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Best Pack for Climbing Sticks: Find the Perfect One!


Climbing sticks and hunting are two of the most exciting pastimes. These are also beneficial for health as they reduce stress. We come closer to mother nature, the sunshine increases vitamin D in our body. However, for all this, you will need the best backpack for climbing sticks

But, it can be very puzzling to choose the most suitable backpack for you. The one-sided reviews may confuse you even more. Well, no need to worry as we have all been there. We have an entire discussion for you about it.

Here we have discussed five backpacks and their uses. To know elaborately, stay with us and READ!

Product Comparison 

TIDEWE Hunting Backpack

The first one on our list is the TIDEWE Hunting Backpack. TIDEWE claims that it provides comfort and eases your hunting. The backpack is made of polyester. We know that polyester bags are highly resistant to abrasion and heat with high dirt holding capacity. 

The best feature of the TIDEWE Hunting backpack is that it weighs only 3.7 pounds. It is good for hunting as rapid movement is essential. 

Also, the bag itself does not add extra weight. It is lightweight and durable which is best for spot and stalk hunting. 

TIDEWE backpacks are fully capable of keeping your gears organized. You can easily access your gear at any moment. That too, without hassle. It has a multi-pocket design which helps in keeping gear away and organized. In this way, hunters would not have to waste time searching for it. 

Besides, TIDEWE backpacks provide a channeled back panel which gives the user immense support. Not only this, but it also provides breathability for walking in sand. In this way, the weight is distributed and also the pressure is minimized. So that it can fit your back. 

In addition, it is a very user-friendly backpack. It consists of a built-in rain cover for unpredictable weather for keeping your items protected from rain. 

This backpack also provides a carrying pocket. Always carrying a rifle or bow on hand can be a hassle for hunters. The pockets, quiver hook, and the loop are designed to carry these and make your hunting hassle-free.

Also, TIDEWE backpack has a hydration port for your continuous journey. With this, you don’t have to stop for water. Lastly, it has a big enough front pocket and compartment. These have pretty good space to store and organize your gear. Overall the capacity is 35 L with a hook and loop closure type.


  • User-friendly backpack for hunting.
  • Lightweight and provides support.
  • Provides pockets and hook to carry rifle and bow.
  • Made with highly durable polyester for abrasion, heat and dirt holding.
  • Provides built-in rain cover for unpredictable weather.
  • Adds multi-pocket design for organized gear and a large compartment.


  • A very thin cloth separates the water storage and main compartment. 
  • It has a large hip strap. Not suitable for hunters with smaller hip sizes.

Insights Vision Bow Pack

For our second item, we have Insights Vision Bow Pack. Hunters have to be very quick during hunting because time is a crucial factor here. However, running slow on time can lead to serious injury or missed targets. This is where Insights Vision Bow Pack slides in. It is a versatile bowhunting backpack which claims to provide easy access to your gear anytime. 

Now, in terms of space, it has a large compartment. The wide compartment allows the long parallel limb bows to fit perfectly. It can also easily fit quivers, optics, arrows and electronics. These things help to protect sight, d-loop and allow arrow rest. 

The best feature of Insights Vision Bow backpack is that it has a treestand shelf. This is a TS3 front panel system that helps in using it in three different uses. The uses are storing, a shelf and basket. You can easily use it for keeping important stuff such as food or binoculars in it. 

The weight of this backpack is 5.8 pounds which is pretty heavy. Weight can slow down a hunter and make them tired easily by carrying heavy stuff. 

However, it provides a mesh, shoulder straps and, padded back support for evenly distributing weight. It provides a hideaway hip belt and unibody chassis to apply less strain on the body. That too, by giving a balanced fit. 

Lastly, Insights Vision Backpack offers a weatherproof design. This design helps in handling rough weather such as excessive heat or storms.


  • It has a treestand shelf for three different use.
  • Large compartment to fit big limb bows and arrows. 
  • Good for hunting and hiking. 
  • Provides easy access to gear. 
  • It is weatherproof.


  • The backpack is pretty heavy. 
  • It is quite loud. 

ALPS OutdoorZ Trail Blazer Pack

Now, we are going to talk about our third item which is ALPS Outdoorz Blazer Pack. It is mainly for hunting and hiking.

While hunting, hunters need a lot of stuff to carry with them. But they are unable to do it because of the small space in regular backpacks. However, the  ALPS Outdoorz Blazer Pack provides users with a large compartment. This helps the hunters carry their bow and rifle easily.

Another great thing is the backpack has a very large compartment of 25000 cubic inches. With this capacity, hunters can easily carry their bow and rifle. Also, this space helps the backpack to increase carry efficiency. Especially with their expandable pocket. 

Besides, hunters can store and organize gear and large items in the pockets of the backpack. Also, lower side mesh pockets can be used for holding water bottles. So that you can be hydrated at all times.

The backpack has a front lashing system that allows for securing bulky items. This system adds versatility to the backpack. 

While hunting, you need quick access to your tools. ALPS Outdoorz Blazer Pack provides bar-tacked webbings that do the job. It has multiple attaching points that help in quickly accessing your tools for better hunting. The backpack provides a blaze orange rain cover for harsh weather. You can also use it for increasing visibility.

Here, support is optimized by the polyethelyne frame sheet. Lastly, it is a very lightweight backpack. You can easily carry it for hiking and hunting. This backpack will not weigh you down. The backpack weighs 3 pounds only. 


  • It is lightweight.
  • The backpack has a large compartment of 25000 cubic inches. 
  • Provides bar-tacked webbings for quick access. 
  • It has a blaze orange raincoat for increasing visibility and harsh weather. 
  • Provides hydration port and front lashing system. 


  • The waist belt is not supportive enough.
  • It has one too small pocket.

Eberlestock X2 Pack

Now we are going to discuss our fourth item which is Eberlestock X2 Pack. It has a unique ample flaxchassis that can be used to flip forward. This helps in using as a seat for your stuff by folding down.

Hunters need shotguns for clear and fair hunting. This backpack can easily accept A1SS or A2SS side scabbards. These can simply carry large hunting rifles or shotguns. 

Here, the backpack consists of padlock webbing tie points which support tool attachment. The tie points are located in key locations with the lashing on gear.

The material of this backpack is a microsuede waterproof fabric. Basically, it is a water-resistant material for unexpected weather. It has hydration pockets on both sides of the hydration system. Users can also add extra pouches with pals and molle webbing. 

Eberlestock X2 Pack can easily fit long equipment in its tuck pockets. Also, it has a tough and oversized compression strap. This helps in lashing heavier tools and making more room in the backpack.

Also, the backpack provides comfort with the full mesh back panel. It gives your back enough space and ventilates it with an air gap. Moreover, the padding is pretty comfortable.

For managing the heavy backpack, you will need a thick waistband. It will also help in evenly distributing the weight. The compartment is 1800 cubic inches. 


  • The ample flaxchassis folds down for a seat.
  • Good for carrying large rifles or shotguns.
  • Provides comfort.
  • The material is water-resistant.
  • Easy access to tools. 
  • Can add extra pockets.


  • Needs an additional thick waistband.
  • It is medium-sized. 

Horn Hunter G3 Treestand Pack

In addition, the backpack provides gear grippers for carrying rifles or bows. That too, with a pullout rifle or bow pouch. An additional 25 feet long pull out rope is provided. Not only this, but it also has a pull-out rain cover for emergencies or harsh weather. 

The straps of this backpack are for rattling antlers. It has an overall number of 20 pockets and a compartment of 2200 cubic inches. To put the smaller tools or equipment, users can utilize the hip belt pockets. The GPS, rangefinders and radios perfectly fit into them. 

Lastly, it has a hydration system for keeping the hunter hydrated at all times. Lastly, it is a lightweight backpack of 3.97 pounds. 


  • It is lightweight.
  • The backpack has a flip-top design.
  • Provides extra grippers to carry rifles/bows.
  • Also provides an additional 25 feet long pullout rope.
  • It has a 2200 cubic inches compartment.
  • Easily accessible. 


  • It has too many pockets. 
  • The mesh pocket of the hydration system is not big enough.

Buying Guide

We have provided you with information on the five packs for climbing sticks. However, you may be puzzled as to what kinds of features you should look for before making a purchase. 

This is why we are here to assist you in finding the best backpack for you. Here are some things to consider before making a purchase.

Is the Compartment Big Enough?

Well, it is one of the main features that you should look into before buying. Space is very crucial while hiking or hunting as it needs to carry big weapons. Also, it needs to add a hydration system to it. To keep all your belongings, you will need a big and spacious compartment. 

Is it Easy to Access Tools?

While hunting or climbing a stick, accidents can happen. If there is a sudden attack, you will need your weapons as early as possible. So, you need an easily accessible backpack. This will help you to access your tools immediately without wasting your time. 

Can it Withstand Rough and Harsh Weather?

This is also an important aspect. The weather can suddenly change and it can harm your belongings. Also, excessive heat can be a harm to your tools too. 

However, a water-resistant and heat resistant material is necessary for a backpack. Or the ones with additional raincoats will do too.

Is it Lightweight?

While you are hunting and running short of time, a heavy backpack will affect your pace. Not only that, you will be tired soon by carrying that extra weight. This is why one should go for lightweight backpacks.


How to Carry a Hawk Stick?

For carrying, nest them close, then fix the bungies. Make a shoulder strap out of a 2″ web belt with a loop on either end. The first stick is mounted from the ground. And, while the other two sticks’ legs are used to hang on each side of the loops. No additional cords or hooks are required.

What is the Best Way to Carry Climbing Sticks Up a Tree?

The best way to carry them up the tree is using the two loops on your saddle. Much like a leash. When used sticks are used, it is usually carried in hand. You can use an Easton pack that was designed to carry a rifle. It was ideal for transporting sticks.

How to Use Hawks Helium Straps?

To use helium straps wrap the strap over the tree. And the Versa button with the closest adaptable loop. It should be secured to the tree at this point, it might be a little loose. To seat the legs into the tree and create stress, draw out the top two steps. Lastly, bring them down with a lot of force.


Finally, we are done reviewing the five backpacks. We hope to clear up your confusion about the best pack for climbing sticks. Also, give you a clear idea of the backpacks and their use. We hope you find one perfect backpack for you!

No more today, best of luck!

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