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Can Deer See Flashlight? Let’s Find Out!

Is it time to go hunting in the dark? And you’re considering utilizing flashlights as a backup light source. The problem is that deer can flee if they detect the light.

Now, your concern is can deer see flashlights? 

Yes, deer can see flashlights. They can see the light from a far distance. But there are some color variants of light that deer can’t detect at night. deer usually can’t see the red and orange spectrum and that helps to reach near the deer for hunting. However, they can clearly see blue and green wave light color. 

This is a summary of all the pertinent information on this subject. Let’s get to the quick discussion now.

Can Deer Actually See Flashlight?

Yes, deer can see flashlights but it depends on what color flashlight it is. Deer’s retina is slightly in the back of their eyes. They can see short wavelength lights, however, they’re not able to see the middle and long wavelengths.  

As a result, deer can’t scan all the colors immediately. For this reason, deer can’t see some colors of flashlights at night. However, deer can see most of the colors of flashlights. 

 So, it depends on colors whether or not deer can see flashlights.  

Can Deer See Blue Flashlights?

Yes, deer can see blue flashlights. The cornea and the lens of deer can easily receive the photoscope of blue color flashlights. And then it can be transferred to their brain very quickly. 

This is due to the deer’s azure lens. The structure of deer vision is blue color friendly. Because of these facts deer can see blue flashlights. 

Can Deer See Green Flashlights?

Yes, deer can see green flashlights as well. Green flashlights are very bright in color and have strong UV- rays. This is the reason why deer can easily detect green flashlights. 

Other bright flashlights like bright white flashlights are very much detectable for deer as well.

What Color Flashlight Can Deer Not See?

The following flashlight colors are that deer can’t see. 

  • Red
  • Gray 
  • Brown 
  • Orange

The red and orange colors have a straight color wave. The lights reflect a gray or dull brown color to the deer’s eyes. It takes a little longer for the waves to transfer the light signal to the deer’s brain. 

And at night, deer can’t completely detect red and orange colors because of their dull reflection. So, you can use these flashlights effectively when hunting. Deers are scared of human scent too, so you can also use a preventive scent before going to hunt.

The Best Color Flashlight For Deer Hunting

You may select some of the top flashlights that are absolutely invisible to deer. These flashlights could be worth purchasing.

FlashlightColorPrice Range
COAST PX20 Dual Color 315 Lumen LED FlashlightDual color (red and white)$ 19
UV Flashlight Black Light, Conscious 12 LED 395nm Handheld Ultraviolet FlashlightUltraviolet black flashlight.& 6

There are other broad options for invisible hunting flashlights on amazon. You can browse more and take a suitable one. 

Are Deer Scared of Flashlights?

Yes, deers are scared of flashlights. As soon as they see lights approaching them, they will realize that enemies are about to attack them.

As wild deer are scared of humans, that’s why also scared of unusual lights at night. Often deer get attacked by the enemy, probably the most for any wildlife. And that’s why they are scared of anything that seems unusual to them. 

So, you need to be very careful as a hunter. You must be soundless and invisible to the deer as much as you can. 

As deer are scared of flashlights, you can get in a deer stand before sunset

Other Tips to Buy The Right Flashlight for Deer Hunting

Before purchasing a deer hunting flashlight, you need to consider a few things. And all of these variables will contribute to greater success in night deer hunting.

So, let’s see what to consider before buying a flashlight for deer hunting. 

  • Power source (Power determines the brightness and ultraviolet ray of a flashlight)
  • Mount type ( Mounts can help to control the wideness of light. Take mount removable flashlight, so that you can change the mount if needed)
  • Color of flashlight ( You must consider the color of the flashlight before purchasing. Know which colored flashlight is invisible to deer)
  • Capacity to cover the distance ( you may need to reach a far distance for detecting the deer)
  • UV- ray ( Avoid UV-ray that is lower than 750 THz)

These components combine to produce a flashlight appropriate for hunting.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Will Deer Always Smell You?

Yes, deer can always smell you. Deer can smell from 1 to 4 miles away even in humid weather. However, deer try to hide if the scent becomes stronger. Usually, deer hide from a mile away. Hunting clothes will prevent the human smell. So, don’t forget to wear hunting clothes before you go hunting.

What Color Are Deer Eyes In A Flashlight?

If you light a flashlight into the deer’s eyes, you will see either red or green color radiating from its pupils. This is due to the hue and location of their retinas. A spotlight will not reveal their pupils. The explanation for this is that deer pupils spark in a flashlight.

How Well Do Deer See?

Deer have exceptionally crisp and high-definition eyesight, which allows them to see quite well. Despite having excellent vision, deer cannot see some colors well. Because of the location of their visional organs, they are blind to some hues. And you may take advantage of it to go deer hunting.

Do Deer Eyes Glow In Headlights?

Yes, deer eyes do glow in headlights. Deer eyesight is created to see in low-light conditions. That is why the visional organs have such a large capacity. As a result, the deer’s eyes will sparkle in the headlights. The headlight frightened the deer, and they bolted as soon as they saw it.


Well, hopefully now you are aware of can deer see flashlights. It is unlikely that you will be able to hunt a deer with visible flashlights. You must always use a flashlight that is invisible to deer.

However, if you have any more queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Happy Hunting! WIshing you great luck!

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