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Bare Shaft Tuning Nock Right? 3 Easy Fixes!

Are you facing a bare shaft tuning issue? Does the arrow nock angle right when hitting the target?

It’s a common issue. There are some simple fixes for this issue, so nothing to worry about. 

So, bare shaft tuning nock right? 

Short-distance shooting causes bare shaft tuning nock right. Try to shoot from a distance of more than 20 yards. A stiff arrow may also cause bare shaft tuning nock right. To remedy this problem, you can either increase the arrow’s length or shoot heavier points.

The information above isn’t all you need to know about this issue. For the complete solution to your bare shaft issue, you can go through this article. 

3 Reasons Why Tuning Nock Right

For exactly three major reasons bare shaft tuning right issues can happen. Let’s have a look at the quick troubleshooting table below.   

Short distance shootingNock will appear tuning right after hitting the target.Go at least 30 yards away 
Stiff Arrow Bare shaft will hit slightly right, that’ll harm the accuracy.Increase the arrow length, it’ll increase the flex of an arrow.
Incorrect Center Shoot SettingBack side of the arrow appears slightly right from its hitting point.Set the center shoot correctly. 

This table is for quick navigation. Here is a brief explanation of these problems and how they can be solved. 

Reason 1: Short Distance Shooting 

Short distance shooting can be one of the main reasons. If the arrow doesn’t get enough flight then it can tune right. Heavier arrows cause this issue.

In essence, it occurs when you shoot from less than 20 yards or 18 meters. A shorter distance doesn’t give enough time for proper flights. 

Symptom: Hitting Target From Right Side

Shooting at short distances will cause the target to be hit from the right and will angle inward. It’ll slightly miss the target. 

Fix: Increase Shoot Distance

The only simple and easy fix to this issue is increasing the shooting distance. The distance might be at least more than 30 yards. Shortage of space basically causes when you shoot indoors. 

The adequate length of the shooting room doesn’t let you shoot from a longer distance. Shoot from the opposite corner of the shooting room if your target is located in one corner of the room.

By this method, you’ll get up to 5-7 yards of added distance. And it’s enough to come across with a bare shaft right tuning issue. 

Remember, shooting from a proper distance can resolve this issue.

Reason 2: Stiff Arrow

Stiff arrow is another reason behind the bare shaft tuning right. Arrow can’t flex according to the necessary for its stiffness. And when you shoot too many arrows at the target, the bare shaft sticks on from the right side. 

Symptom: Sticking On the Target From Right Angle to Inward

You can check bare shaft stiffness by the number on it. The less number it contains the more stiff arrows are. 

The bare shaft stiffness starts from 300. The most common bare shaft numbers are 300, 400, 500, 600, etc. 

The stiff spine of the bare shaft will cause arrows to hit the target from the right side and the nock will appear at the right angle. Also, it can cause arrow wobble in the flight.

Fix: Use Weak Arrow Spine

The most straightforward fix for the stiff arrow spine is using a weak arrow spine. Also Using a lengthier arrow can be an effective solution to the bare shaft tuning nock right. 

Knowing which arrow for your bow is compulsory for an archer. 

However, using up to label 400 arrows can be an effective solution to this issue. 

Reason 3: Incorrect Center Shoot Set

Incorrect center shoot settings can either tune your bare shaft right or left. There is a certain point on the string to nocking on it. If you set the bare shaft nock right then it’ll tune right. Similarly, if you set the center shot left from the center then it’ll turn left. 

It also can cause a lack of accuracy. 

Symptom: Angle Flight

After shooting the bare shaft it’ll fly correctly. A bare shaft will appear flying right across the corner. After hitting the target it’ll stick on the target angling inward. 

It’ll hit will less power and you’ll get the arrow very loosely sticking on the target

Fix: Set the Center Shoot Correctly

To fix the problem you need to set the center shot correctly. Fixing this issue is as easy as you want. You just take measurement tape and then measure the bow axle to axle. And divide the total length of the axle to the axle by 2. And then measure from one axle and mark the string where the measurement reaches. 

In this way, you’ll easily find the center shot correctly. 

Using the incorrect arrow can also be the reason behind this issue. It’s necessary to know what grain arrow is for your bow.

Things to Keep In Mind For Perfect Bare Shaft Direction 

In order to have perfect bare shaft direction, you should align the bow rest and center shoot appropriately. When you set the nocking point right from the center make sure you move the rest slightly to the right. The same goes for the left nocking point. 

Using the right fletching is another important factor for perfect shaft direction. Fletching helps the arrow to get the perfect flight.

Arrows with excessive grain are drawn downward. Gravity is the reason for this. 

And this whole thing can hamper the bare shaft direction. So using fletching is very much necessary for a perfect bare shaft direction. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is Bare Shaft Tuning Necessary?

Yes, bare shaft tuning is very necessary. This is because of the damage the arrow causes by moving left or right. To stop the bare shaft from moving left or right, you need to tune your bare shaft. It’ll increase the accuracy at the same time the bare shaft tuning nock right or left issue will be solved.

What Does Bare Shaft Tuning Do?

Bare shaft tuning magnifies the silly kinks of the arrow flight that happens for the bow. Without the fletching arrow flight won’t fly in the direction as it goes down for gravity. For a perfect arrow flight and for preventing the bare shaft from going miss direction bare shaft tuning is necessary. 

What Distance Should A Bare Shaft Tune Be?

The bare shaft tune must be more than 10 yards. In some cases where the bare shaft is stuck with a lot of arrows, you can go 5 to 10 yards backward for the perfect tuning. If the bare shaft tune nock left or right when shooting with a recurve longbow you need to go back up to 30 yards.


Well, this is all about the bare shaft tuning nock right? Hopefully, you got the reason why it happened. At the same time, you’re now aware of how to fix this issue. 

Remember bare shaft tuning is necessary for a perfect direction. Some silly mistakes can cause accuracy issues. 

Let us know how handy this article was for you. 

Best wishes to you!

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