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Can Deer Smell Propane Heater? [Answered]

Deer hunting can get difficult because they are very sensitive to smell and sound. The noise and smell of the propane heater can make them go into alert mode. 

However, it is still possible to hunt them while using a propane heater! 

But in that case, you may wonder, can deer smell propane heater?

The answer is yes but to some extent. This is because the pungent-smelling propane gas might alert the deer. But that does not mean that the deer will run around. If the smell is excessive and there are fumes coming, the deer will flee. You need to be careful when using a propane heater and choose the right one.

If you’re still struggling to understand then continue reading. We made a detailed breakdown on how to use the propane heater without fleeing them.

Take your notepad and start taking notes!

Can Deer Smell Propane Heater?- Things to know

Yes, deers can somewhat smell propane heaters. Not entirely, but when the smell is too pungent or strong, that’s when deers can sense it. And thus they become extra alert and that makes hunting them even more difficult. 

Moreover, if your propane heaters release heat or make noises, that could also trigger the deers. This may be one of the reasons why deer are so skittish when you’re around them.

Deer Hunting Season

Generally, a deer is more alert in the first two to three weeks when a season begins. This is because they are more active in such temperatures.

In this period of time, they try to survive by escaping predators. Hence, if they smell something unusual like propane gas, they will most likely avoid the area.

Deer like bucks approach a new season in search of does in order to reproduce. So, they need to remain active and dominate other male competitors. The smell might make them flee due to their alertness.

As the season comes to an end, the temperature starts to drop. The deer that survived the beginning of the season look for food. They do not think of reproducing and the propane heating smell won’t bother them.

Therefore, the late season is the best time to hunt them.

Propane Heater Safety Check 

If you can use the heater properly then safety won’t be much of an issue. Safety is not only about you but also for the deer to not run away.

Propane heaters that are mostly indoors can be run smoothly without danger. These indoor propane heaters can be used in small setups or tents. You can try using electric propane heaters which are safe and battery-powered. You do not have to worry about catching fire.

Additionally, electric propane heaters do not release carbon monoxide. Hence, this is also environmentally friendly and healthy.

If you maintain propane heaters regularly and use them consciously then they can be run safely. Just make sure it is used in a closed area to not scare the deers. 

Sound Issue With Propane Heaters

Traditional propane heaters make a lot of noise compared to the electric propane heater. Hence, the noise will scare away not only the deer but also other animals.

Certainly, the noise isn’t something natural and propane heaters need a field area with fewer animals. Using propane heaters in a deer habitat can make hunting very difficult.

Usually, hunters carry portable propane heaters which can be used in tents or hunting blinds. These portable propane heaters make less sound when running. Less noise means the animals in their habitat will be less alert. 

Hunting deer will be easier when the noise is kept minimum. 

Choosing The Right Propane Heater

The ideal propane heater which will not scare away deer must have some right kind of features. It cannot release fumes as a by-product while burning, can’t make loud noises and can’t catch fire.

It can’t also be a source of heat, can’t be seen and can’t be smelled while running in hunting blinds. Finally, it can be used indoors to be not suspicious while hunting deers.

And from our experience, we can say that the Little Buddy Propane Heater would be a good choice if you want all these features in one machine. The deers won’t sense it while you use it indoors.

Carbon monoxide is a toxic gas but electric propane heaters do not release such toxic gases. 

Using Propane Heaters: Tips And Tricks

We have prepared a few tips and tricks that will help you to use the propane heaters efficiently. There will be less smell and deers won’t be alert.

Tip 1: Ventilation

There must be ventilation when using a propane heater. This is one of the most important safety measures to avoid accidents from happening.

Heat may be stored while using propane heaters in closed areas like tents or hunting blinds. So, make sure that the space open for ventilation is adequate enough for the heat to escape.

Finally, there is a health risk that might cause carbon monoxide poisoning. We must make sure that the air escapes and set up carbon monoxide detectors while using any propane heaters.

Tip 2: Controlling Moisture And Humidity

When using a propane heater, the internal humidity of a hunting blind will increase. As the outside temperature drops, the heating inside will result in condensation.

Condensation creates a blurry vision on hunting blind glass and plastic windows. Hence, hunting deer will be difficult while searching for them.

To avoid condensation from happening we must ventilate the tent or blind. The moisture caused by burning propane will not be present anymore. Hence, you do not have to think about steamed-up glass.

Tip 3: Placing The Blind 

Placing a hunting blind while using a propane heater is very important. The hunting blind should be placed in a manner so that the deer won’t smell anything suspicious. It should be placed in a location from 20 yards away from the deer habitat.

The heater may light up when heating propane so the heater should be kept out of deer sight. Hence, you must control the glowing lights to stop scaring deers.

Look for spots where wind access is limited. This will prevent spreading the smell through the wind to deer and other animal habitats.

Well, that was all from our side regarding deers smelling propane. We hope our guide will help clear your mind regarding this!


Can you use a propane heater in deer blind?

Propane heaters that allow you to use indoors can be used in deer blind. If you are worried about safety then get a portable electric heater. Using an electric heater, you can have a clean and less noisy burning.

Can deer see heat?

Deer cannot see infrared level heat. However, they can see UV rays but in a different way compared to a regular human being.

How far can deer hear?

Deer can hear almost the same range as humans. But they are gifted with ears that are larger than us and can be moved to detect predators. Therefore, deer have much more control with sound and can cover the same distance as we do.

Wrapping It Up

Now you know some useful answers to the question, “can deer smell propane heater”. Use all our tips wisely to hunt without having to worry about scaring deer away.

Do let us know which propane heater you are using and good luck with your hunting!

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