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How Much to Tip a Hog Hunting Guide?: [Explained]

Hog Hunting with a guide is always a great experience. But the issue arises when it comes to tipping the guide who made your experience worthwhile. Many hunters get indecisive on this matter. 

So, how much to tip a hog hunting guide?

It depends on the sort of hunt, the guide, and the type of expertise he has. A benchmark of 10 percent of the total hunt costs might be considered. To put it another way, if your expedition costs $5,500, then you are to tip at least $550. However, in the actual world, things are more complicated.

To be honest, there isn’t a correct response. It’s a personal choice, but there are certain things to think about. Let’s head to the main part.

How Much to Tip a Hunting Guide?

Between ten to twenty percent of the total cost of your hunt is the amount to tip your hunting guide. 

Considering the tip is normally shared between the guide or outfitters and their employees. You should try to tip in USD cash. This is due to the high commissions charged by international banks when converting cheques into currencies.

Observers who are not hunting are also urged to tip, albeit normally in a smaller sum. Around 10-15% of the daily observer rate is split between staff members and observers.

But all guides don’t provide you with the same experience. As much as the good ones deserve the tip, the bad ones don’t. You can adjust what you want to tip depending on your experience. 

Here’s a detailed conversation on that. 

The Good Hunting Guide

A good guide will usually not request a gratuity; it is up to you to offer one. However, a substantial percentage of a guide’s pay comes from generous hunters’ gratuities. As a result, it is not something to be taken lightly.

For their hunter, guides work extraordinarily long and exhausting hours. Frequently, 18 hours or more are worked per day. Preparation, managing horses, packaging meat, and cleaning are all things that so many hunters never witness. 

These can degrade a guide to the point of becoming useless. However, a guide typically enjoys his work and has a strong will for you to capture an animal. 

He will drag himself out of his bedroll to strap a rifle to your backpack. Before he invites you for breakfast, he has the horses saddled and ready.

If a guide performs an outstanding job for you, gets you on an incredible animal, or works tirelessly for you, he deserves to be properly compensated.

Take into account tipping 12 to 15 percent if you enjoy your guide and enjoy a good day. You should think about it even more if he gets you a world-class animal.

In addition, a careful hunter will provide his guide with some little yet appropriate presents.

Consider a good knife or a light. Or a cartridge wallet that he might give to his guide as a thank-you gift.

The Bad Hunting Guide,

On the other hand, there are instances when a plentiful tip is neither deserved nor appropriate. Let’s say a hunter gets a lousy outfitter or guide and a useless hunt.

For example, he doesn’t assist you with your crossbow issue. Think about it if you’re unsure if you should or should not tip.

You and the hunt area have been duped by an outfitter. And the game’s statistics aren’t what you expected. However, if your guide does a respectable job and goes out of his way to save your hunt, he should be tipped.

If your guide is unscrupulous, glum, or completely inept. Simply leave a gratuity for the cook at the conclusion of your search and go.

A tip is generally given to a hunting guide by the customer. It is really appreciated, even if it is not essential. Tips are a common source of revenue for tour guides.

Hunting guides put forth a lot of effort to ensure that your hunt is a success and a memorable experience.

If you believe your guide made a good influence on your hunt, give him or her a gratuity.

Things to Consider

What you want to tip is totally your decision. You will be able to determine a great tip if you keep these points in mind.

  • The amount you reward your guide is typically fixed by how your experience went and how satisfied you are.
  • A 10% to 20% tip is a standard.
  • If it is feasible, pay cash. You may not be able to find an ATM or a bank before you leave. So, bring your guide’s tip with you on the hunt.
  • Consider appointing a leader from among the clients if you’re in a group with many guides. This is for the purpose of putting up a contribution pool. Divide the gratuity among the guides.

Select a suitable moment to offer the gratuity, ensuring that all of the guides are present. Distribute the money evenly among the guides and offer it all at once.

When you’ve gone on several hunts with the same guide, you’ll typically develop a strong, personal bond. Your gratuity may differ from trip to trip in this instance. It might also include a present that is both practical and appropriate.

These are the best gifts for your guide you can find. Have a look!

These are very useful for hunting guides. They usually are reluctant to buy these by themselves because of their low income. Gifting these might just make your guide’s day. 

That’s all the suggestions I had for you. 


Is it okay to send tips to the hunting guide a few days later the hunt?

It is discouraged to do so. You should tip the hunting guide right after the hunt as an appreciation token. But you might not have enough cash with you on spot. Try to avoid doing this if possible. But it is better than no tips at all.

Should I pick older guides or younger ones?

Older guides are usually more experienced and know the job better. But younger guides are more energetic and might just vibe with you better. Both have their own pros and cons. It’s up to you to choose.

When is the best season to go hog hunting?

In the middle of the night. Hogs have become nocturnal in order to adapt to hunting behavior. As a result, the greatest time to hunt hogs is usually at night while they’re eating.


Now you know how much to tip a hog hunting guide. Hunting guides are hard-working people whose job is to make your hunting experience better. 

We must behave well with them and never hurt their self-esteem. Hope this article could help you with tipping your hunting guide. 

Till next time, best of luck!

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