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Best Spotting Scope for Sheep Hunting: Top 5 Selections


Hunting sheep is a good source of refreshment. Plenty of sheep are available for hunting. Yet problems occur while hunting in wide-open areas. Spotting sheep becomes quite hard in such places.

The best way to solve this problem is using a spotting scope. Distant objects can be zoomed in by using this scope. For the best results, you must get the best spotting scope for sheep hunting.

Selecting the best scope can be difficult. The market is full of different categories of scopes. Without the proper knowledge, you won’t be able to select the required scope for you. 

Don’t get all worked up! I am here to guide you. In this discussion, I have reviewed the top 5 spotting scopes. Have a look to get a clear idea!

Comparison Table 

Vortex Optics Scope 

The first product on my list is the Vortex Optics Scope. It is one of the highly-rated scopes for sheep hunting. The zooming operation of this lens is very powerful. The Vortex Optics Scope helps the user to identify and mark the sheep easily. 

This is an angled spotting scope. There are several advantages of owning an angled scope. The Vortex Optics Scopes also have these advantages. These scopes are easy to set up. They also need a smaller tripod stand for its functions.

However, angled scopes can be hard to carry in your pocket. Because of their complex shape, they will not fit in your pants pockets. So you must make space for the scope in your backpack. This can be a problem sometimes. 

Especially if you are traveling in hilly places, the backpack might feel overweight. The length of the Vortex Scope is 15.8 inches. It is quite big. So traveling with it will require caution and attention. Because of its design and length, it’s best to carry it in your bag.

The Vortex Optics Scope is made from Aluminium with Argon purged. This combination gives the scope a tough surface. It can endure small drops and falls. The Aluminium also makes the scope rust-resistant. The opening and gaps of this scope are sealed.

As a result, the Vortex Scope is waterproof. This is a very necessary characteristic for traveling scopes. Because the surroundings can be unpredictable. It will remain functional in all environments. The black finish on the surface also looks very stylish. 

A very important aspect of the spotting scopes is their Objective lengths. Because this length determines the power of the scope. The length of the Objective of the Vortex Optics Scope is 40mm. This is not very big or too small. 

This length falls under the category of medium-sized Objectives. However, the manufacturers have claimed High Definition output. According to their claims, the scope produces HD images. So the sheep spotting will be very convenient. 


  • Easy setup of the lens.
  • Waterproof.
  • Works well in low light conditions. 
  • Angled scopes are more convenient to use.


  • The helical gear of the scope is brittle.

Kowa TSN-880 Series Scope 

The next product I have is the Kowa TSN-880 Series Scope. This is also an angled spotting scope. Kowa is a traditional scope manufacturer. They have been making scopes for 50 years. The mark of their experience can be observed in this scope.

The angled body of the Kowa TSN-880 Series Scope makes the scope more versatile. It can be used easily from low positions. The tripod stand necessary for this scope is small in size. So you will face less hassle while carrying it.

But you have to place the scope in your bag instead of your pocket. Other than this one factor, the angled scopes are better to use. This scope has a rigid structure. The Kowa scope is made from metal and polycarbonate materials. 

Polycarbonate materials are lightweight and tough to damage. As a result, the scope is quite lightweight as well as durable. The scope has a JIS class 7 waterproof protection. So it is completely safe from small to medium water damage. 

The makers gave their best while making this scope. The Kowa TSN-880 Series Scope comes with a fog prevention mechanism inside the lens. Dry Nitrogen gas is filled inside. This gas prevents other gas formation. As a result, the lens remains fog-free. 

This is very important to spot sheep correctly. The Objective length of the Kowa TSN-880 Series is 88 mm. This is a very big size. The big objective allows the hunter to zoom any far object quite easily. The image produced in the eyepiece will be more clear. 

So the work of spotting becomes more enjoyable. However, the length of the body of the scope is quite big too. It has a 16.6 inches body length. So sometimes the user might feel problems while carrying the Kowa TSN-880 Series Scope. 

The manufacturers provide a limited lifetime warranty with the scope. Though the product is made in Japan, the warranty can be availed in the USA. So you don’t have to worry about the warranty while buying the scope. 


  • Long-lasting performance.
  • Stylish design with green body color.
  • Replaceable lenses are available in the market.


  • Carrying it can be problematic. 

Swarovski Optik ATS-65 Scope 

The third product I am going to review is the Swarovski Optik ATS-65 Scope. This scope is made in Austria. The view of this scope is very clear. The Swarovski is also an angled scope. This scope is very useful for professional sheep hunters and bird watchers. 

Because of the angled body, the view can be adjusted without moving the body. The angled body allows the user to observe birds sitting on the trees easily. The body of this scope is made from Aluminium. The scope has a high resistance against corrosion.

It also gives nice protection from rusting and water corrosion. So the scope gets an extended lifetime. Aluminum is also a lightweight material. As a result, the weight of this scope is not much. It can be easily carried and placed in required spots.

The length of the Swarovski Optik ATS-65 Scope is only 12.8 inches. It is the second smallest scope on our list today. The small size gives the scope extremely mobility. It is very easy to carry. You can fit this spotting scope in any small pocket of your bag. 

The lens of the spotting scope contains fluoride in it. This lens produces High Definition images. So the viewer gets the best view of any object even at a long distance. The color fringing of the lens is minimum. Thus high contrast images are produced.

The objective length of the Swarovski Optik ATS-65 Scope is 65 mm. This length is quite good for viewing far objects. The objective can show a clear picture of objects which are 108 feet away from the viewer. This is very helpful for spotting distant sheep.

The body of this spotting scope is waterproof. It can be submerged up to 13 feet under the water. Besides that, the body is also dustproof. So in dusty and dry environments, the scope won’t get damaged by dust penetration.


  • Perform well in low light.
  • High zooming power.
  • High-quality water and dust resistance system.


  • The price of this scope is very high.

Meopta MeoStar S2 82 Scope 

The second last product on today’s list is the Meopta MeoStar S2 82 Scope. The origin of this scope is in the Czech Republic. The built quality of the Meopta MeoStar scope is excellent. Because of performance, this scope is very familiar to bird watchers.

The Meopta MeoStar S2 82 Scope has an angled eyepiece. So the adjustment mechanism is very simple and convenient. This type of eyepiece is very helpful in observing high places. The tripod needed for angled scopes is also very small. 

This spotting scope is made from metal with rubber protection. The rubbers will save it from different impacts and forces. Also, it will help the user to have more grip on the scope. High-quality metal has been used for the scope. 

As a result, the scope is lightweight and durable. The Meopta MeoStar S2 82 Scope can be the perfect companion for your hiking trips. You can observe birds as well as spot sheep. The objective used in the scope is capable of spotting long distant things.

This scope has an objective length of 82 mm. This is a very good length for any spotting scope. Because of this big length, the scope can zoom distant objects very easily. Even after zooming up to the highest range of the scope, the image does not get distorted. 

The body length of this scope is 17.09 inches. This is the largest scope on our list. So carrying it can be difficult for you. You will have to make room for the scope in your hunting bag. Because this big spotting scope will not fit in your pockets.

The Meopta MeoStar S2 82 comes in 2 colors. You can get the scope in black or green color. The manufacturers provide complimentary white gloves service with the scope. That means they will solve any problem that you will face while using it.


  • High range objective.
  • Durable and long-lasting performance. 
  • The scope has the latest specifications. 


  • A Long body can cause problems. 

Swarovski ATX/STX Objective Lens 

The last product I am going to review is the Swarovski ATX/STX Objective Lens. This is the only straight body spotting scope on our list. Though this scope is manufactured by Swarovski, it is very different from the Swarovski Optik ATS-65 scope.

This scope comes with a High Definition of image quality. The lens used in the scope produces the best image for the viewer. Even in low light, the scope performs well. The resolution, color, and contrast of the image produced by the ATX/STX are top-notch. 

The body of the Swarovski ATX/STX Objective Lens is made from Magnesium. This is the only scope with a Magnesium body on our list. It is a very light metal with high durability. The effect of Magnesium is easily visible on the spotting scope. 

The scope looks very classy because of it. The scope body is also rust-resistant. Besides Magnesium, the Swarovski ATX/STX Objective Lens scope comes with rubber protection. The rubber protection increases both the safety and beauty of the scope.

The length of the objective used in this scope is 85 mm. This is the second biggest objective among the five products I have discussed today. Because of this great length, the scope has a very high magnification power. 

You can observe very far objects without any hassle with this scope. The length of the body of the Swarovski ATX/STX Objective Lens scope is only 9.06 inches. It’s easy to carry. Due to its straightforward design and small length, you can carry it in your pocket.


  • Very easy to carry. 
  • A high-quality objective has been used in the scope.
  • The scope is very lightweight. 


  • The stringy body does not provide benefits like the angled body.

Buying Guide 

There are certain factors of the spotting scope that determine the quality of the scopes. To get the best scope, you must be cautious about these factors. I have discussed these aspects in this section to make your work easier. 

Built Material 

It is a very significant aspect of the spotting scopes. You will carry the scope in adverse weather and surroundings. So it must be capable of enduring such situations. Otherwise, the scope won’t last long. 

This endurance depends on the material used to build the scope. High-quality materials will make the scope long-lasting. The scope will have rust resistance through the use of premium materials. So choose the built material wisely. 

Body Length 

The spotting scope is a mobile device. It should be easy to carry. The ease of carrying the scope depends on its length. A very big scope is difficult to carry. So small scopes are preferable. However, sometimes small scopes have fewer benefits than bigger ones.

Objective Length 

The length of the aim decides the power of the scope. The bigger the objective, the better the output. So try to choose a scope with a big objective. Then the magnification power will be high and spotting will be more convenient. 


There are scopes with various price ranges in the market. The specifications of the spotting scopes vary with the price. But you have to choose a scope within your budget. So be sure about your needs at first. Then select a scope after comparing the prices.

Follow these points carefully to get the best spotting scope for sheep hunting. You will be able to prevent mistakes by following this guideline. 


Question: Are spotting scopes worth it for hunting?

Answer: Yes, spotting scopes are worth it. If you’re hunting in open places, the spotting scopes are a must. They provide a good view of the surroundings. By using the scope you can observe distant games easily. 

Question: What is better for a spotting scope, straight or angled? 

Answer: Both angled and straight spotting scopes are useful. The angled scopes are easier to adjust. However, they don’t fit in pockets. Whereas straight scopes are more compact and easy to carry. 

Question: When can you use a spotting scope?

Answer: You can use a spotting scope on many occasions. The spotting scopes are beneficial in bird watching and hunting. You can also use them for taking distant pictures. However, they are not ideal for stargazing. 


This is all I have on the best spotting scope for sheep hunting. I hope that you can make the right choice now.

Look for a bigger objective lens while choosing the spotting scope. It is the most important aspect of the scope. Also, watch out for the mobility issue.

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