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Can You Shoot 270 WSM In A 270 Win? [Answered]

It’s not uncommon for hunters to use the same bullet for different guns. But to be able to pull that off, some conditions must be met.

Which brings us to this question, “Can you shoot 270 WSM in a 270 Win?”

No, shooting a 270 WSM with a 270 Win wouldn’t be possible. They have the same bullet diameter, however, the 270 WSM will not fit in the chamber of the 270 Win. 270 WSM has a much shorter cartridge than 270 Win. Trying to shoot a smaller cartridge may obstruct the barrel and cause accidents. 

The answer might be simple, but there are some other factors that you may have to consider. In the following parts, there will be a detailed discussion about this.

Can You Shoot .270 WSM In A .270 Win Rifle?

can i use 270 wsm in a 270 win
Source: Ron Spomer Outdoors

270 WSM is a powerful bullet used for flat-shooting hunting. However, it is not possible to shoot it with a 270 Win rifle. They cannot be interchanged due to a lack of compatibility.

The ammo diameter is the same for these two cartridges. But what’s different is the chamber size of the rifle and a couple of other things.  

Let’s have a look at the comparison between 270 WSM and 270 Win. 

Comparison Between .270 WSM and .270 Win Cartridge

There are quite a few similarities and differences between these two excellent ammunitions. 

Before we dive into our discussion, let’s compare their features first. All the measurements are in inches. Comparing these two calibers is just like comparing two arrow quivers, like a 4 or 6 arrow quiver.

Factors.270 WSM .270 Win
Case TypeRimless, bottleneckRimless, bottleneck
Bullet Diameter.277.277
Land Diameter.270.270
Neck Diameter .3140.308
Shoulder Diameter.5381.441
Base Diameter.5550.470
Rim Diameter.535.473
Rim Thickness.054.054
Case Length2.12.540 
Overall Length2.863.340 

If you look at their comparison, you will see that their case type, bullet diameter, and land diameter are the same. So, that means they should be interchangeable, right?

But, unfortunately, that’s not the case.

270 WSM and 270 Win Cartridge
Source: Las Vegas Shooting Center

You will understand why if you look at the other attributes. For example, the neck diameter, shoulder diameter, base diameter, and rim diameter suggest that the 270 is a bit thicker.

On the other hand, if you look at the case length and overall length, the 270 Win is a bit longer in size.

Now, let’s see a picture of these two cartridges, side-by-side.

picture of these two cartridges
Source: American Hunter

See the difference?

Now suppose, you could fit a .270 WSM in a .270 Win. But still, the .270 WSM cartridge would be smaller compared to the chamber.  Now, what happens if you put a smaller bullet in a gun? 

If a smaller gauge or caliber cartridge is put into a gun, it may fall into the barrel and obstruct it. When a cartridge of the right size is fired, this may result in a burst barrel or perhaps worse.

Using the right size ammunition is important, or there might be accidents.

Calibers Similar to .270 Win

Since you cannot use a .270 WSM in a .270 Win, here are some other cartridges that you can use.

.25-06 Remington:

The .25-06 is best characterized as a magnificent, swiftly dispatching medium game cartridge when loaded for maximum performance. For this cartridge, velocity is everything, and any increase in velocity instantly translates into an expansion of the range where the .25-06 can achieve rapid killing. Although the range is not that long but still the caliber is quite formidable.

.30-06 Springfield:

The .30/06 Springfield is a very well-balanced, adaptable, and reasonably-priced hunting cartridge. However, it is considered old and outdated by some hunters. 

But our argument is that if it was good enough to kill elephants 100 years ago, it should kill deer and antlers today. The effective range is still a bit shorter than the .270 Win but it’s still pretty good.

Calibers Similar to .270 WSM

For your convenience, our experts have also found some substitutes for .270 WSM.

7mm Remington Short Action Ultra Magnum:

The 7mm Remington SAUM is the caliber of your dreams. Expert hunters believe that it is more efficient than a 7mm WSM or 7mm Remington MAG. 

It has an excellent barrel life, and manageable recoil compared to other similar rounds. 

7mm WSM:

As a great cartridge for larger mule deer, sheep, black bears, and elk, the 7mm WSM cartridge serves its practical function. For their 7mm WSM cartridge, Winchester asserts a muzzle velocity (MV) of 3,225 ft/s with a 140-grain bullet.

When it comes to hunting, besides the bullets, there are many things that are important. For example, carry your weapon the right way. So, knowing how to strap a rifle to a backpack will go a long way. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is 270 WSM the same as 270 Win?

No, the 270 WSM and the 270 Win are not the same. There are a number of differences, both physically and performance-wise. 270 WSM is shorter and thicker compared to 270 Win. Also, performance-wise, 270 WSM is better, as it gives you 130 fps more. 

What bullets can you shoot out of a 270?

Although the 270 Winchester caliber was designed to fire bullets weighing between 120 and 160 grams, the best results are obtained with 130–150 grain bullets. There are also 270 100-grain bullets available. However, despite being quite quick, they are essentially useless.

Is the 270 win still relevant?

Yes, the 270 Win is still relevant. Few bullets have ever captured hunters’ attention quite like this in the history of large game hunting in North America. Even 86 years after its debut, people still praise the 270 Winchester for being swift, flat, and lethal.

Is the 270 WSM accurate?

Yes, the 270 WSM is considered very accurate. It sports a thick, durable casing, a modern Ackley-style shoulder with a 35-degree angle, and 130 and 140-grain bullets fly like laser beams. 


Wanting to shoot a caliber in a different caliber rifle is not uncommon. That is probably why you got curious and looked up, “Can you shoot 270 WSM in a 270 Win?

But, unfortunately, that’s not possible. 270 WSM will not fit into a chamber that’s designed to fit a 270 Win. 270 WSM is a bit shorter and thicker than 270 Win.

Also, you shouldn’t interchange one caliber with another. Doing so increases the risk of severe accidents.  

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