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001 vs 003 Arrows: Which One Is Better?

There are various types of arrows in the market to make your hunting experience better. But hunters often get confused when choosing one between 001 vs 003 arrows. We understand if that is the case with you as well.

So, which one should you get between 001 vs 003 arrows?

There are several factors that you should consider before choosing one of these arrows. 001 is straighter compared to 003. But 001 is not spine indexed while 003 is. But 003 weighs 8 pounds more than 001. And if we consider the affordability then 003 is better. 

That’s not everything. We have a detailed comparison between the 001 vs 003 arrows in store for you!

So, without any further ado, let’s jump in!

001 vs 003 Arrows: Quick Comparison

First, let’s have a quick look at the differentiating factors between the 001 vs 003 arrows. 

This will allow us to have a superficial knowledge of the difference between these two arrows. Let’s begin!

Feature001 Arrows003 Arrows
Arrow StraightnessThe 001 arrows have more straightness.The 003 arrows are less straighter.
Arrow WeightThey weigh around 62 poundsThey weigh around 70 pounds
Arrow Spine IndexThe 001 arrows are not spine indexedThe 003 arrows are spine indexed
PricingCost around $160 – $250 per dozenCost around $60 – $100 per dozen

From the aforementioned comparison, we get a clear idea of the basic differences between 001 vs 003 arrows. 

001 vs 003 Arrows: In-depth Comparison

Earlier, we saw an overview of the basic differences in features between 001 vs 003 arrows. 

Now, we need a detailed comparison of how these features affect the performance of the arrows. That will help us choose the one to pick.

Feature 1 of 4: Arrow Straightness

The straightness of the arrow plays a major role in choosing them. If we talk about physics, the straightness of an arrow definitely matters a lot. 

Arrows that are straighter have much more accuracy than the less straight ones. Straighter arrows undeniably fly more accurately. In laboratories, straightest arrows outperform all other arrows in long-range shooting since they group better.

However, the straightness of a 001 arrow outperforms the 003 arrows according to physics. 

Winner: This round is won by the pro-grade 001 arrows for their higher straightness.

Feature 2 of 3: Arrow Weight

Arrow weight might not be the most important differentiating factor between different arrows. However, arrow weight definitely influences the accuracy of the arrow in some way. Hence, we should definitely consider this feature.

The weight of the arrow is responsible for the stiffness of the shooting. 

Stiffness is definitely preferred over limberness. You’d want your arrow to be stiff and accurate when you shoot. You should be able to tell if your arrow is stiff or not.

Hunters who shoot at long ranges prefer lightweight arrows in general. It makes the arrow get to the animal faster so that it cannot react in time and jump. 

However, hunters who hunt larger animals prefer medium to heavyweight arrows to pierce through animals.

In this case, the 001 arrows weigh around 62 pounds. On the other hand, the 003 arrows weigh around 70 pounds in general. 

Winner: The 001 arrows have a slight edge in this regard. They weigh slightly less than the 003 ones making them fly faster and flatter.

Feature 3 of 4: Arrow Spine Index

Generally, arrow indexing means identifying the spine on the shafts and building them to be similar. Indexing arrows make all the arrows leave the bow in a similar or identical fashion.

There are definite advantages to having arrows indexed. They are much better with inconsistent accuracy. All of the arrows bend the same. 

If you nock one arrow having the stiffer side up and nock the others to the side, they will bend differently. But make sure you know how to remove the nock from your arrow.

The 001 is not arrow indexed by the manufacturers. However, the 003 arrows come indexed. This minimizes the inconsistency of the variables for the 003 arrows. 

Hence, it is super important to maintain arrow consistency.

Winner: The clear winner here is the 003 arrows since they come indexed.

Feature 4 of 4: Affordability

The 001 arrows are pr-grade arrows. Hence they are more expensive than other grades. The 001 arrows cost around $160-$250 per dozen arrows.

On the other hand, the 003 arrows come much cheaper since they are only very good grades. They cost around $60-$100 per dozen arrows.

Winner: The 003 arrows are definitely much more affordable.

Hopefully, you will find the in-depth discussion we had on the differences between the two arrows helpful.

Which One Should You Buy?

In order to choose the right arrow for hunting, you should definitely consider the aforementioned differences. Choosing the wrong arrow could be the cause why your arrow wobbles when you shoot them.

Ultimately, it boils down to your preference and necessity. If you are looking for straightness, the 001 is the way to go. If you are going for large animals, 003 will get you the penetration you need.

If you are looking for consistent shooting, hands down the 003 are perfect for you. And finally, if affordability is not something that’s holding you back, go get your 001. It’s the “Pro-grade” after all.

Consider all your necessities and situations to choose the right one for you. There is no best type of arrow, it’s all on your shooting skills eventually!

Here we are mentioning two quality 001 and 003 arrows just for you!

We truly believe that you’ll love these products!

Hopefully, now you will be able to make the right call for your arrows. Get them, hunter!


Which type of arrows is the most expensive?

You’ll find composite arrows to be the most pricy type of arrow in the market. But it is definitely an investment that is worthwhile in the competitive scene. You won’t find too many arrows made of wood and fiberglass. 

Do arrows spin when you shoot them?

Well, arrows absolutely spin after they leave your bow! The fletchings control the steering of the arrow for accuracy. Because of this, the arrows catch the air. And consequently, they spin for a straighter pattern while flying.

Are self-built arrows cheaper than the regulars?

Yes, if you build your own arrows, they’ll help you cut the cost. Self-built arrows will save you about $5 to $10 for every dozen. However, this also has extra merits. You can play with different shaft sizes, components, and fletching styles. This will help you find the perfect arrow for your hunting.

Final Words

Choosing the right arrow for you is very important for successful hunting. Hopefully, we were able to help you choose one for yourself between 001 vs 003 arrows.

Always make sure to check if your bow is certified for the weight of your arrows.

We will see you very soon in some other hunt talks. Till then, happy hunting!

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