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About Us

An Overview of Hunting and the Story Behind Climb to Hunt

Hunting has been a source of food for humans for millennia. Before agriculture alone was able to feed hordes of people alone people relied on hunting to feed themselves and their families. But with the incoming of modern society hunting has become less of a necessity as people now rely on supermarkets and functioning supply chains for their food. 

But there are still a small number of people who prefer to hunt even in this modern time. These people have been thought of as a fringe group for the last couple of decades. They have been denounced as barbaric and their actions as animal cruelty. Therefore, to help out my fellow hunters I have created Climb to Hunt.

Climb To Hunt: Objectives

Climb To Hunt is a site dedicated to educating hunters about everything they might need to know. It contains an endless arsenal of knowledge on all sorts of hunting tricks and tools. It strives to be a support base for established hunters to gear up on knowledge and help hunters that are still learning the ropes. 

The how-to articles are written keeping in mind that they could be read by someone new to hunting and is willing to learn. Look around our site, and you will find something that matches your need.