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Review of Top 5 Best Broadhead for Black Bear


Hunting is a very popular recreational activity in America. But it can be dangerous too! Especially if you don’t have the required tools for hunting.

Hunting big games with broadheads can be very challenging. But with the correct broadhead, you can easily score big games like black bears. But selecting the best broadhead for black bear is not easy.

Well, there are several options available in the market. Each one of them is unique and has different attributes. So you have to know the details for making a decision. And I will help you with that. 

Below I have reviewed the 5 best broadheads for black bears. So keep reading to know it all!

Comparison Table 

Sinbadteck Hunting Broadheads

The first product that I am going to review is the Sinbadteck Hunting Broadheads. This is one of the best broadheads. This broadhead is very popular among hunters. Let’s see the advantages and disadvantages of the Sinbadteck broadheads.

The material of the broadhead plays a very important role in its function. Because the strength and ability highly depend on the built material. The Sinbadteck broadhead is made from a very capable material. Anodized Aluminium is used in it.

It is a very suitable material for making strong Broadheads. Anodized Aluminium has a coating of oxide on the surface of the Aluminium. This coating increases the functionality of the Aluminium by folds. It adds an extra layer of protection.

The broadhead becomes resistant to wear because of this layer. It also remains safe from scratches and other dents. It is tough enough to penetrate through the hard skin and muscles of the bears. So this broadhead can handle big games.

The grain of the broadheads is another significant factor. The higher the grain, the heavier the broadhead will be. The Sinbadteck broadhead comes in a 100-grain model. This is a lightweight broadhead. So the Sinbadteck broadheads are easy to control.

Also, this broadhead acquires a high speed when thrown. But due to less mass, the momentum of the broadhead will be less. Thus it can fail to penetrate the target. So you have to be careful while shooting the Sinbadteck broadheads. 

To compensate for the weight you will have to shoot it at high speed. Then the lack of momentum can be overcome. The size of this broadhead fits almost all sizes of fiberglass and carbon fiber arrows. Also, it has a very tight grip. 

So the broadhead will not get detached while shooting. There are 3 blades on the surface of the broadhead. They are made from stainless steel with sharp edges. These blades can apply enough pressure on the skin of the game. 

The precision and piercing power of these blades are very high. Installing the Sinbadteck broadhead on the arrow is not complex. For field practice and hunting small games, Sinbadteck broadheads can be a very good choice. 


  • The broadhead is capable of doing lethal damage.
  • Different colors are available. 
  • A 45 days return policy is available. 


  • Sometimes there are adjustment issues.

Muzzy Bowhunting Broadhead

The next product on the list is the Muzzy Bowhunting Broadhead. This is a well-known brand of broadheads to the hunters. Muzzy offers broadheads with both light and medium weights. So you can choose according to your priority from their models.

Muzzy Bowhunting Broadhead has a body made of Aluminium. Despite not being anodized, the strength of the broadhead head is not less. Aluminum itself is a very strong material. It can resist corrosion and rust by its natural properties. 

So the broadhead will last longer if unused. Muzzy Broadheads can be used to hunt big bears because of the use of Aluminium. The 3 blades on the broadhead help in this task. These blades are made of stainless steel. So the blades also provide extra thrust. 

They are very hard and sharp. The length of the steel blades is 0.020 inches. Because of this, they will create a deep wound. Another plus point of the Muzzy Bowhunting Broadhead is their Trocar tips. Trocar tips are specially designed for hunting. They get inside the skin very easily. 

There are two available weights of this broadhead. Muzzy broadheads come in both 100 and 125 grains. The 100-grain broadhead is lightweight. It is suitable for small hunting and practice. 

With enough momentum and luck, it can be useful for big games too. On the other hand, the 125-grain one falls into the category of medium weight. It can be used for big and heavy games. You need to choose the grain size based on your experience.

The Muzzy broadheads don’t come assembled. The manufacturer will deliver the pieces of the broadheads. Then you will have to assemble it. This can be a problem for a new hunter. So while buying this make sure that you know how to assemble them.

These broadheads are made in the USA. They come in a pack of six. So it is not a very big pack. However, considering the price and outcomes, these broadheads are valuing money. You will not be disappointed after getting them.


  • Trocar tips are available. 
  • The penetration power is high.
  • Enough support is provided with the broadheads.


  • The broadheads don’t come assembled. 

Rage Bowhunting Broadhead

The third product I am going to review is the Rage Bowhunting Broadhead. This is an exceptional broadhead. They are designed in a much different way than the other products. The power delivery, precision, and accuracy of these are also very high.

The Rage Bowhunting Broadheads are made from Stainless steel. Both the body and blade are made for this material. The manufacturers have claimed that they have used the best steel for this purpose.

Stainless steel is strong and has a high resistance against corrosion. Moreover, the wearing rate of stainless steel is low. So the broadheads made from steel will have a longer life. Because of the strength, the penetration power is more too. All of these factors influence hunting significantly. 

The wound made by the Rage Broadheads is very deep. Because of the unique design, the blades get inside the body easily. The primary hole made by the broadhead is small. But it goes a long way and becomes lethal. 

They provide a cutting diameter of 2.3 inches. The Rage broadheads come with shock collar retention technology. This technology prevents the blade from deploying too soon. This is very useful in hunting. Some more advanced technologies are also available.

For example, slip cam technology and rear deployment blades come in handy. Rage has claimed to be the top in Lethal Technology. The users are also very satisfied with their broadheads. The broadheads have a high rate of accuracy.

Another important aspect of the Rage broadheads is the availability of different grains. There are two types of grain sizes available,100 and 150 grains. If you want the light one, choose 100 grains. And for hunting big games, the 150-grain broadheads are better.

You can easily get your game by using them. The Rage broadheads come in a pack of three broadheads. The cost of this broadhead is somewhat more than the other products. But considering the technologies available, the price is worth it.


  • Availability of different sizes.
  • The broadheads come with modern technologies. 
  • High precision and accuracy of the broadheads.


  • Sometimes the methods of using this broadhead can be complex.

G5 Outdoors Montec Broadhead

Let’s move on to our second last product. The G5 Outdoors Montec Broadhead is an intact broadhead with variable grains. It has a compact design with a full metal body. Like other modern broadheads, this one does not have separate blades and bodies. 

The designers have followed the traditional broadhead designs. The old heads were built from a single material. The G5 Outdoors is also built in such a way. Properties like the aerodynamics of the broadhead are highly beneficial because of this. 

This broadhead is made from stainless steel. So both the body and blades have the same material used. The highest quality of stainless steel has been used for this work. The blades are hard and sharp. The arrowhead gets inside the body of the target easily. 

The compact design is easy to use. The user will not have to think about adjusting the broadhead. Also, there is no hassle of installation and assembling. The maintenance of the broadhead is not complex either. It can be used repeatedly without any problem.

There are three available sizes of the G5 Outdoors Montec Broadhead. You will get 85 grain, 100 grain, and 125-grain versions of this broadhead. The 85-grain broadhead is the lightest one. It is not enough for medium game hunting. You can use this one for field practice.

The 100-grain broadhead is enough for small to medium game hunting. With enough shooting speed, it can gain momentum for big games. And the 125-grain broadhead is the heaviest one. It is capable of handling big games like the black bears.

The broadhead comes in a pack of three. The price of the G5 Outdoors Montec Broadhead is reasonable. If you want the experience of traditional broadheads, this one’s for you. The G5 broadhead is a combination of traditional and modern technology.


  • Compact and stable design. 
  • Very easy to use.
  • No assembly is required. 


  • Some modern technologies are missing. 

Jocoo Hunting Broadheads 

Now I will discuss the last product for today. The last one I have on my hand is the Jocoo Hunting Broadheads. This is a 3-blade broadhead made from stainless steel. The blade surface is designed specially to get the most impact. 

This has made the Jocoo broadheads popular. The stainless steel of the blade provides it with enough power to be lethal. The broadhead and blades both are resistant to wear and corrosion. Thus it will have an extended lifetime.

The blades are broached on the body with screws. The precision and piercing power of the broadheads are remarkable. Because of this design, the broadhead is very fast and sharp. Moreover, it also creates kore shock and thrust after hitting the target.

The Jocoo Hunting Broadheads come only in one size. You will get the 100 grain model of this broadhead. It is too light for heavy games. However, for medium games, this broadhead will create no problem. It can also kill big games with enough speed.

This broadhead comes in only one color. Anyway, color doesn’t play a role. The length of the broadhead is 4.9 inches. Jocoo Hunting Broadheads come in the pack of twelves. Also, a broadhead case is given with the pack. This is an excellent addition.


  • Easy to use.
  • Worth money. 
  • Wide range of usage.


  • Only one-grain option.

Buying Guide 

While getting a broadhead you must be careful about some factors. Or else you can make a wrong choice. In this section, I will guide you through these factors.


The material of the broadheads is very important. Because the strength of the broadhead depends on the material. Also, the longevity and performance vary with the built quality. So make sure the material is strong enough to hunt a black bear. 

Grain Size 

The grain size is also significant for hunting. With a small grain size, you won’t be able to kill the black bear. Because small grain means a small mass of the broadhead. And thus less force and momentum will be produced. So to serve this purpose you will need more grains.


Another important aspect of the broadheads is the cost. There are several prices of broadheads available in the market. Make sure that the cost matches your budget. But don’t get a cheap broadhead. Because that won’t be strong enough to do the task.


The speed, accuracy, and precision of the broadhead depend on the design. Also, the ease of using the broadhead varies with its design. So check the design properly before making a choice. This will save lots of hassle.

I think that now you can select the required broadhead for you without any problem. Be careful while making your decision. 


Question: Are 3 blade broadheads more accurate?

Answer: No, 3-blade broadheads are not more accurate. The accuracy of the broadheads depends on various factors. Design and load distribution are the main factors among all. The number of blades does not affect the accuracy. 

Question: Do mechanical broadheads open on impact?

Answer: Yes, mechanical broadheads open on impact. The mechanical broadheads have special designs. Because of that t, they open on impact. There are advantages to this phenomenon. By doing this the aftershock increases. 

Question: Are broadheads more accurate than field points?

Answer: Yes, broadheads are more accurate than field points. Broadheads have more accuracy and precision than field points. This happens because of superior design. However to have the best accuracy one must practice shooting. 


This is all I have on the best broadhead for black bears. Now it’s on your hand to choose the appropriate broadhead. Be cautious!

While choosing the broadhead you must be careful about the specs. Don’t get a cheap one with low quality. Because a cheap broadhead might fail to penetrate big games like the bear.

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