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Best Deer Attractant to Mix With Corn: Effective Hunting?

What are some deer favorites that will bring them to the feeders as hunters wait for the hunt? It’s great to have corn in the feeder for bait, but there has to be a bit more motivation to get the deer to the hunting areas. 

When you mix attractants with corn, you’ll see the deer running in your way. Well, it’s not as easy as it sounds. But, you know what I mean! 

Normally, the Deer attractants are used by hunters to draw their prey out and into the open. There are a variety of attractants available, and many of them may even be created at home. 

But if you want to be effective and fast hunting then the best deer attractant to mix with corn could work really well. Here, it gives every hunter an advantage and can perhaps cut down on the time. 

It takes a bit of time and it may be a long day out in the field if you don’t utilize the appropriate one. 

Don’t worry! We’ve made this task easier for you. Below are some of the best deer attractants on the market. Here, we’ve chosen seven of our greatest deer attractants to put in or one meal to get the deer to come racing to you. Just mix it with corn for better utilization. 

Let’s get into product details, starting with a small comparisons table-

Comparison Table

C’mere Deer 3-day Harvest C’mere deer‎4 ounces to 50 lbs corn
C’mere Deer Corn Coat C’mere deer4 ounces to 50 lbs corn
Orange Corn Company Feeder ‎Orange Corn Company2 ounces to 50 lbs. of corn
REDMOND Hunt – Fortified Long-Range Deer AttractantREDMOND‎ 50/50 With Corn.
Sweet Apple Addiction: Amazing Deer & Bear AttractantSweet Apple Addiction15 inches
Buck Blitz – Premium Deer Attractant Buck Blitz 50 lbs per 2 oz scoop
Advanced Wildlife Solutions Deer AttractantAdvanced Wildlife SolutionsEach can for 100 lbs

C’mere Deer 3-day Harvest 

Product Overview

If you need help attracting the deer population in your area, this is one of the best deer attractants available. The animals’ strongest sense (smell) is employed to entice them to the fragrance of the C’mere 3-day harvest.

This scent also operates over long distances and may attract deer from a great distance away. The longevity of this hunting fragrance is one of its outstanding features. 

It has a tried-and-true 3-day action that has been put to the test in real-world hunting scenarios. This makes it an excellent choice for late-season deer when food is short and deer are straining to locate it. If you spread it out across the three-day harvest period, it will encourage the deer to linger longer in the area to feed.

We’ve already told you that this deer attractant is the unique one, and it was carefully developed to improve on the previous day’s performance. 

Guess what? The raccoons and squirrels tend to prefer it over deer because of its delicious candy-like scent. But, we like to give you a heads up! 

Some users have also observed no deer activity. 3 times the formula, 3 times the strength, and 3 times the action are all available. If deer are present in your region, 3-Day Harvest will attract them. The rest is all up to you.


  • Only 4 oz. is needed to treat 50 lbs. of corn.
  • Deer are attracted to it from a long distance.
  • It’s possible to use it for three days.
  • Strong-smelling and highly pleasant.


  • Can be utilized the most in the spring season only.

C’mere Deer Corn Coat

Product Overview

When a firm says, “Deer will eat any of your treats,” it’s difficult not to give it a go. Aside from the cheesy marketing slogan, C’mere deer is a pretty good company. 

Their corn coat is a combination of their several attractant compositions.

And, now, one of the most popular deer attractant powders is corn coat. It is inexpensive and performs excellently.

On the other hand, the product works well if you follow the recommendations only. And you can use at least 4 oz per 50 lbs of corn or other grain.

And, this coat was created particularly for treating corn by C’mere Deer. Its delicious candy-like scent, unlike anything else, attracts deer. So, if you’re using ordinary corn as bait, a Corn coat can be a good way to improve your hunting game this season.

When comparing different deer attractants to Corn coats, however, there are varied reviews. After all, don’t you suppose hunting is influenced by a multitude of factors? 

Corn coat performs precisely what it claims to do. Deer come to your feeders as a result of this.


  • Only 4 oz. is needed to treat 50 lbs. of corn.
  • C’mere deer recipes in a potent combo
  • It’s packed in a foil packet.
  • It can also be used on mineral pellets.


  • Works the best in Spring.

Orange Corn Company Feeder

Product Overview

Who doesn’t enjoy orange’s pleasant scent? It is something that everyone does. Deer are the same way. That’s why a feeder mix with an orange taste is nearly always an excellent choice. Bucks go crazy over this mineral powder because of its beautiful orange aroma and flavor.

Well, the Orange Corn Company always has placed a premium on quality. The material they use is easy to work with.

With 300 lbs of whole corn or other deer grains, a 10 oz pack can be used. All you have to do now is mix the powder with the corn and you’re done.

Besides, this deer attractant powder also has a soybean and milo smell. The large sums come out in the open as a result of this. Nobody, however, consumes 300 pounds of maize for a single hunt. Because of this, this feeder mix is packaged in a resealable pouch.


  • Bucks love this sweet, enticing smell.
  • 300 pounds of any deer grain can be treated with this product.
  • It’s packaged in a resealable pouch.
  • It’s powerful, but it’s also less expensive than most other possibilities.


  • When the temperature is warm, it works well.

REDMOND Hunt – Fortified Long-Range Deer Attractant

Product Overview

It’s a hunter’s favorite one! Trophy Rock-powered deer attractants like Cherry and Apple Bomb are efficient long-range deer attractants. 

Due to this product, the Deer are drawn in from afar by the tempting perfume. It’s a terrific supplement since it’s made out of very appetizing protein sources with extra vitamins and minerals.

The unique combination of ingredients promotes healthy deer growth and antler development by providing both attraction and nourishment.

To use it, choose a spot and equally distribute the cherry bomb on the ground. If it rains, this allows for quick drying. 

Here, the cherry bomb works well in gravity feeders as well as some spin-cast devices. So, use to attract deer on fast visits to the field or year-round as a feed additive. It may also be 50/50 combined with corn.

We recommend that you check your local legislation to determine if baiting and feeding are permitted in your region before purchasing. And, when it comes to the availability situation, only the bags of 6 and 20 pounds of bombs are available. 

Most major merchants, such as Cabela’s, Tractor Supply, and Bass Pro Shops, carry it. The bomb has become available to buy and will be delivered straight to your door!


  • Cherry Bomb attracts deer.
  • Long-range attractants 
  • Cherry Bomb works well in gravity feeders
  • Bags of 6 and 20 pounds of the bomb are available


  • Tough to read the instructions.

Sweet Apple Addiction: Amazing Deer & Bear Attractant

Product Overview

Before doing the review, we asked a bunch of people. Guess what? The majority of people who purchased this attractant were really pleased with it. They even claimed that they would buy it again without hesitation. 

So, with an unbiased mindset, let’s begin- 

The components and formula of the Whitetail are what makes it one of the greatest overall product on our list. And, it is made exclusively for deer and contains vitamins A, D, and E, as well as other vital macro and trace elements. 

Here, this mixture aids nursing and pregnancy in does, as well as healthy antler growth in bucks, helping them to maximize their genetic potential.

Not only the dears, but this attractant also works on a bear too. A bear takes a taste and becomes hooked to a substance 500 times stronger than sugar. They can smell the delicious perfume from a long way away. 

All you need to do is add in one 8oz shaker to 1000 pounds of bait. Then, sprinkle on top of your bait pile as a bait topper. 

The overall product is packaged in an 8-ounce shaker bottle. However, the attractant did not function as effectively for certain people. Well, complaints were there. 


  • Deer and bear can’t stop eating it since it’s 500 times sweeter than sugar.
  • Sprinkle on top of bulk bait or add to bulk bait.
  • There is a noticeable change in the speed and number of animals that attack your bait.
  • 8-ounce shaker with a tight-fitting top.


  • Attractant molds quickly

Buck Blitz – Premium Deer Attractant 

Product Overview

Buck Blitz is another famous and effective deer attractant (it was featured on the Final Descent Outdoors Hunting Show). This is a concentrated deer bait that transforms regular corn and deer feed into a powerful lure.

Starting off, it’s designed to attract white-tailed deer and has a number of traits that set it apart from other deer attractants. 

Here, the Buck Blitz is a popular whitetail deer attractant in 2021 and earlier. This is because it is effective, easy to deploy, and covers a large area for a low price. 

It even employs a powerful, sweet scent to attract deer from kilometers away, even pushing them to change their usual migratory patterns.

And, each of the bags contains concentrated treats containing up to 300 pounds of corn/feed, or 50 pounds every 2 oz scoop. This goes a step further and covers a larger area without the need for several bags or even separate materials. 

This deer attractant works well in a range of environments, from wide fields to forested areas. With Buck Blitz, it’s one and done!

Buck Blitz is a top seller for a reason It’s a popular long-range attractant among hunters since it works at least 60 yards away. It’s simple to transport, has a distinct odor, and hunters can tell right away if it’ll attract local deer.


  • It employs a powerful, sweet scent to attract deer. 
  • Functions as a long-range attractant. 
  • Up to 300 pounds of corn/feed, or 50 pounds every 2 oz scoop.
  • Has a distinct odor


  • It’s made to entice white-tailed deer.

Advanced Wildlife Solutions Deer Attractant

Product Overview

This is the last attractant on this list. It’s an excellent product, according to recent purchasers, because the deer appear to enjoy it and eat it all up. 

The pricing for such a large gallon is really inexpensive, which is a benefit for purchasers. The manufacturers allegedly poured it on a rotted hardwood plank, which the deer promptly devoured.

Here, each pocket may treat up to 100 pounds of maize, grain, or pellets. We’ll advise you to apply the entire product evenly and thoroughly! 

At SPIKED locations, field tests have shown a significant increase in consumption and sightings.

These are the single-use pocket cans that are simple to use. It’s ideal for a long trek. You could even go on and add strong aromatics and scents to your regular deer feed to help attract more deer from further out. 

Besides, this deer attractant is manufactured with 100% Antler Addict Deer Mineral, which gives it a delicious scent and a long-lasting flavor. 

As Deer have a strong desire for sugar, they’ll fall into the trap for this product. Also, this product offers year-round supplementation, especially during the winter months when sugar is scarce. 

Here, this liquid mixture is simple to pour and creates an appealing treat that deer find difficult to resist.


  • Antler Addict Deer Mineral is present.
  • 4S Draw Deer Attractant.
  • Made in the United States, in Wisconsin, where we are familiar with deer and bears.


  • Take some time to work

How do I Select the Most Effective Deer Attractants?

There are many different deer attractants to choose from, and even more, aspects to consider when purchasing and laying those attractants. 

For those of you who aren’t in the know, maybe this buyers’ guide can clear up a lot of things. Aside from the many sorts of deer attractants and the different types of deer, you need also consider the season, time, and location of your hunt.

Deer Attractant Types

Deer attractants come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each with its own set of benefits. Let’s take a look at a few of them and describe their characteristics, as well as which ones are best for mixing with corn.

Deer smell attractants are sprays containing deer pheromones. They could be directly added onto sources of food or plants near food sources to attract deer. And, they can be sprayed into the air to ensure appropriate distribution. 

These can work with corn because they’re merely a pheromone spray that has no effect on the crop.

Powder attractants work well with corn feed for the same reasons: it’s fine and inconspicuous. And so it blends in nicely with the diet. They usually include mineral salts as well, and they’re so easily mixed with other foods. You can even mix these attractants with non-foods like dirt and still attract deer.

There are also attractants for food plots, that are either pre-mixed or attractants in and of themselves. You may also acquire seeds to grow food attractants so you can reap the advantages of the crop on a regular basis.

Mineral attractants are solid licking cubes of salt that are put at important hunting sites, similar to powders. While they are effective as attractants, they are ineffective when mixed with meals unless your notion of an attractant food combo is a block of salt dusted with corn.

Because spray cans transform liquid kept inside them, liquid attractants are quite similar to smell attractants in terms of how they’re generated. The attractant in liquid attractants, on the other hand, is spread by a wick that drags over the ground. 

This means it attracts deer as you travel through the area, and it’s a pretty hands-off way. Because it’s designed for folks on the go, we wouldn’t recommend it for food mixing.

Deer Species and Their Types

Deer is a broad phrase that relates to a variety of animals, and when it comes to hunting, the ambiguity maybe even more problematic in terms of logistics. 

This is due to the fact that they will behave differently and have different eating preferences. Paying attention to the items themselves should reveal if they’re acceptable for all or most deer species. But, the other products will specify whether they’re for specific deer species, presuming the products are of sufficient quality to include this information on the label.

The Hunting Season

It’s just as vital to know when to use attractants as it is to know the attractants you want to utilize. The most popular hunting seasons for deer species, especially for shooting bucks, are their rutting times. 

The rut is divided into three sections: pre-rut, rut peak, and post-rut.

Since many animals rut in the fall, we’ll use it as an example. In that situation, the pre-rut is a period during which bucks will congregate to feast and gain vigor. Because the bucks will eat a lot, attractant food will be quite popular.

The deer will become lethargic after the rut and will be less susceptible to baiting in general. This isn’t to say that they won’t work. In fact, if you’re wanting to attract deer during the post-rut, you should use more solid attractants like mineral solids.

When it comes to the time of day, it’s widely believed that morning hunts are preferable since they provide the finest visibility and allow you to be in position before the deer begin to mobilize. 

If the deer in your region are particularly wary, it’s advisable to arrive an hour before sunrise to ensure that you’re ready.

The Region of Hunting

Another factor to consider is the hunt region. Specifically, if you’re hunting far from your house and don’t know how so much deer-attracting feed is naturally present in the area. 

After all, if there’s plenty of natural food to utilize as an attractant, you won’t have to spend money on bringing your own. If food is scarce, bring your own attractant food or combine corn with smells or powders.

Any attractant or bait should be spread out across a large area to avoid clustering, which can lead to inaccurate shots or collateral damage. The direction of the wind may also influence the sort of attractant you pick since you’ll want the fragrance of the attractant to reach the deer’s nostrils.


Can you use deer attractants to attract other animals?

Deer attractants attract a wide range of species. Because a lot of animals eat the same food as deer. The corn-based attractants attract animals such as squirrels, rabbits, and birds. Molasses, on the other hand, can attract bears.

Is it necessary to use all of the attractants in one day?

Deer attractants, like all other products, can be stored and utilized until they reach their expiration date. As a result, be certain that the one you purchase may be reused and preserved for a long period.

Can deer be attracted by peanut butter?

Professional hunters like peanut butter as an attractant because it works so effectively. Regardless of the quality of the peanut butter, the fragrance and taste should draw people closer together.

Final words

Deer are magnificent and lovely creatures. They are, nonetheless, extremely cautious about their surroundings. As a result, becoming a huntsman is difficult, and you’ll need all the help you can get.

In your reserve, having the best deer attractant to mix with corn may be really beneficial. So make sure you’re on your A-game this hunting season! However, please show gratitude to nature for the offering.

Eat, Sleep, and Hunt!

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