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7 Steps of How to Hunt a Mountain Lion Without Dogs!

Among all the animals, it’s a dream for a hunter to hunt a big mountain lion. But it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. And it’s also difficult to hunt them without dogs. 

In some states, dogs aren’t allowed while hunt. In that case, you’ll have to hunt them without dogs.

Do you know how to hunt a mountain lion without dogs?

It’s quite difficult but not impossible. You’ll have to go through some steps. Like, get the mountain lion tag, find areas full of deers, and elk. Or follow the tracks, set up in a good spot, set up your rifle, shotgun & pistol. Then call for the lion and follow every sound nearby with attention, etc.

That’s not all. There are many more things to know. To know more about them, go through our article.

Let’s start our journey of hunting!

7 Steps to Hunt a Mountain Lion Without Dogs

Well, hunting mountain lions is a dream for every hunter as it’s difficult and very rare. Wanna know how to hunt a mountain lion?

There are two ways. One’s with the help of dogs and another’s without dogs. How many dogs will you need to hunt a mountain lion? Only one experienced dog is enough and it can be more than two if you.

But the question arrives when we’re asked to hunt mountain lions without dogs. Some states like California, Washington, Oregon, etc have outlawed hunting mountain lions with dogs.

But can you hunt mountain lions without dogs? Yes! Obviously, you can. Though it’ll be quite difficult. But after some practice, you’ll be adapted to it. 

Here we’ve explained all the steps one by one serially in an easy way for you. Go through them to know them in detail.

So, it’s time to get started.

Step 1: Get the Mountain Tag

A tag and a license are required for every hunter to hunt a mountain lion. You’ll need a tag for the mountain lions separately. You can purchase this tag from any department and also from any license agent.

This tag’s an expiry date too. After the expiry date, you’ll have to buy it again. There are some rules and regulations mentioned in the tag. You’ll have to follow those strictly. 

So, don’t waste time and get a mountain lion tag first.

Step 2: Find Areas Full of Deers and Elk

Do mountain lions hunt dogs? Yes, they do. But normally a mountain lion hunts deer. It’s preferable to them. They kill them and consume up to their meat. 

Sometimes, they also have elk as their food. The smells of elk are also different. Mountain lions also kill other animals like sheep to have them as their food.

So, find a place with lots of deer and elk. If you know how to hunt a deer, then you’ll find those places very soon.

Step 3: Follow the Tracks

It’s not always possible for a hunter to find the places where deer are available. If you can’t find such places, then there’s one more way to find mountain lions. And the way’s to follow their tracks or footprints. 

If you follow their tracks of them, then you might be lucky to find them too. There are many people who have hunted mountain lions by following their tracks of them. 

The feeding sweet as bait for hunting deer will help you to make them prey in this case.

But first, you should know how you’ll find their tracks and how they look. Worry not. We’ll help you know about them.

Through Snow

In the winter season, you can find their tracks in two ways. One way’s that if they walk through the snow, they’ll make their way in that snow. Mountain lions are comparatively larger than other animals. So the ways will be large too.

And another way’s to find them in such places where snow’s less or not there. Mountain lions like to stay in places where there is less snow. So you can try to find them in those places with less snow.

Through Mud

You can find the tracks of mountain lions in the mud too. If you find any of their tracks in the mud, follow those tracks carefully. You may end up meeting a mountain lion.

Features of a mountain lion footprint

Their footprints have a diameter of 2.75 to 3.75 inches. They have an m-shaped palm pad. The front pad has two lobes and the back pad has three lobes. Their walk is overstepped and asymmetrical. 

Their tracks are almost similar to domestic dog’s tracks. But their tracks are symmetrical.

Step 4: Set up in a Good Spot

Now set up in a place from where you can watch over almost everything. The place should be concealed. The animals shouldn’t notice your spot. 

Take necessary things for safety like torchlight, whistle, match stick, etc. If possible, don’t go alone to hunt a mountain lion.

Step 5: Set up your Guns

Set up your Guns as you can shoot anywhere you want. The range of them should be high. Because mountain lions can jump high and fast. 

You can take a rifle, shotgun, pistol, etc with you. You can also take an arrow and 60,70 or higher pound compound bows.

Step 6: Call for the Lion

This’s a very important step to hunt a mountain lion. Call the mountain lion through the voice of deer and elk. Do you know how to call in a mountain lion?

You can call in a mountain lion manually if you are an expert at it. You can also do hand calling. 

You can find a calling rig with some instruments to generate the sound of different animals. You can find them in Calls for Rain Shadow Mountain Lion.

You can also call a mountain lion through an e-caller or electronic predator calls.

Here we’ve recommended some of the best e-caller for you to buy.

We hope, you find these helpful.

Step 7: Follow Every Sound Carefully

Follow every sound of the nearby places very carefully. The mountain lions sometimes whistle. And mountain lions are large. 

So if they walk, you can hear their sound if you listen to them carefully. Don’t make any sound that can alert them.

That’s all. 


How can you distinguish a mountain lion and a bobcat?

Mountain lions are much larger than a bobcat in size. And a mountain lion has a longer tail than a bobcat. Which is actually ⅓ of their body length. 

Can dogs help you find mountain lions?

Yes, dogs can help you find mountain lions. They can alert you whenever they detect any presence of mountain lions near themselves.

What is the sleeping place of mountain lions?

Mountain lions generally sleep in a place where they can easily run if anyone attacks them. They sleep under trees and also in rocky areas.

Final Words

Hoping that you know now how to hunt a mountain lion without dogs. Follow the above-mentioned steps carefully as you might be lucky to find one of them to hunt.

It’s time to say farewell to you. Share your adventurous hunting stories with us in the comment section.

Happy hunting! Stay safe!

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