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37 Or 45 Degree Peep? Let’s Dig It Out!

To get top-notch accuracy peep is a compulsory element on a bow. But people often get confused about the size of the peep. They sometimes can’t decide which one they should go for. 

Well, this is common among the archers. That’s why we’ve dedicated a whole article to the subject.

So, which is suitable for you 37 or 45 degree peep?

You need 45 degree peep for recurve longbow. Because the recurve longbow has a larger extending distance. A 37-degree peep is required for a short-stretching compound bow due to the short distance of stretching. Smaller peeps can’t cover the target while you shooting with a long stretching bow. 

This is just an overview of what you’re gonna learn in this article. Let’s decide which one is better.  

3 Deciding Factors to Choose a Perfect Peep Sight: Quick View

There are three main factors to consider before using a peep. Depending on the following three factors you should decide which peep is perfect for you. 

Have a look at the table for a quick overview of these factors.

37 Degree Peep45 Degree Peep
FactorRecurveCompoundRecurve Compound 
Brace Height,7.5 to 9.75” (not suitable for recurve bow)6 to 7” ( suitable for compound bow)7.5 to 9.75” (suitable for recurve bow)6 to 7” (not suitable for compound bow)
Draw length 18.75 to 24.37” (not adequate to cover the object)15 to 17.5” ( ideal to perfectly cover the target)18.75 to 24.37” (It’ll cover the target properly) 15 to 17.5”(Other substance will be seen through the peep)
ATA48-72” ( not recommended)37” (recommended)48-72” ( Highly recommended)37” ( not recommended)

Detailed Overview

Now, let’s see which one you need, whether 37 or 45-degree peep.

Brace Height:

The brace height of a bow is the distance between the deepest position of the bow and the bowstring. It’s actually the gap between the arrow nocking position and the arrow rest. 

The recurve longbow and compound bow size isn’t similar. So, depending on the bow you’re using you should need to choose the peep size. 

We’ll start by determining which peep is best suited to recurve longbows. However, arrow grain is an important factor in this regard.

Recurve Longbow:

The normal brace height of the recurve longbow is between 7.5 to 9.75”. That means before stretching the string the distance between your eyes and peep will be around 10”. To cover this distance you’ll need a broader peep size.

Because to get the optimal arrow speed you may need to stretch the string more than 250%. 

So, 37 degrees can’t cover this distance, therefore you need 45 degree peep sight for recurve bow.

Compound Bow:

Compound bow is smaller than a recurve bow. The brace height of a compound bow is 6 to 7”. So the gap between the peep and eyes before stretching back the string is around 9 to 10”.

So 37-degree peep sight is enough to cover this distance. So 37-degree more suitable than the 45-degree peep sight for a compound bow. 

Draw length:

The draw length is the distance you pull back the string for a smooth and accurate aiming stance. If you don’t stretch the string at the optimum level then the arrow can wobble in flight.

The draw length of the compound and recurve bow are not similar.

A 37-degree peep sight won’t sustain a draw length longer than 17.5″. While a 45-degree peep sight may accommodate a draw length of up to 24.37″.

Draw length

So, 37-degree sight is suitable for a compound bow while 45 is ideal for a recurve longbow.   


The elaboration of ATA is axle to axle. The gap between either axle of a compound bow. ATA determines how far you can draw the bow string. 

ATA actually is the size of a bow. For example, if the distance between both axles of a bow is 40, that means the bow size is 40”. 

The highest size of a compound bow is 37”. While the recurve longbow can be more than 72”.


But according to your height, you need to use a bow. Before describing the segment further, let’s have look what is the recommended bow size for you.   

Height of Archer (feet)Ideal bow size
>5.6 feet48-54″
5.6-5.10 feet58-64″
5.10-6.2 feet64-68″
< 6.2 feet68-72″

These all are the recurve longbow. For all-size longbows, it’s recommended to use a 45 degree peep sight. 

However, sometimes it depends on your height as well. If you are shorter than 5.6 inches, then your maximum draw length will be 35 inches. In this case, 37-degree peep sight is more suitable for you. 


So, what peep sight is suitable is totally dependent on the bow type and height of an archer. 

If you are a user of a compound bow or your height is shorter than 5.5 feet then use 37-degree peep sight. 

You should use 45-degree peep sights if you are using a recurve longbow or if you are more than 5.6 feet tall.

Without any exceptional case, if you go against this decision, you may face some difficulty in getting the expected accuracy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Do I Need A Clarifier To Peep?

No, it’s not compulsory to use a peep clarifier. However, using a peep clarifier can give you a better picture. And that’s why you’ll see the target more clearly. It’ll help to get better accuracy.  But if you don’t use a clarifier that won’t reduce your accuracy too much. 

Is A Peep Sight Necessary?

It’s not necessary to use a peep sight for every type of bow. But it’s a fact that peep sight can increase your accuracy. For a distance shot, peep sight helps to aim and fix the target on point. Specifically for the professional archer, peep sight can be very much handy. 

Does Peep Sight Size Matter?

Yes, peep sight size matter a lot. For stretching bow shot small peep sight can’t help you according to your need. On the other hand, short stretching bow shots need relatively narrow peep sight. You can’t deny the fact of peep sight size necessity for different types of bows.

Signing Off

Well, hopefully now you know which you need: 37 or 45 degree peep sight. Using the perfect peep sight can increase your shot accuracy. Always consider three factors that we’ve mentioned in this article before choosing any peep sight.

Anyway, you can share your thoughts with us regarding this article. Let us know which peep sight you using for your bow. 

Greetings and thanks for taking the time to read this article.

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