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Best Recurve Limbs: Top Picks by Enthusiasts


When it comes to Archery, no other bow can beat the Recurve. It is the most versatile because its recurve limbs are changeable. In fact, it’s fully analog, unlike the compound bows.

As a newcomer in the hobby or a professional in the hunting, you must know which are the best recurve limbs. Because your bow’s limbs might get damaged in many ways as they are made of wood. 

Now, there are different types of recurve limbs available in the market. Conversely, you might get overwhelmed choosing from them. As they come in multiple draw weights. And buying the right weight is a must. Cause you don’t want your aim to be shaky.

Hence, we have researched over 20+ products. It’s to find the best 5 recurve limbs out there available right now for your recurve bow. Also, we’ve added a buying guide for your better understanding.

So, let’s dig in.

Comparison table 

Samick Sage Recurve Bow Limbs

First and the foremost product we have on our list is the Samick Sage Recurve Bow Limbs. Samik sage is undoubtedly the best manufacturer in the history of world archery. And these limbs of Samick Sage are the top picks of champions across the world. 

These limbs are the original recurve bow limbs from the Samick sage brand. 

They are made of Hard Maple limbs. On each side, they have fiberglass lamination. These will be a perfect replacement for your stock recurve limbs. 

Looking at the draw weights, Samick Sage offers multiple options.

From 25lbs to 60lbs. You can easily increase or decrease draw weight by purchasing this set of limbs. So, with these, you can have the option to choose the draw weight. But make sure you choose the correct weight regarding your body strength and your skill level.

Besides, these limbs look even cooler in their stunning matte brown color. 

Overall these are the toughest recurve limbs you can find in the market. Are you looking for a sturdy lightweight but powerful recurve limbs to replace your old ones? Then these might be the limbs you are looking for. 


  • Original limbs by Samick Sage.
  • Wide variety of draw weights 
  • Well-known manufacturer.
  • Top-notch build material.


  • As they are wooden, they don’t have any waterproofing. 

Southwest Archery Takedown Recurve Limbs

The second product we are about to review is the Southwest Archery Takedown Recurve Limbs. Southwest Archery is one of the finest gear manufacturing companies. And they are widely popular among hunters and archers for their good quality build products on a budget. 

Let’s take a look at these limb construction materials. They are made from high-quality maple wood. Which are considered to be the best in terms of making bow limbs.

Furthermore, they are finished with black fiberglass. Added to that, the reinforced tips are so well built that make them fast flight compatible. 

Coming to its draw weight sizing. It has the most variant of draw weights that you can choose for your recurve bows right now. The draw weight can be chosen between 14lbs to 60 lbs. 

So according to your drawing strength and power you can choose from them. Besides they have multiple sizes of limbs that fit most of the risers. These can be paired with little Tiger Ghost, Tigershark, Samick, and Spyder.

Overall these are the most versatile and we built recurve limbs you can get now for your recurve bow. 


  • High-quality maple wood construction.
  • Multiple limb sizes
  • Multiple draw weight options to choose from. 
  • These limbs are made to be fast flight compatible.


  • The string notch doesn’t seem to be very good. 

TOPARCHERY Takedown Hunting Recurve Bow Limbs

The third product we are about to review is the TOPARCHERY Takedown Hunting Recurve Bow Limbs. Toparchery is highly popular in the market. For its outstanding quality archery accessories and recurves bow limbs. These are also very affordable. 

Let’s go see how it stacks up against the rest. 

Firstly, let’s check its construction material. The TOPARCHERY Takedown Hunting Recurve Bow Limbs are made of strong fiberglass. Most of the well-known manufacturers use fiberglass in making bow limbs. They make them more sturdy.

Besides these limbs has a maple wood core inside. Which is undoubtedly the best for making bow limbs. So if it comes to the build quality and sturdiness, these limbs have no gap. 

Coming to its sizing. The top archery has made multiple different limb sizes compatible with different risers. Besides you can opt for multiple draw weights too. From 18 pounds, 24 pounds, 30 pounds, 35 pounds, 40 pounds, 45 pounds, and 50 pounds. How cool is that? 

To conclude, These have the finest maple wood construction. Which is the top choice for making bow limbs. Also uses a fiberglass face. And they are from a well-known manufacturer.

What else to look for? We highly recommend this product fas your recurve bows replacement limbs. 


  • Best in the budget range. 
  • Superior built quality.
  • Multiple draw weights to pick.


  • Only one limb size. 

SinoArt FalconTakedown Recurve Bow Limbs 

The fourth product on our review list is the SinoArt FalconTakedown Recurve Bow Limbs. These bow limbs are the most popular among the archer community. It is for their powerful performance at a really affordable price.

So, those of you who are looking for replacement limbs which is powerful also affordable. These might be the best pair of limbs for you.  

Now, Let’s check the build material and weight options of these recurve bow limbs

These limbs are the cheapest compared to the previous 3 products that we reviewed. But surprisingly they are very well built. So, there is no quality compromise

These budget limbs have maple core which is the best wood for making bow limbs. Also, the face of the limbs is covered with sturdy fiberglass. 

These recurve bow limbs are available in multiple draw weights. Starting from  30 lbs, 35 lbs, 40 lbs, 45 lbs, 50 lbs, 55 lbs, 60 lbs, 65 lbs, and 70 lbs.

Besides these have the highest draw weight of 70 lbs in the market. So it’s super powerful. But don’t get overwhelmed. Make sure to pick the right model regarding your skill set and overall body strength.

Overall these are the best-built bow limbs out there available in the market at this price point. If you are looking for a well-built construction, and a powerful replacement for your recurve bow limbs. Which also wouldn’t go heavy on your pocket. These are the perfect choice for you. 


  • Sturdy and premium build.
  • Wide variety of weights.
  • Budget-friendly.


  • It does not have limb sizes.

Black Hunter Recurve Bow Limbs Replacement

The Last but not the least product is the Black Hunter Recurve Bow Limbs Replacement. 

Although this product is in the last place, that doesn’t mean this product is bad or has lower in terms of quality. In fact, these bow limbs competed with hundreds of other limbs to stand in this place

So, let’s go see by yourself how it stacks up against the rest. 

If you’re a newbie to archery, or your old recurve bow limbs need a changing. And you’re absolutely tight on the budget. Then Obert black hunter recurve bow limbs got you covered.

These are the cheapest bow limbs you’ll ever find with the amazing build quality. They are made of high-quality wood. And their craftsmanship is unquestionable. 

Talking about the draw weights. This won’t disappoint you. These limbs also come with various draw weight options. So according to your comfort and strength, you can choose from 30 lbs, 35 lbs, 40 lbs, 45 lbs, 50 lbs, 55 lbs, and 60 lbs.

Overall these are the best budget-friendly limbs that you can buy for your recurve bow right now. 


  • High-quality product.
  • Very affordable price point.
  • Multiple draw weights to choose from.


  • It does not support all recurve bow risers.

Buying Guide

Alright, we have reviewed the best 5 bow limbs for recurve bows. But, how will you know which one is the most perfect recurve bow limb for your strength and style?

Okay, the way is pretty simple. Let’s go through the basics of recurve bow limbs-

You’ll see, this segment will help you make the perfect decision.

Build material

Recurve bows are the most popular bows among archers and hunters nowadays. Although there is a new type of bow which is far more precise to shoot with. Which is the compound bow. Still recurve bow is more fun and easy to use and fix if it’s damaged. 

As we are talking about bows getting damaged. Recurve bow limbs are made of wood so they can easily break down. 

So, before buying a recurve bow limb you must check the wood quality. Because not all the woods are capable enough to resist the pressure. 

The most sturdy and high-quality wood used for making recurve bow limbs is maple. This wood can handle tension much more than any other wood. Plus it’s extra durable. So before buying your limbs do check the wood type. 

Draw weight

If you’re new to the hobby or a professional. You must know the draw weight of your recurve bow. And it’s mostly dependent on the bow limbs. Basically, bow limbs come in different draw weights. Such as 14 lbs or 30 lbs. Even it gets all the way to 70 lbs. 

Recurve bow is a bit different than the compound bow. The compound bow is where you have multiple gears to not feel the heavy string load. But in the recurve bow the more you pull the string the load gets heavier. Which leads to how fast your arrow will go. 

So if you don’t have enough strength to pull that string on your 70lbs bow limbs. Your aim will get shaky. Even it’s dangerous too. Choosing the right set of bow limbs is a must. 

So before just buying any limb, make sure you pick the right draw weight according to your strength and skill. 

Size And Fit

Before jumping in and buying a pair of recurve bow limbs, you must check if it’s compatible or not. Bow limbs come in multiple sizes. Even they are made according to different recurve bows. The most common size for recurve bow is 56 inch and 58 inches. Also, there are 60 – 64 inches bows available. These are for those who have longer draw angles.


Question: What size recurve limbs do I need?

Answer: You need twice as long as your draw length. If your draw length is 28 inches. Then you must buy a limb of 56 inches or more. 

Question: Can I change my recurve bow limbs?

Answer: Yes. You can change bow limbs on your recurve bow. Even you can use multiple draw weights too. 

Question: My stock recurve bow was 56 inches. Can I replace them with 58 inches?

Answer: You certainly can. Scaling one size up won’t be an issue. But you must check the instruction manual if it’s compatible or not. 

Final Words

So, I guess we’ve already got some good choices after getting this review on best recurve limbs. I would suggest now to consider every important feature of the products. Then consider and compare the feature among the limbs.

Also, I’ve included a detailed buyer’s guide to help our readers out. So, stay cautious while purchasing and choosing. So, good luck and for any queries just leave a comment.

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