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4mm vs 5mm Arrows: Which One Is Better?

Hunting with arrows is an extremely celebrated thing all around the world. But people often get confused when choosing the right arrow for their shooting. We understand if you are also confused like others.

So, which one to choose between 4mm vs 5mm arrows?

The 4mm arrow has better penetration than the 4mm one. Also, 4mm arrows show less wind draft comparatively. Not to mention, The 5mm arrows have larger fletchings. And The downrange velocity of 5mm arrows is lesser than the 4mm ones. If we consider affordability then 5mm is more affordable.

That’s not everything. Here, we have a detailed comparison between these two arrows in store for you! 

So, what’s the holdup? Let’s begin the hunt!.

4mm vs 5mm Arrows: Quick Comparison

Before getting into details, we need an overview of the comparison for a better understanding. 

Let’s have a look at the basic differences between the 4mm vs 5mm arrows!

Feature4mm Arrow5mm Arrow
PenetrationThe 4mm arrow has better penetration.The 5mm arrow has weaker penetration.
Wind drift4mm arrows show less wind draft comparatively.5mm arrows face more wind draft when shot.
FletchingsThe 4mm arrows have smaller fletchings.The 5mm arrows have larger fletchings.
Downrange velocity4mm arrows have better downrange velocity.The downrange velocity of 5mm arrows is lesser than the 4mm ones. 
AffordabilityCosts around $95-$170 per 6 arrows.Costs around $80-$155 per 6 arrows.

Hopefully, now you have a superficial idea about the basic differences between 4mm and 5mm arrows. It’s time to get down to the details!

4mm vs 5mm Arrows: In-Depth Comparison

Since we know the basics now, we can compare these features side-by-side. Let’s have a detailed discussion on how these features affect the performance of the arrows.

Feature 1: Wind Drift

Wind drift mostly depends on the surface area of the arrow shaft, similarly to penetration. Western hunters usually encounter more problems with wind drift than eastern hunters do. 

Wind drift affects shooting arrows hence you should definitely consider it when choosing arrows.

The smaller the diameter of the arrow is, the lesser sideways drift it faces. By switching to lower diameters, you can reduce your wind drift easily.

In this case, the 4mm has a lower diameter, which helps it minimize the wind drift a lot. The weight will not be a concern, since the 4mms and 5mms weigh almost the same.

Winner: The 4mm arrows definitely take this round. 

Feature 2: Downrange Velocity

When you shoot an arrow, it slows down as it flies. Ever wondered why? It’s because of the downrange velocity.

The speed decreases because of the friction from the air that the arrow encounters when flying. The bigger the surface area of the arrow is, the more friction it faces and slows down.

Lower-diameter arrows maintain much of their initial speed. They possess more potential energy and tend to penetrate much better. Sometimes hunters add weight to the arrow tip for better penetration.

Once again, it all comes down to the surface area of your arrow. The more area it has, the more speed and power it will lose. 

Winner: The 4mm arrow wins yet another round. It has a lesser diameter which will help it retain most of its initial speed. Thus, better downrange velocity.

Feature 3: Affordability

The 4mm arrows usually cost around $95 to $170 for every 6 arrows you buy. You can buy packs of a dozen as well which cost a little less.

On the flip side, the 5mm arrows cost a range from 80 dollars to 155 dollars per 6 arrows. It would cost you more if you go for single arrows.

The lesser diameter makes it very lucrative to the hunters hence the price is slightly higher. Hence, the higher price for 4mm arrows.

Winner: In a sense, both of these are affordable. However, the 4mm has a slightly higher price due to the lower diameter. Hence, the 5mm arrow is the winner here.

Hopefully, we could articulate how these features affect the performance of the arrows. 

Which One to Buy?

It is important to choose the right arrows. Choosing without consideration could lead to arrows wobbling when you go hunting.

At the end of the day, it boils down to your necessity and preferences. If you are looking for penetration, go for 4mms. But if you are not hunting big games, you don’t need penetration. And so a 5mm arrow would work.

If you are a western hunter, you should take the 4mm arrow to fight the wind drift. If you are hunting in short-range and not concerned with losing speed, get the 5mm arrow.

And finally, a little affordability is always nice. You could get the 5mm if you want to cut some costs. Here, we have mentioned two amazing 4mm and 5mm arrows just for you!

Hopefully, you’ll love these.


Are 5mm arrows worth buying?

Yes, 5mm arrows are definitely worth buying. They have the durability that a lot of arrows lack. They have small diameters that increase power and penetration. And the best part is that they come pretty cheap. Hence, they are worth the purchase.

Can you make my arrow too long?

Yes, you can make your arrow too long and weaken it. If an arrow is too long, the spine of the arrow gets weakened. You’d find it harder to break a short stick than a long one with a similar diameter. By making the arrow too long, the spine loses tolerance and breaks easily. 

Which spine should you get for your arrow? 

The spine of your arrow should increase proportionately to the increase in the draw weight. There is no absolute rule, but there are recommendations for spines. There should be a minimum of 5 grains for every pound of draw weight. However, for animals over 60 lbs, a minimum of 300 grains is advised.


Picking the right arrow always makes your hunting go smoother. Hopefully, we were able to clear your confusion regarding 4mm vs 5mm arrows

Try to buy packets of a dozen arrows to save some of your time and money.

We will see you soon in some other article. This then, happy hunting!

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