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Best Mock Scrape Kit: Make Hunting Efficient!

If you’ve spent a lot of time in the forest or hunted deer for a long time, you’ve seen a variety of deer signs. Animals’ indications such as trails, rubs, bedding, and scrapes can help hunters pattern deer and make them more “huntable.”

However, sometimes the deer sign you detect isn’t in the optimal location, making hunting over it difficult. You may build your mock scrapes in these situations to change deer travel patterns. And, that can even bring the deer closer to a targeted hunting area or trail camera location.

If you have never tried mock scrapes yet then now you’re in for a treat. Here we will talk about the best mock scrape kit and how to use them for more efficient hunting. As the scrapes come in a variety of sizes, you’ll need to choose the best one. 

After hunting a buck lingering over one of these mock scrapes for the ascent, you’ll be hooked on this method. So, we worked on finding the best one after testing for a couple of weeks. 

So, let’s get to the product details-

Comparison Table

ProductNo. of BottlesSize
Nationwide Scents Scrape Lure Deer Attractant 82 oz 
Outdoor Hunting Lab Buck Attractant 24 fl Oz
Tink’s Power Scrape Combo 14 Fl Oz
Kishel’s Mock Scrape Kit31 oz 
Tink’s Mock Scrape Starter Kit14 Fl Oz

Nationwide Scents Scrape Lure Deer Attractant 

Product Overview

The top and fastest attractant ingredient for a mock scrape on our list is Nationwide Scents Scrape Lure deer Attractant.  

Both older and young bucks defending their territory will be attracted to this scrape lure deer urine hunting scent. When we tested it out in the early rut, and late seasons, this attractant worked its charm all the time. 

And, if you’re thinking about the application process, this product can be used in scent drags and imitation scrapes. Here, all the aroma drippers will work effectively at attracting the deer. 

And, to establish a sleeping space for the deer, you’ll need to spray around your stand to disguise human odor and to provide a relaxing scent.

Despite the fact that CWD has never been shown to be transmitted by urine, Nationwide Scents continues to closely monitor its herd. It does all that in order to provide the safest and cleanest products possible.

On the other hand, this product is really easy and convenient to carry around. And, using a few ounces of this Buck Scrape deer scent will set out the sweet scent all around. 

Besides, this product can be used with food plots, mineral sites, and bait piles. And, this scrape buck lure allows you to shift your attractant to various locations so deer don’t become used to you.

Other than that, this scrape scent is made by deer urine which is produced by 500 live whitetail deer. It’s even made from state-of-the-art stainless-steel collection facilities.

To provide you with the most intense deer smell buck lure possible, they gathered the deer scrape fresh.

Besides this, you’ll get 8 bottles of 2 oz Scrape Lure, as well as 2 atomizer spray tips to spray this deer scent while hunting. When compared to certain deer smell products, this huge 8 oz bottle carries up to 4 times the quantity of smell per bottle. This means you’ll pay less per ounce and get more hunts per bottle.

On the other hand, we’re confident you’ll enjoy this buck scrape aroma because it’s the finest and greatest quality. So, get your Nationwide Scents Scrape Lure today and start reaping the benefits of strong deer urine.


  • The faster attraction of bucks to your stand.
  • Save time, money, and stress.
  • Use the deer scrape that works to win the local buck poll this season.
  • The secret is fresh deer scrape.


  • Under the cap, there is no tear-away seal.

Outdoor Hunting Lab Buck Attractant 

Product Overview

Time to show the runners up of this list. We have an outdoor hunting lab on our list. The pheromones and compounds in this rut contain all of the pheromones and chemicals that drive big bucks insane. (in a good way, that is).

On the other hand, the aroma of this deer urine comes from a genuine doe in heat. They have a 500-live whitetail deer farm which enables them to make the freshest doe pee. Also, you need to know that this product meets or exceeds USDA and ATA Deer Protection Guidelines.

Besides, you should know that scent manipulation is important in all aspects of the hunt. From scouting to trail camera monitoring to bagging that kills- you need this phenomenon. 

Again, you must also hide your scent if you want to mislead a deer’s nose using buck attractants for whitetail deer. To hide your human smell in the field, spray this scent blocker on your clothes and footwear.

Besides, this deer cover scent aerosol spray is made to be easy to use and attract deer over a long distance. Here, the scent spray hunting estrus may be tightly sealed within the aerosol to keep it fresh. It’s even prevented from leaking. So, you don’t have to be concerned about deer urine on your hands any longer!

When it comes to the overall application, use these deer smells and attractants as a scent eliminator for hunting to get twice the value.

You’ll just simply need to sprinkle this urine hunting scent control aerosol spray under your boots. Plus, you can do that even in imitation scrapes, and around your stand. This will eliminate the need for dipsticks and wicks. Easy-peasy!

We’re confident you’ll enjoy our hot deer estrus because it’s the purest and best grade available. The deer hunting gear and accessories are guaranteed! 


  • Freshest doe pee that complies with USDA and ATA Deer Protection Standards.
  • Made to be easy to use and attract deer over a long distance.
  • The purest and best grade available.


  • The pressure is lower when you’re spraying.

Tink’s Power Scrape Combo 

Product Overview

We have another excellent scrape on our list and this one is from tinks. It’s a great deal, honestly. Here, the Tink’s power pack includes everything you’ll need for the upcoming autumn months. 

In the box, you’ll get 4 oz. scrape bomb with a scrape bomb dripper container. And, you can use this on real or fake scrapes.

On the other hand, this product will elicit territorial aggression from a dominant buck. You should know that this Power Scrape Mock Scrape Starter is a strong synthetic deer lure with a long-staying ability.

Other than that, a powerful synthetic buck lure may be used throughout the season. It may be placed on real or fake scrapes to keep deer coming back to the same spot. 

Besides this, the product is designed to take advantage of a buck’s early-season interest and territorial dominance throughout the mating season. 

Another interesting thing is that the Scrape Bomb scrape dripper reacts to pressure and temperature changes. This will enable it to only drip during daytime hours.

But, when you place this product on fake and active scrapes, this lure can affect travel patterns by appealing to a buck’s social status and dominance. Similar to the previous product, this one too is easy to use and fits into hunting packs, backpacks, and jacket pockets.

Lastly, there’s a thread that’s included for hanging on trees and branches in the forest. So, we really like this product and we recommend this to you and everyone around us. Indeed, this is a must-have addition to your deer hunting kit.


  • A Scrape Bomb Dripper and a 4 oz. container of Power Scrape Mock
  •  To be used on real or fake scrapes
  • A strong synthetic deer lure with a long-staying ability.


  • A thread is included for hanging on trees and branches in the forest.

Kishel’s Mock Scrape Kit

Product Overview

At the 4th spot on our list, the Kishel’s Mock Scrape Kit is another great addition. Here, a full Mock Scrape Kit with actual odor gland scent communicators has been developed after years of research. 

Guess this is a perfect mock scrape for deer hunting. By now, you’ll know that the Mock scrapes have traditionally played a significant part in the communication of Whitetail Deer. 

By using this idea, Kishel’s Mock Scrape Kit gives the genuine substance of smell gland communication from each of the main glands. It uses the glands: Pre-orbital, Tarsal, and Interdigital, with over 40 years of Whitetail behavior study in every kit. By doing this, the product can imitate the behavioral patterns of the buck. 

You can scrape at any time of year or at least 6 months before hunting season, according to package directions. But, you should keep an eye on the scrape every 7-10 days to see what occurs. 

After this, the Mock Scrape Kit will communicate for you 24 hours a day, thanks to its infinite shelf life and low evaporation rate.

Lastly, the Kishel’s Mock Scrape Kit has a large consumer base. It includes three 1-ounce bottles filled with  Tarsal, Pre-orbital, and Interdigital, respectively.


  • A full Mock Scrape Kit with actual odor gland scent
  • Over 40 years of Whitetail behavior study in every kit.
  • Scrape at any time of year or at least 6 months before hunting season.
  • This Mock Scrape Kit will communicate for you 24 hours a day


  • It is slightly more pricey when compared to its size.

Tink’s Mock Scrape Starter Kit

Product Overview

Well, we’ve come to the last product on our list. It’s another one from Tink’s. Here, the new Tink’s Dial-A-Dripper screws straight onto any Tink’s scent bottle.

It’s quite different because of its simplicity while still being extremely effective. Here, when the bucks stake their claim, it’s time to construct your own hotspot. And, then you can train the bucks to come back again and again. 

Apart from this, the combination package contains 4 oz. and will have you ready for fall.

Lastly, the Tink’s Dial-A-Dripper attaches to any Tink’s 4oz. scent bottle. All you gotta do is set the drip rate and prepare for hunting. That said, you may select the drip rate for up to 7 days. In the box, you’ll also get a Dial-A-Dripper and a Neoprene bag.


  • Construction is tough and long-lasting.
  • Scent dispersion made simple.
  • Allows you to set the drip rate for up to (7) days with ease.
  • Oversized perforations in the neoprene bag allow it to be easily hung.


  • A thread is included for hanging on trees and branches in the forest.

Why Should You Make Mock Scrapes? 

Mock scrapes are frequently located in the same location year after year. This might be a year-round communication hub for whitetails. And, it also makes hunting easier for you.

Here, a white-tailed deer makes a scrape to let ladies in the area know where he hangs out during the season and that he has been available. 

Honestly, there are a lot of biological concepts regarding scrapes. One of which claims that bucks can transmit information about their size, health, and dominance. 

Also, there are three main reasons why you should build your own mock scrapes during arrow hunting season: attraction, distraction, and activity. 

Let’s look at each of these points in more detail-


Deer are like using mock scrapes to communicate with one another. Consider it to be their equivalent of email. By urinating in it and depositing additional odors from glands, they leave their aroma in the scrape. 

This alerts other deer to their presence and informs them of their position (i.e., breeding readiness, dominance, etc.). You can bet that if they observe additional faux scratches appearing, they’ll investigate. 

This makes them appealing to trail camera locations as well as bowhunters.


Once a buck discovers a deer scrape on his property, he’ll likely continue to examine it on a frequent basis. 

At least as long as he’s present. They are easily distracted when inspecting and urinating into them, diverting their focus away from you or a trail camera.


You may pull your Hoyt bow back and take a moment you need to deliver a cool and calm shot while the deer are distracted by your fake scrape.

The Tactics on How to Make a Mock Scrape?

Let’s focus on how to build a faux scrape utilizing the best approaches. Since they’re such a beneficial tactic to incorporate in our deer hunting strategy (for the best results)-


The greatest place for a mock scrape is the first thing you should think about before you start. You won’t be able to utilize it if you build it in an area where you can’t adequately hunt. And, it’ll be a waste of effort. 

Start by finding a site near the margin of a natural environment where two distinct types of land cover meet. 

As the deer prefer to roam around the margins of habitats, you know they’ll be able to find it once you get there. And, for added confirmation and a more targeted site selection, look for a well-used route along this edge. 

Here, the path should ideally pass between feeding and bedding locations, as well as between known buck and doe bedding regions. 

Next up you’ll need to consider the accessibility. Ask yourself these questions- Will you be able to sneak in and seek the location quietly, or will it be too obvious? 

Here, the Bucks will most likely investigate these scrapes during the day or in the morning and evening (during feeding, respectively) as that the rut approaches. 

After you’re done with this, you’ll have to check for a suitable tree for just a tree stand downwind of the scrape location. Do this preferably away from the deer trail.

Trust me, it gets a bit easier if you’ve found a location that matches these criteria. Here, you’ll just have to simply select a tree near the deer route with a limb that is roughly the height of a deer’s head (four feet or so). 

This is the new scraping spot for you. The branch is significant because bucks utilize tiny glands between their eyes and on their forehead to deposit fragrance on it. 

You’ll need to choose the area in such a way that it’s underneath the branch. It should be even free of dense foliage or bushes so you can readily scrape the soil surface.


To be successful, mock scrapes do not have to be large. The majority of natural scrapes in the woods are only two feet across and are generally round or triangular in form. 

Some of the bigger community scrapes frequented by numerous deer can grow to be five feet wide over time, but most are not (especially early in the season). 

When building fake scrapes, aim for a width of around two feet as a decent starting point. It’s big enough for deer to notice and simple to set up.

Scent Control

Scent management is vital for low-impact hunting. It’s also important to maintain the scrape location and surrounding area clear of any outside odors when producing your mock scrape. 

You need to remember that the purpose of a scrape is to draw deer’s attention to it so they can smell it. Thus, they’ll be aggressively sniffing the area. When it comes to removing odors, now is not the time to cut corners. 

From then, you’ll have to wear your best scent elimination gear and tough rubber boots when you walk into the field to make your simulated scrapes. 

In this spot, the Old Dominion and Bone Collector Clothing have you covered. They work together to provide a sturdy barrier against smell dispersal while you’re putting up your scrape or hunting. 

But, try not to step in the scrape site and don’t scratch the dirt with your feet, even if you’re wearing rubber boots. 

And, if you’re going to use smells, you should also put on a pair of latex gloves to keep the area clean. They’re inexpensive and simple to carry along. 

Unless you’re adding perfume to the licking branch with your gloves on, try not to touch it at all.

Making a Mock Scrape

Let’s discuss how to make a faux scrape physically. Many people produce scrapes by scratching the leaves away from the soil with a garden trowel. 

However, this might potentially spread other fragrances, and it’s another item to bring with you. 

Instead, take a heavy branch from the region and scrape the ground up with it (while wearing latex gloves). 

Here you may just toss it aside when you’re through without arousing suspicion. 

So, begin scratching into the earth immediately beneath the licking branch, throwing leaves, grasses, and other detritus to the outside edge. 

Carry on in this manner until you’ve created a reasonable form. Then simply dig a couple of deep gouges in the dirt to expose it even further. Remember that deer hooves are sharp and may efficiently cut into the earth.

Mock Scrapes & Deer Scents

This is the section where you can truly let your imagination go wild with your pretend scrape scenarios. Deer are naturally drawn to the fragrance of upturned earth, most likely because it reminds them of scratches. 

To fully sweeten the deal, you may use their own smell to recreate any circumstance you like. Using deer smells on imitation scrapes can encourage other deer to utilize them and prime them for deer activity.

At first, it may be tough to figure out how to use deer odors. They aren’t all created equal, and utilizing the incorrect one in the wrong location or season might cause more harm than benefit. 

While the doe’s urine may be utilized throughout the season with no problems. So, placing estrous smell in a buck scrape in September won’t be nearly as convincing, and may even scare away some clever bucks.


When to use mock scrapes?

Start Early – Most people put up their fake scrapes just before the season and then wonder why they aren’t as successful as they had intended. While deer usually scrape mainly in the fall, they will lick branches all year. Set yours up far ahead of hunting season to provide deer plenty of time to discover and use it.

How frequently does a buck inspect a scrape?

During the two weeks leading up to peak breeding, mature bucks should expect to make between 6 and 12 scrapes each hour they are on their feet.

Can we use urine in a scrape?

Deers are naturally drawn to the fragrance of dirt, but if you want to amp up the appeal, mix in some buck or urine or scrape starter. Bucks will continue to check the scrape whenever they pass by or are in the area, making this an ideal trail camera position.

Final Words

Because the mock scrapes are totally natural. It’s too tough to arrange. Again, it will take a lot of your precious time too. So, if you have the best mock scrape kit by your side, life would be easier! 

So, we hope you’ve found the one for you. Go and purchase it if you think it’ll make your hunting easier and all. Apart from that, we’d really wish you all the best! 

Adios! Safe hunting!

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