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5 Best Custom Longbow To Upskill Archery


Archery is an adventurous sport. To skill up or learn this amazing sport, you will need a bow. And what can be a better option than a custom longbow for beginning or skill up? 

So we brought you the top five best custom longbows. All the bows below are chosen because of their supreme quality and excellent craftsmanship. 

We also understand selecting a bow can be challenging. Thus we have a buying guide to guide you to get the best custom longbow. 

Besides, we have written in detail about the bow. Not only this, we have also compared the bow among themselves. So that you can have a clear idea of what you are buying.

Let’s not waste any time here and see what this article holds for you. 

Product Comparison

Longbowmaker Hungarian Style Handmade Longbow

The first custom bow on the list is Longbowmaker Hungarian Style Handmade Longbow recurve horseback. It’s an extremely durable handmade bow and the best option for beginners and practice. 

Next, the bow limbs are made of fiberglass that is transparent. And the fiberglass is wrapped in smooth leather. This gives an elegant look to the bow. Thus it’s very strong, and also it’s light. 

Now comes the ergonomics of the bow. The bow has an ergonomic riser design. It’s very comfortable to hold. Moreover, you can thumb release or three-finger release. This will surely provide you with a better experience. 

Furthermore, it has very durable mulberry bow tips. The draw weight of the bow can be customized from 10-110LBS. As we know longbows have a heavier draw weight. 

The dimension of the bow is it has a length of 55 inches. Then the draw length is 28 inches, the safe draw is 33 inches. The color of the bow is black. 

You can use both of your hands to use this bow. Therefore if you are lefty or righty then that shouldn’t be a concern. 

In the bow, there are so many materials used such as Wood, Fiberglass, Beech, and Cow Leather. These are used to make every section of the bow durable and withstand rough use. 

As we know archery practicing is a very tough and rough sport. So the bow should be durable and efficient at the same time.

So, this bow will be the perfect solution for that. The materials that were used in it make it a long-lasting and effective bow. 

Lastly, the bow doesn’t come strung. So you have to string it with just 4 steps. Everything is there to guide you.


  • Best price for the quality.
  • Fiberglass makes it durable.
  • It’s handmade and well-built.


  • After much rough use the fabric might get damaged a bit. 

Deerseeker Outdoor Archery 54″ Traditional Recurve Bow

The second custom bow on the list is Deerseeker Outdoor Archery 54″ Traditional Recurve Bow. This is one of the best recurve longbows for speed. Moreover, this is an excellent choice for bow hunting, target shooting, and youth archery beginners.

Besides, there are many draw weights from 20-70LBS according to your need especially 65 and 70. This recurve bow is suitable for both teenagers as well as adults. 

Next, comes the draw length of the bow which is 28 inches. And the max draw length is 30 inches. The brace height is 7.1-7.8 inches. Then the bow length is 54 inches and the weight is 0.95lb. It’s a great choice for traditional hunting and deer hunting. 

Now comes the bowstring which is made of twisted Dyneema material. This bow has a snappy design and laminated tech. It’s a durable laminated deflex and reflex bow. 

It’s very well constructed with fiberglass and a laminated bamboo core. Then also has a tapered shape. This shape makes it quicker and it gives no-hand shock. So, after you lose the arrow there’ll be residual energy left to give you a hand shock.

Similar to our first bow on the list this one also has a riser design. This riser design helps you comfortably grip the bow. Thus it works great with archers. 

Moreover, other useful accessories are also included like Stringer Tool, Bowstring, Armguard, Finger tab, and Leather Arrow Rest. All of these are provided in the bow kit. These accessories will surely be useful and also protect you from any accidents. 


  • There will be no hand shock.
  • Fair pricing and lightweight.
  • A great choice for beginners.
  • It comes with helpful accessories.


  • The color might fade away after many uses.

Longbowmaker Pigskin Handmade Manchu Bow

The third custom bow on the list is also from a longbow maker. It’s the Longbowmaker Pigskin Handmade Manchu Bow. This bow is perfect for hobbyist archers. It’s a very sophisticated bow with a hard string. 

This bow has lots of similarities with our first bow. It’s because they are from the same company. One prominent difference is pigskin is used in it and other similar materials to the first bow. 

Now, the draw length of this bow is similar to its predecessors which is 28 inches. The draw length is much more than the second bow and almost similar to the first bow 20-110LBS. Besides the safe draw length is 33 inches just like the first bow. 

The length of the bow is 137cm and the string length is 132cm. Next, the materials that are used in it are cow leather, pigskin, wood, beech, and glass steel. Consequently, the combination of these materials makes this a formidable bow. 

This bow is also not strung because of safety while transport. But you can easily string it with some easy steps. There will be an instruction book in the package. So don’t have to be bothered at all.

Furthermore, this bow is designed for both left and right-hand shooters. It’s a perfect choice for anyone who wants to learn archery from beginner to advance level. This will surely help you accomplish your goal in archery. 


  • It’s a stylish-looking bow. 
  • It’s a well-made wooden bow.
  • Good pricing.
  • It shoots arrows smoothly.
  • It’s a versatile and effective bow.


  • We recommend wearing gloves while shooting arrows with this bow otherwise it might harm you. 

Ragim Archery Longbow

Ragim Archery Longbow is the fourth product on the list. The specialty of this longbow is that it’s made of mixed wood and fiberglass. Primarily, walnut wood is used in it.

Most of the bows on the list have wood in them. Wood makes it more traditional and efficient. This is a very prominent similarity among the bows on the list. Other materials like fiberglass give it a modern touch and make it extremely durable, and sophisticated.

Another amazing thing about this bow is that the ragtime is an ISO-certified manufacturer. There are other accessories that come with the bow just like the bow from Deerseeker. 

The string length of this bow is 58 inches and the length of the bow is 62 inches. Next, the type of string you will get is D50 dacron, 12 strands, and an endless loop. This is a very ideal string for longbows. Moreover, its made of a polyester composite.

Besides, the brace height is between 6 ¾  to 7 1/2. So, the brace height is quite perfect. This is a very sharp-looking bow and one of the best custom bows available on the market. 


  • It’s made of fiberglass and a mixer of wood.
  • It’s very durable 
  • High-quality string has been used. 


  • Some people have stated the strings are not properly waxed, so recommend waxing them before use. 

Stingray Fabrication Hickory Longbow

The last custom longbow on the list is Stingray Fabrication Hickory Longbow. In the first place if you’re looking for a lightweight bow then it’s the best option. It is so far the lightest bow on the list.

This is a ready-to-shoot bow unlike other bows on the list. It’s a fully functional and perfectly sanded bow. Moreover, it is sealed with polyurethane. 

Next, this bow is handcrafted. Also, its quality will be checked by professionals before it’s shipped to you. So, you can buy this without being concerned about the quality.

Additionally, if you are into hunting or target shooting then it’s a great option. The draw length of the bow is 28 inches similar to our previous bows. 

But it can safely draw or the maximum draw is 30 inches. Then the length of the bow is 64inches and the width is 1.5 inches. The draw weight is 50-55LBS. 

These are the top five custom longbows we have for you. All of them have a traditional and modern touch that makes them extraordinary. We vouch for every bow on this list.


  • It’s very lightweight.
  • It is finely sanded.
  • It is long-lasting.


  • After heavy use the smooth polish of the bow might get some scratches. 

The Definitive Guide To Custom Longbow

Choosing the right custom longbow is easy if you just read the below points. Longbows have a simple structure than modern bows. But if you are not sure which one to pick let us help you. 

Picking a longbow actually depends on you rather than the bow. 

Eye dominance

Find your eye dominance before you select a bow. The eye dominance basically decided what bow you will shoot left-handed or right-handed. 

Make a diamond shape with your hand then fix a target. Look through the diamond shape. After that close one eye after another. Now after closing one eye, the eye that sees the target is your dominant eye. 

Suppose you can see the target with your left eye after you close your right eye. Then you have left eye dominance. That means you will shoot with your left hand. Thus know your eye dominance first. 

Draw Length

The draw length is basically how far you pull while shooting an arrow. Now how to know your draw length?

First, measure your wingspan. Another way is you can measure the distance between your middle fingertips while your arms are stretched. After that divide the measurement by 2.5. 

Whatever the length comes is your draw length. Then find a bow that suits you accurately. 

Purchasing a Custom Longbow

Now, what is a custom longbow? A custom longbow is made just for you or it’s been incorporated with custom elements. 

So to purchase a custom bow you need to contact a bowyer. The price of the bows always varies depending on the customization, materials, and many other things. 

All the five bows above are custom longbows. You can just select any of them that suits you the best or fulfill your requirements.

There are many options for a custom bow, we will show you three types. So that you can articulate it better. 

Fully Customized Bow

This type of bow is that a bowyer makes from scratch. Now whatever or based on the design you chose he/she will make it for you.

Handmade Bow

Now with this type of bow you can customize or include material on a preset-designed bow. Handmade bows are already tested before you incorporate some extra customization. There is plenty of options for customization.

Factory Bow

This is quite similar to handmade bows. You can order it and include or leave some of the options already included in the bow. These are most of the time specially ordered bows. 


Question: Which bow design is the most efficient?

Answer: A recurve bow is the most efficient design. The recurve bow can store more energy and deliver it effectively. But there are other types of design as well that serves the purpose. 

Question: What is the best wood for making a longbow?

Answer: Yew is widely recognized as the best wood for longbows. But it might vary from man to man. Manufacturers also use Osage orange, red oak, white oak, American elm, red elm, hickory, or rock maple.

Question: What is the Most powerful/heaviest draw weight on a bow?

Answer: Compound bows cannot weigh more than 60 pounds at full draw in target events. But those firing compounds can choose any poundage. They can choose as long as it is less than 60 pounds.

Final Words

These are the Best Custom Longbow you can find. And the finest quality available. If you need any further assistance just contact us, we are always here to help. 


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