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6mm vs 5mm: Everything You Must Know Before Bowhunting!

Getting bowhunting arrows unsuitable can lead you to follow uneven ways. Going through several trial-and-error processes of shooting is nearly an expensive option. 

Don’t you relate while getting confused in picking an ideal arrow size? Well, we are here to put an end to your confusion.

So, what are the key differences between the 6mm vs 5mm arrow sizing?

Key differences lie in nock type. While H nock runs 6mm, you will get 5mm for X nock. However, the standard insert is only available at 6mm arrows. The hidden insert comes with 5mm. Meanwhile, 6mm is always a budget-friendly option in terms of pricing.

Still, more insights related to each arrow size are coming on your way. So, tag along with us to unfold the truth and get all complexities clearer!

Let’s cut to the chase!

6mm vs 5mm: A Quick Glimpse

Before going deeper, let’s have a quick look at 6mm vs 5mm

Comparing Factors6mm5mm
Insertion Type8-32 standard insert8-32 HIT insert (Hidden)
Nock TypeH nock having 0.234 inchesX nock having 0.204 inches
Spine320 spine with 10.6 Grains per inch340 spine with 11.3 Grains per inch

Still if you are confused about picking the right one? Well, we haven’t taken you there yet! 

6mm vs 5mm: Detailed Comparison

Enough of quick overviewing! Now, let’s explore aspect by aspect in detail. Shall we?


Speaking of 6mm, it’s made of high-quality robust material. In the long run, it ensures the protection of the arrows. And keeps a nice relation between each part. 

Also, avoiding arrow rear-end issues is its core strength. So, everything is present to extend the arrow’s serving life here. 

Meanwhile, most brands introduce 5mm as a ‘thicker wall’ arrow. 

Apart from penetration and wind drift reduction, you must need a thicker wall than the exact spine diameter arrow. 

So, you might have more durability in it. However, it may get cracked or mushroomed.

Winner: 5mm.

Insertion And Nock Type

Just like the inserts or nock varieties, quiver also affects bowhunting. 5, 4 and 6 arrow quivers bring the benefits differently.

However, 5mm arrows usually come with a HIT insert having almost 16 grains. Meanwhile, nocks are the connection between your arrow and the bowstring. 

As a result, the amount of energy passing through the bow to the arrow becomes possible. 

However, you will find an 8-32 insert here along with a previously installed X nock. Meanwhile, having high-duty carbon-based fibers keeps the performance graph upper. 

On the other hand, 6mm crossbow arrows come into the picture having 8-32 Standard inserts. 

Along with that, the X nock which you found earlier in the 5mm is absent. However, having an H nock completes this product. 

This H nock comes with a diameter of 0.234 inches. And you can find it suitable with a UNI nock bushing. Along with that, it brings plastic that is coming with the precision set. 

As a result, down-range accuracy becomes possible via 6mm arrows. 

Similar to 5mm, this nock comes by default or in a pre-installed manner. Apart from these nocks, you will find different nocks of arrows too.

However, these are the topmost user-friendliness that you can ask for! Besides, a 6mm carbon core keeps the place while introducing a reduced diameter. 

In the meantime, coming with an alloy metal jacket is a massive upgrade for arrow products.

Winner: 5mm.


Without the straightness of an arrow, very little success you could gather, right? 

5mm and 6mm come with a ±.003 and ±.002 straightness respectively. It helps in bringing weight and spine to get corresponded. 

As a result, finding the highest level of accuracy is achievable. Straightness is a tiny figure that users often avoid. Knowing the 4mm vs 5mm also gives you a different straightness idea.

Winner: 6mm.

Final Verdict

6mm usually brings higher speed carbon arrows. It helps users to offer weight-forward prospects. 

As a result, the more accurate and straight penetration you can ever make! Along with that, it brings concocted brass inserts. 

Besides, providing a comprehensive Front of Center (FOC) performance is a key benefit.

Meanwhile, 5mm is considered an ideal size for its lightweight features. Coming with a hidden insert enables arrows to align the broadhead with the arrow’s inner diameter. 

It helps to boost consistency too. As a result, acquiring broadheads to spin true will make your problem less. 

In the meantime, its tiny diameter gets a reduction of wind drift. So, you are getting a more durable shaft.

However, if we cut to the chase, there are two major benefits of 5mm arrows. 

You will get a much better flight against crosswinds. Also, its hidden inserts hold a spin truer. 

However, just like the 6mm, it also shows great characteristics in penetrating. 

But interestingly, the penetration level no longer has significance. No more than a marketing stunt, lower penetration won’t be any barrier to hunting. 

Also, the end of the shaft makes it more deficient in performance often. Less bending and breaking you will also find here. 

On the other hand, 6mm has every quality that a 5mm holds. Along with that, its cheaper pricing range attracts users highly.

Along with that, 6mm comes with promised durability along with a well-built texture. Bringing so many advanced traits altogether makes it a thriving option to choose. 

If you look for a budget-friendly advanced arrow, 6mm is better. For lightweight mode and consistency, 5mm rules.


Does The Diameter of An Arrow Matter?

Yes, you might find small-diameter arrows more powerful and get deeper while penetrating. Meanwhile, larger diameters fail to carry their weight compared to small diameters. And it ends the journey with a loss. However, small ones can’t avoid the lesser ground area and energy-robbing clash to win.

What Weight Range Can Be Ideal To Shoot?

You may require 5 to 6 grains per pound while targeting practice. Meanwhile, shafts, nocks, vanes, field points, etc., will also be coming with the arrow. So, considering the weight, combining all of these will be helpful to you. Roughly, having a 60 lbs bow might need a 300-360 grain of an arrow.

Which Size Should I Take For Deer Hunting?

Choosing between 8 to 9 grains per pound can be an ideal range for deer hunting. This setup will allow the arrows to generate more than 220-235 fps. While approaching a 30-yard range, you might require a full-length arrow. And this arrow needs to force a medium-ranged broadhead to capture deers.

Final Words

So, these are the key aspects that make 6mm vs 5mm different! Hopefully, our little effort has pushed all confusion out of your head. 

Now, you can pick the ideal crossbow size without hesitation!

Let us know what’s new you discover with us!

Best of luck with your bowhunting!

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