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Can You Shoot 7mm In A 7mm-08 – Know The Possibility!

Interchangeable bullets in rifles can make your shooting experiences a whole lot easier. Especially because the range and diameter size factor is the same. 

That’s why many people have a debate over using 7mm cartridges in a 7mm-08. Yet, they are confused if they should do so. Don’t worry though, we’ll assist you with this.

So, can you shoot 7mm in a 7mm-08?

Shooting 7mm bullets in a 7mm-08 rifle is feasible, but it’s not safe. The cartridge size, gunpowder amount, and energy production are very different in a 7mm bullet. Due to the differentiating factors, the compatibility gets reduced and the risk factors increase proportionally. 

Don’t stop reading because there’s a lot more to this! We’ve piled up all the information you’ll need for this. In order to not miss out on any of those, keep reading the article!

Can You Shoot 7mm in a 7mm-08 Rifle?

While it is possible to shoot 7mm in a 7mm-08 rifle, it’s not advised in any way. The size factor in diameters is the same for the 2 bullets. Yet, it’s too risky to be interchanging these cartridges!

Not matching the firearm with the ammunition bring out different risk factors. For example, the cartridge can become lodged and explode! This can do critical damage to the shooter or any bystander.

Using the designated caliber or gauge of a gun is by far the safest way to go. After all, minimizing the risks and excelling at your shooting game should be your ambition!

But hey, this doesn’t mean that you cannot interchange bullets at all. Some bullets from multi-caliber guns can actually be used interchangeably. For instance, the Glock 20 and 10mm auto guns can exchange bullets with each other. 

Another famous example is the .458 Lott exchanged with the .458 win mag. They have the same size factor and also a similar power factor. The differences in the factors are very minimal, that’s why they’re compatible. 

However, in the case of the 7mm and the 7mm-08, the variations are random. Quite like the differentiating the 001 and 003 arrows.

Some factors stand out from each other and some factors are hard to differentiate. We have explained them in the next segment; keep reading!

Difference Between 7mm And 7mm-08 Cartridge

Now let’s know a bit more about these 2 cartridges. The following table states all the differentiating factors between the 7mm-08 and the 7mm cartridge. 

You can further understand why they’re not interchangeable by observing the information below. Have a good look-

Differentiating Factors7mm7mm-08
Cartridge2.5 inches2.035 inches
Range400+ yards400 yards
Ammo diameter.284 inches.284 inches
Gunpower Amount140 grains110 grains
Energy3,188 ft-lb2,400 ft-lb

Now that you have a baseline idea of the differences, let’s look at some in-depth information. Keep reading to read them.


The cartridge is probably the most important factor if you’re looking to use different ammunition. For the 7mm ammunition, the cartridge size is 2.5 inches. On the other hand, the 7mm-08 cartridges have an excessive headspace of almost 0.65 inches.

This extra headspace does not mean something positive. Since the bullets are made of brass, they won’t be able to stretch the 65mm mark. As a result, the bullets may separate. 

The gas at 61,000 PSI will be up there; paired with 1700-1800 degrees Fahrenheit. The separating bullet can easily cause an explosion inside the gun. While the explosion won’t be a big one, it will cost big on your well-being.

Energy And Recoil:

The energy the 7mm bullets create is roughly 33% higher than the 7mm-08 ones. The recoil is high as well, 20ft-lb on the 7mm vs 17ft-lb on the 7mm-08. 

If you’re switching guns, these factors are some big ones to adjust to. The rifle’s balance will be way off since it is designed for 7mm-08 bullets only. The disproportionate amount of energy and balance is not a piece of good news for you.

So, if you want to shoot 7mm in a 7mm-08, the power will be way off. Chances are, you won’t be able to adjust with the kinetic energy. Accidents may happen because of this.

However, if you want to cope with your existing 7mm-08 rifle’s recoil, you can buy some grips. Good grips and the rifle’s butt aligned with your shoulder can help you handle the knockback power. 

By using any of these grips, you can improve your stance and your accuracy! For easier access to your rifle, you can also strap rifles to backpacks.

Gunpowder Amount:

The different gunpowder amounts are also a major thing to know about these bullets. The amount of gunpowder is higher in the 7mm bullets.

The 7mm-08 rifles might not be suited for the increased amount of gunpowder. As a result, some miscalculations and mishaps may occur. Also, combined with the cartridge surplus, this can be grossly dangerous!

Should You Shoot 7mm in a 7mm-08 Rifle?

Now comes the deciding part. Should you should 7mm bullets in a 7mm-08 rifle? The answer is- no.

While it is not impossible to do so, the likelihood of you being injured is massive. Even if you can load the 7mm bullets in a 7mm-08 cartridge, it won’t make a difference. 

You cannot change the gunpowder amounts and the energy the 7mm bullets generate. That is why you should not use 7mm bullets in a 7mm-08 rifle. 

If you do want to interchange, you can pick different grains. The full spectrum of the 7mm-08 bullets can fit in a 7mm-08 rifle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is 7mm-08 good for grizzly bears?

No, the 7mm-08 is not good for grizzly bears. The bullet falls in power and is considered an underkill when it comes to grizzly bears. Under a mid-range distance and average conditions, the 7mm-08 can be fatal. Still, you should opt for a more powerful bullet if you’re hunting grizzly bears. 

Is a 7mm bigger than a 300 win mag?

No, the 7mm is not bigger than a 300 win mag. In terms of bullet length, the 300 win mag is the longer one. Also, it can fit more bullets in a case. Additionally, it has a higher pressure capacity. Still, there are certain drawbacks to this. To maintain the terminal ballistics, it needs more grain. 

Is a 7mm08 More powerful than a 270?

No, 270 is not more powerful than the 7mm08. For starters, a 270 win has 100 fps extra velocity when compared to the 7mm08. It also has a surplus of kinetic energy equal to 250ft-lbs. Recoilwise, the 7mm08 delivers less recoil and is more stable. Still, the 270 is more powerful and has fewer bullet drops.


The discussion above should answer the question- can you shoot 7mm in a 7mm-08?

In general, stay away from using cartridges designed for rifles with different calibers. Always double-check with a rifle enthusiast if you’ve got no other options!

Stay safe and all the best.

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