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Top 5 Best Arrow Insert Glue – Most Effective Glue


Arrow insert can be intricate and fragile if you don’t use appropriate glue. For that reason, we have brought you the Best Arrow Insert Glues on the market available. 

No arrow insert glue on our list is any less in terms of quality. So, you don’t have to worry about the efficacy they will provide you with. 

Not to mention that every product here has multiple specialties. But we have mentioned the best among many. 

We have written in detail about the glues, their features and all. Next, we have added a buying guide to guide you in the right direction. Then we have the most frequently asked questions. 

This is a complete package for anyone who needs wants to buy an arrow insert glue. Let’s not waste any of your precious time and move on to the article.

Comparison Table

Gorilla Super Glue Gel XL

The first arrow insert glue on our list is Gorilla Super Glue Gel XL. The reason it’s number one on our list is because of its caliber to glue accurately. 

Every glue on the list has uniqueness, or we might say specialty. This one drys up quite fast. Moreover, this glue works great on vertical surfaces. After applying this to the impact area, you just have to wait for 10-45 seconds.

This glue is formulated in such a way that it has an increased impact-resistant. And it will provide additional strength to the broken surface when it’s attached again.

 The gorilla super glue gel XL will start its magic on the broken area within this period. You can use this glue on multiple materials. 

Specifically, you can use it on wood, metal, rubber, paper, ceramic, leather, etc. But do not use it on polypropylene plastic or polyethylene or alike materials.

Now comes the application process. As we have already mentioned, it takes between 10-45 seconds to stick. But you should know how to use it appropriately. 

Before you start dropping the glue, you need to clean and dry the broken or damaged surface. Therefore, no dirt or substance might become an obstacle to the glue. 

Next, shake the gorilla super glue gel XL vigorously. Thus the ingredients inside will get a mix properly before applying it. 

Afterward, remove the cap of the glue bottle and gently apply it to the broken surface. We recommend one drop per square inch.

On the contrary, if you apply more than required, it’ll not hold. Excess glue use will only delay the job or might not work at all. 

Once you have applied, then hold the two surfaces together for 10-45 seconds. Then you can just leave the item as it was before. It takes approximately 24 hours to cure totally. 

Your job is not finished yet. Now you have to clean the nozzle with a dry piece of cloth. Then use the anti-clog cap to tightly seal it. Do check the glue is tightly sealed. Otherwise, you won’t be able to use it again. 

Try to store the arrow glue in a dry and cool place. And, of course, keep it out of reach of children. 


  • No clamping is required
  • Setting up is quite fast
  • It can be applied to various materials


  • Use with caution otherwise, it might get stick to your fingers

Starbond EM-2000 Thick Super Glue

The second arrow glue that we have is Starbond EM-2000 Thick Super Glue. Now just like the previous product, this one is highly compatible.

Moreover, the Starbond EM-2000 Thick Super Glue is lab tested for adequate performance. This is an industrial-grade adhesive. So, you can understand the effectiveness of this glue.

It can quickly fill the voids and gaps because it has thick cyanoacrylate or CA. Furthermore, it’s appropriate for heavy-duty bonding. In fact, it can be used for fletching in arrows and also for fragging in coral reefs. 

The viscosity is 2000 cPs. In other words, it’s as thick as honey. That means the thickness of the glue is similar to honey. The filing capability of the Starbond EM-2000 Thick Super Glue is up to 0.01-0.02″ in size.

Now to make your job more accessible, it has applicator caps. These applicator caps will make it easy for you to apply the glue to the exact broken area. And it has two applicator caps, unlike our first arrow glue. 

Next comes the extension tip or micro-tip. This helps the glue reach certain places where it’s hard to get with just the applicator. 

It will increase your precision. You will be able to reach tiny cracks smoothly. Whereas in the previous product, there was no mico-tip for precision.

None of the products on the list has so many extra accessories. Therefore if you prefer to have these accessories and want to reach tiny places, you can buy this one.  

After you have used the glue now, you have to seal it. To do that, this arrow glue has a clog-free stopper. It will prevent any future clogging into the glue nozzle. 

Applying process of this glue is similar to the previous product. Just shake it properly before you use it. This will let the ingredients inside the bottle get mixed.

Lastly, the shelf life of this glue is quite high. If you can store it in a cold place, it will last for several years. Before you use it, store it under 40°F. But after you open the cap or use it, then it will have a 30-month shelf life. 


  • It has premium Ethyl Cyanoacrylate or CA
  • It has extra accessories 
  • It will last very long 
  • The glue is very thick 


  • You have to be a little patient it might take a while to stick. 

Arizona Archery Enterprises AAE Max Bond Glue

The third product on the list is Arizona Archery Enterprises AAE Max Bond Glue. Similar to our previous products, this one also has a specialty that is its strength. This one will provide high strength after it bonds the broken pieces. 

Arizona Archery Enterprises AAE Max Bond Glue is made of high-viscosity liquid. For that reason, it’s very flexible to work with. This glue will penetrate deep into the broken area and make sure that you get a strong bond.

Moreover, if you are working with aluminum or carbon then we recommend this glue to you. Because it works exceptionally well with carbon or aluminum. 

However, that doesn’t mean the previous two products cannot work with aluminum or carbon. They also work with efficacy.

The application process is the same as the previous two. Like our previous product, it doesn’t have any micro-tip or clog-stopper. Rather it has an applicator just like the first glue on the list. 

Glues can be dangerous or harmful for children. Hence we suggest not to let them use it or keep it out of their reach. 


  • Great adhesive 
  • Great glue for fletching
  • Best for the price 


  • As it dries up fast this can be a problem for some. 

G5 Outdoors G-Lock Blu-Glu Adhesive

The Fourth product on the list is G5 G-Lock Blu-Glu Adhesive. The specialty of arrow glue is that it provides a flexible bond.  

This glue has many similarities and dissimilarities with our previous products on the list. The stronghold of this glue is that it will surely provide a solid bond after you use it. Hence, you will have inner satisfaction while working with this. 

Moreover, it’s an ideal arrow glue for installing inserts and fletching of arrows. Another amazing feature is similar to our first product. That it provides instant adhesion or takes less time to bond strongly. It might take a few seconds to stick.

Furthermore, the blue formula makes it easier for you to identify excess dripping. It will dry quickly, and create an effective bond. 

It has another similarity with two of our other products on the list. That it also has just a cap-like our first and third products. 

The application process is pretty similar to our previous product. None of the products has much hassle to apply. 

Additionally, this glue works best on woods and carbon. So, if you are working with wood and carbon, you should definitely try it out.


  • Strong and quick dry 
  • Perfect for fletching 
  • Works great on wood and carbon 


  • It might seem a little expensive to some people. 

Bohning Insert Iron Glue

Here comes our last product on the list the Bohning Insert Iron Glue. We should make one thing clear to you. This product is last on our list, but it’s better than thousands of glues on the market. We have selected the best of the best for you. 

And most importantly, all of them have so similarities that it was hard to number them. Again like the previous glues, this one has specialties that it’s cheap and easy to use. Now you might ask how can being cheap is a specialty. 

Being cheap is a specialty because no product with such quality can be found at this price. Another fantastic feature is it’s easier to use among all our other products. 

This is a reversible heat adhesive. Moreover, using this glue will surely increase the impact resistance. And it will also increase the holding power of the material where you used it. 

So, without any hesitation, you can use it. We assure you this product will not disappoint you at all. Not only this product, but none of the products on the list will disappoint you. 


  • It is very cheap 
  • It is easy to use
  • It works great on metal 
  • Instructions are very clear 


  • It will hold perfectly but it can be a little messy

The Ultimate Buying Guide for Arrow Glue

This buying guide is here to help you make the right choice. We understand that there are so many options in the market. For that reason, we have selected only five. But if you are still facing any problems with selecting only one, then here we are. 


The Budget is the most important thing to know before you can buy any glue. You must have a specific amount of budget that you want to spend on the product. 

Read the above description we have mentioned if a product is affordable or not. We understand every person has a different need and budget. Some people want to spend more on the glue; others want to spend less. 

Don’t worry we got different pricing products on the list. So that majority of the people can afford them. 

The Applying Material

You must know where or what you are using the glues. The material that you are applying can the glue hold it or create a bond. 

If you are fletching then most of the arrows are made of wood, carbon, or aluminum. So before you buy any just read our description above to know where you can apply the glue. 

After you know the material and if the glue can be used on it, you can easily select one. And don’t worry about the adhesion of the products. All of them will provide you with a solid bond. 

Applying Process

While you select the glue you must know how much time or how long is it going to take to stick. The process of using the glue should be quick and easy.

We have mentioned all of these facts of the glues. The first product takes only 10-45 seconds to stick. The last product is very easy to apply. However, all the product is easier to apply but the last one is the easiest.

The second glue has accessories; with the help of them, you can easily reach tiny areas. Just like that, we have tried to mention every detail about the glues. 

Now, it’s on you to pick the right one. To conclude, we would like to say each product is unique and has fantastic features. So, you can take a few minutes to read the article and select one. 


Question: Are glues appropriate to use for arrow inserts?

Answer: Yes, glues can be used to insert arrows. In fact, this is an excellent way to insert arrows. It will make sure that your arrow gets a solid bond. 

Question: Is Gorilla Glue super glue water resistant?

Answer: No Gorilla Super Glue is not waterproof. More importantly, it is not recommended that the glue should be used in projects involving aquatic life.

Question: How does metal bond to metal?

Answer: The glue for metal-to-metal bonding is CA or cyanoacrylate. These are commonly known as fast adhesives. Most metals are compatible with cyanoacrylate adhesives as long as they are reactive.

Final Words

We have reached the end. By now we hope you have got the best arrow insert glue. All the above products are fascinating and very effective. But still, we are here to support you. For any further assistance just reach out to us.


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