional weight you want on your bow. 

Winner: So, for this sector 4 arrow quiver will be the one if you one to carry something lighter. 

Some might question are back quivers are practical? 

They’re left- or right-handed friendly. A back quiver requires a person to reach over their shoulder and feel for an arrow. You can reload swiftly with practice.

Hunting Style & Number of Arrows

Shooting a bow with fewer arrows hanging over the side is unquestionably more comfortable. You may want to have a few extra arrows on hand just in case. 

The number of arrows you keep in your quiver will vary. Do you spend most of your time hunting close to your vehicle? The former may need fewer arrows, since you may readily replenish the quiver if necessary. 

The latter needs to carry enough arrows to keep the hunt going. 

The additional arrows may be kilometers distant in rough terrain. If you’re hunting numerous species or have multiple tags may impact how many arrows you bring. 

In the fall, many men go hunting in the West and carry judo tips or other small game thumpers. During the hunt, you may shoot an arrow at a stum. Also, it can be another inanimate object to keep yourself sharp. 

It’s a terrific way to keep things light out there. You’ll need to prepare certain arrows that can’t be used. So, before purchasing between 4 or 6 arrow quivers, decide your needs.

Winner: If you hunt regularly, then you might be used to carrying more arrows in your quiver. This is why for occasional hunting, 4 arrow quiver might be a good decision. 


In these cases, both 4 and 6 quivers have a slight difference in pricing strategy. 6 arrow quiver costs around $40.65.  

But, if you want something cheap, then go for 4 arrow quivers. They start at around $32. And there are not much cheaper options.

Winner: Based on the pricing sector, you can choose a 4 arrow quiver as this has a lot of cheaper options. Also the expensive also varies compare to the 6 arrow quiver.

The Ultimate Decision

There are so many various sorts and techniques of hunting. It’s difficult to provide a blanket response. These days, standard quiver capacity varies from 4 to 6 arrows and it depends on a variety of circumstances. 

You can be a hunter who likes to take Eastern whitetails from the trees. Maybe you’d like the weight savings and bow balance that a 4-arrow quiver provides. Another good news is, for 4mm and 5mm arrows you can use a similar arrow quiver.

But if you want to carry more arrows and lightweight ones then you can always go for 6 arrow quivers.


How many arrows did soldiers carry?

A sheaf of 24 arrows was carried by each archer. More were brought in from supply carts after these were shot away. Archers kept their arrows in a quiver or pushed them through a belt loop.

Do all quivers fit all bows?

The “one-piece” quiver is a universal fit accessory that is usually referred to as such. Any bow with a standard sight can accommodate any standard one-piece quiver, pretty much. As a result, there’s no need to coordinate brands or models.

What type of quiver is best for hunting?

A hunter’s side quiver is a fantastic choice. The arrows are properly secured yet are easily accessible. It avoids some of the challenges associated with a back quiver. It makes it easier to bring out an arrow when required. The arrows don’t rattle about as much in these arrow quivers.

Final Verdict

I hope, you now have a clear vision to choose a 4 or 6 arrow quiver. Hunting is always fun if you have the right equipment.

If you’re still confused, don’t worry. Both quivers have almost similar functions. So, there are no right or wrong purchases. 

Happy Hunting!

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