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Code Red vs Code Blue Deer Scent: Which One Should You Buy?

During hunting season, hunters love using deer scent to lure deers in. But they often get confused when choosing between code red and code blue deer scents. We understand if it’s bothering you as well.

So, code red vs code blue deer scent– which one should you go for?

Several factors set these two deer scents apart. Code Red Deer Scent is mainly a blend of deer’s scent. But Code Blue Deer Scent consists of only One deer’s scent. Code Red calms the deer while Code Blue increases their activity. Code ed is less potent but stays longer and is also more affordable.

This isn’t all. We have comprehensively compared the differences between these deer scents to help you choose one. 

So, what’s holding up your hunting? Let’s jump in!

Code Red vs Code Blue Deer Scent: Quick Comparison

Sometimes, homemade deer scents do the trick for you. However, if you want to buy a deer scent you need to know which one is better for you.

First, let’s look into an overview of the different features of these two deer scents:

CriteriaCode Red Deer ScentCode Blue Deer Scent
From how many deers is the scent collected from?A blend of deersOne single deer.
What are the effects on the deers?Calms the deer.Increases the activities of the deer.
How long does it last?Roughly about 8-10 hoursAround 6-7 hours
PotencyCode red is less potent than code blue.Code blue deer scent is much more potent compared to code red.

From the aforementioned overview, we get a general idea of the basic differences between these two. 

But in order to choose one of them, we definitely need more information on these key factors. 

Code Red vs Code Blue Deer Scent: In-Depth Comparison

We have already acquired surface-level knowledge on the differences between the two deer scents. Now, let’s dive deep into these differentiating factors between code red and code blue deer scent.

Factor 1: Number of Deers Used

The most defining difference between these two is this. The code red deer scent is secreted from one single deer. On the other hand, the code red deer scent is collected from a blend of deers.

Now, you may wonder what difference it makes since it’s a scent. But that’s not true!

Since the code blue scent is collected from one single deer, the uniformity remains very natural. It is as natural as it gets! 

Also, the number of deer that this scent is collected from is mentioned in the bottle. You literally know that there is one single buck out there for this bottle. How cool is that?  

On the other hand, the scent for the code red is collected from a blend of deers. This makes the smell very different. It’s also very helpful for hunting and is the most premium blended deer scent out there.

Winner: The code blue wins since the one-deer policy makes this super realistic.

Factor 2: The Effects on Deers

The code red and code blue have very different effects on the deers. The effects vary a lot from a psychological angle.

In code blue, natural gland extracts are used to intensify the deer scent. It creates immense scrape activity, along with lip-curling and rubbing. 

It lures them in through both curiosity from the early season. And also territorial fickle from the late season. 

On the flip side, the code red deer scent has a totally different effect on the deers. It calms them down.

It makes the deers feel at ease. It does so by taking away their natural wariness. 

The code red basically creates an illusion of other deers being present around there. This stops them from panicking and makes sure it follows the pattern.

Winner: The code blue wins this round since the deer attractant is much more natural.

Factor 3: The longevity 

Now, you may wonder how long will your code blue attractant last and vice versa. 

The code red deer scent lasts around 8-10 hours in general. Whereas, the code blue deer scent lasts for like 6-7 hours usually.

However, the longevity may vary due to the heat. On days with extreme heat, the longevity drops down a lot.

Winner: The code red deer scent is a clear winner.

Factor 4: Affordability 

The code red deer scents usually cost around $4 to $7 per 2oz. Whereas, the code blue deer scent costs somewhere around $12 to $15.

The reason the code blue comes at higher prices is its USP. The one-deer policy makes it very lucrative.

On the other hand, the code red deer scent packs in great potency compared to its price.

Winner: The code red deer scent is the clear winner here. With great potency for a cheap pierce, it is super popular amongst hunters.

From the aforementioned comprehensive dive into the features, you’ll be able to choose one. If you manage to hunt a deer, don’t forget to preserve the hooves

Which One To Buy?

It really depends on what you are looking for. If you want an active scenario, the code blue should be your pick. However, the calming feature is also lucrative which can be provided by the code red one.

The one-deer code blue is also a very lucrative offer with an intensified potency. 

However, if you’re prioritizing affordability, you can always go for the code red deer scent. 

Here, we are mentioning two great code red and code blue deer scents for you:

Hopefully, you’ll love these!


Is Code Red Doe Estrus Effective?

Yes, the code red doe estrus is definitely effective. It is a very premium deer scent that has pure deer urine. The urine is gathered while the estrous cycle is on. The code red doe estrus should be used before the rut or during the peak rut.

Does Code Red Doe Estrus Get Ineffective?

Yes, the code red doe estrus can expire due to heat. The scent doesn’t withstand for more than a few hours. Especially in the heat, it can expire even quicker. Hence, the weather should be taken into account before setting out for hunting. Otherwise, the whole thing could go in vain. 

How to cover up the smell of deer?

You can use apples to cover the smell of deer. Hunters usually cut apples into two pieces and rub them against their clothing. You can also spritz your clothes. Use apple cider in a squirt bottle and voila! 


Deer scents or attractants are getting very popular each day. Hopefully, now you are clear about code red vs code blue deer scent. Choose the one you need!

Be careful of fake deer scents that circulate in many markets.

We’ll see you soon. Till then, happy hunting!

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