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Best Sheep Hunting Sleeping Bag


Sheep hunting is a very adventurous sport. While you hunt for that bighorn you might have to sleep in rocky, wet, or even marshlands. Good sleep is necessary to replenish energy for the next day.

Thus we brought you the best sheep hunting sleeping bag. These sleeping bags are top-rated and have admirable features.  

Not only this to make it easy for you to pick we have a buying guide. So, if you’re new to this, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Furthermore, there are five sheep hunting sleeping bags listed below, each with unique features. There are also similarities among them. 

So, why waste any more time here, Let’s jump into the article. 

Product Comparison

Big Agnes Lost Ranger 15 Degree Sleeping Bag

The number one sheep hunting sleeping bag on the list is Big Agnes Lost Ranger 15 Degree Sleeping Bag. This bag has a lot of technology built-in that makes it a high-performing bag at a fair price. And for sheep hunting, this is a perfect bag.

In other words, it’s a three-season top-notch quality bag for sheep hunting. Just by looking at it, you can see it’s not an ordinary sleeping bag. Its mummy shape makes it roomy and comfortable which will ultimately provide you with a superior experience. 

Then comes the weight of the sleeping bag, it is just 1 pound. So it won’t be a problem while you’re carrying it in your backpack.

Moreover, the bag is water repellent. Because of the material, it will dry out faster and stay dry longer. Thus if it’s rain or the soil is moist or wet it won’t cause you any problem. The bag is warm and compressible and retains a majority of insulation in wet situations. 

The bag also has a baffle system that has flow gates. These flow gates allow the heat of your body to flow to the overall body. Hence it will produce a balance warm inside the sleeping bag.

However, the underside of the bag has no insulation. This is absolutely intensional. Now if there is a loft under the bag then when you sleep on it it gets compressed. And then you won’t feel any warm at all. So why do you even need that which will only make it heavy and bulky?  

As a result, the loft is removed from the Big Agnes Lost Ranger 15 Degree Sleeping Bag. Instead, you receive a sleeping pad sleeve that is entirely integrated.

But this sleeping pad is not included with the sleeping bag. You can attach any 20 inches of sleeping pad with it and it will give you a bed-like feel. 

Next, the bag has a very relaxing design. For that, you can move into it and there will be no mess of material inside it. Which is quite common in ordinary sleeping bags. So you roll over as much as you want and sleep in your preferred position. 

Furthermore for storing and packing you get a stuff sack and storage sack. These sacks are made of nylon. The lightweight stuff sack is perfect for storing it in your luggage or backpack. Now, if you want to compress it more then you can buy a compression sack. 

Remember not to keep it stored as compressed. Thus, the back comes with a large or loose mesh storage bag for keeping it at home. 

To conclude this sleeping bag is perfect for backpackers or campers or similar adventurists. It offers a ton of wonderful features that make it the finest on the list. The smart construction and efficient design made it the best choice for anyone.


  • It has a reasonable price.
  • It’s lightweight and easy to carry.
  • The sleeping bag is very comfortable.
  • It’s a three-season and highly durable bag.


  • There are not so many color options available for this sleeping bag. 

Western Mountaineering Apache MF 6’0″ Sleeping Bag

The second sleeping bag for sheep hunting is the Western Mountaineering Apache MF 6’0″ Sleeping Bag. This sleeping bag is made of microfiber, it helps in drying out the bag faster in wet conditions. 

Now, this bag has lots of similarities and dissimilarities to our previous sleeping bag. This bag has 6 inches of loft below it. On the contrary, the previous sleeping bag didn’t have any loft below it. Lofts are designed to keep you comfortable in wet or cold weather.

To tackle that, the previous bag has sleeping pad sleeves below it. And Though it doesn’t have a loft below it, it is lighter than Western Mountaineering Apache Sleeping Bag.

As you already know the bag is made of microfiber. As a consequence, this sleeping bag is far more durable than many other bags on the market.

So, you will not need to replace it for a long period of time. This is an indication of a high-quality product. Thus it will help you in sheep hunting. 

The sleeping bag has 59 inches of shoulder girth and 38 inches of foot girth. Next, it is a full-down collar bag. The temperature rating of the bag is 15° F Temperature Rating. 

This bag comes with a stuff sack for carrying. The sack is made of nylon thus it is also very durable. Lastly, this bag is suggested to use by men. 


  • This bag will surely keep it warm inside. 
  • It’s extremely durable.
  • It has a 6 inches loft. 


  • The suggested use of this bag is only for men. 

Marmot Plasma 15 Down Sleeping Bag

The Marmot Plasma 15 Down Sleeping Bag is third on the list. This sleeping bag is a certified fill power goose of 900+. It’s also EN tested.

To your knowledge, the RDS 900 fill is the highest quality down. This is regarded as the gold standard in insulation. It also offers an unrivaled warmth-to-weight ratio.

Not only this it’s also highly compressible just like the previous two bags. Most importantly, it will keep you warm because it is designed specifically for the winter months.

If you do not wish to purchase one of the preceding two sleeping bags. Then there is no better option than this one. It’s rated 15°F similar to our previous product. 

Next comes the weight. The sleeping bag is 2.2 pounds in weight. Comparatively this bag has more weight than the above two sleeping bags. 

Again, this bag is made of 10 Denier Pertex Quantum face fabric. Hence its breathable and water repellent similar to the other two bags. But it’s enough dense to resist punctures and rips. 

Lastly, it also has flow gates. It will allow the air to circulate properly to keep you warm just like our first sleeping bag. Thus, it can be an excellent choice for sheep hunting.


  • It has a certified fill power goose of 900+
  • It’s highly compressible 
  • Specially designed for winters 


  • This bag is heavier than the previous two bags on the list. 

Mountain Hardwear Unisex Ultralamina 32 Sleeping Bag

The fourth sleeping bag on the list is Mountain Hardwear Unisex Ultralamina 32 Sleeping Bag. This bap has a Q shield 650 fill-down insulation. It’s a patented mountain hardware coating method. Thus it will make it hydrophobic.

Then the down that this bag is using is an RDS or responsible down standard. This is becoming the industry’s new standard. 

After that, this bag has heat-trapping baffling, similar to previous bags. All the above bags have a baffling system that does a similar job. 

Next, it has insulated draft tubes to prevent cold air through the zipper. The upper or face fabric of this bag is a 30 denier nylon plain weave. And it is with a DWR finish. 

Now, this bag has a mummy cut similar to the other bags on the list. Thus it reduces girth and weight. So, it won’t be bulky and it won’t be bulky and increase thermal efficiency. This bag is just 1 pound similar to our first sleeping bag on the list.

It has an ultralight shell that is also soft and comfortable. Another amazing feature is that it’s wind-resistant. 

Furthermore, this bag is highly compressible just like the above sleeping bags. So, it can be an excellent choice for sheep hunting.


  • This is a unisex sleeping bag.
  • It’s extremely lightweight. 
  • Its water and wind-resistant.


  • According to some users, this bag could be warmer. 

Valandre Shocking Blue 800 Sleeping Bag

The Valandre Shocking Blue 800 Sleeping Bag is the final sleeping bag on the list. This bag has a sophisticated 100% anatomical shape and 32 pre-cut baffles. It is a uni-sex sleeping bag just like the previous bag. 

The bag has a tubular cut concept. It also has a cowling hood system to keep it warm in the winter. Each baffle is calculated when shaped and cut. Therefore it will adapt perfectly to the user’s body.

Even on your toes, the sleeping bag has a meticulous design. The top has two pieces of fabric and each side has a triangular section. And a last piece around the back. This will provide total temperature isolation.

The zipper is a double cursor from YKK. This is a gold standard zipper. Additionally, it’s backed with internal reinforcement that it has a down-flipped storm flap.

This bag also has an anti-cold outer flap along with the zip. So, there will be total warmth inside the sleeping bag. 

When you’re out looking for sheep, you’re going to need some sleeping. This bag has everything to provide the best environment for sleeping. 

These are our top five recommendations. They are all up to the mark. But, choosing just one may be challenging. Therefore, we have a buying guide below to help you find the best option. 


  • It has a 100% anatomical shape.
  • It has YKK zippers.
  • Perfectly protects the body in cold.


  • This sleeping bag is a little heavier. 

Ultimate Buying Guide For Sheep Hunting Sleeping Bag

Before you pick any sleeping bag for sheep hunting, you must understand some facts. This buying will further help you in your endeavor.  

Type of Insulation

There is basically two types of insulation, that are synthetic and down. Each has distinct advantages and downsides.


Downs are made from feathers of geese. Its the made from the undercoating feathers. These are exceptional insulators that are completely natural. Down are very lightweight and very good insulators and also compressible.


The synthetic are constructed to trap air and provide insulation. There are multiple layers to protect from cold in synthetic sleeping bags. 

These are also compressible but synthetic materials are usually heavier and a bit bulky. Thus for long-term use, these are very good and durable materials. 

Weight and Size

We have already mentioned a lot of details about the sleeping bag. But these are the two most crucial considerations when shopping for sheep hunting sleeping bags.

If you are concerned with weight and space then mummy shape bags should be your choice. As you can see, all of the bags above are mummy-shaped.

The mummy-shaped bags are compact, easy to carry, and perfectly adapt to your body size. Then the size, sleeping bags basically have two sizes regular and long. 

If you are 6 feet tall or below then a regular bag would be perfect. On the contrary, If you are taller than 6 feet, you will require a long sleeping bag.

Temperature Rating

This is the main fact to differentiate between sleeping bags. You will see we have mentioned the rating of every sleeping bag. By this rating, you can understand how warm it’s going to keep you in cold conditions.

The rating is derived as the lowest temperature that an average person can tolerate but still remain comfortable. The majority of sleeping bag manufacturers follow a similar method for rating. 


Question: What exactly is the function of a sleeping bag?

Answer: A sleeping bag retains and prevents the circulation of air. The heat produced by your body is retained within the sleeping bag. Hence making it warmer inside and you can sleep comfy.

Question: Do sleeping bags function properly?

Answer: Yes, it functions similarly to a thermos. When you put a warm thing inside, the sleeping bag keeps it warm. If you enter it, you will feel warm even if the weather outside is frigid.

Question: How much do sleeping bags cost?

Answer: It depends on the size, quality, rating, etc that how much will it cost. However, most sleeping bags can range from $50 to $1,000.

Final Words

These are the Best Sheep Hunting Sleeping Bag. The above sleeping bags are of the finest quality with some amazing features. So we hope by now you have got yours. Furthermore, if you require any additional support, we are always available to assist you.


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