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Can You Shoot Buckshot Through a Turkey Choke? [Explained]

Passionate game hunters are always experimenting with their firearms. As part of it, you may be contemplating installing a turkey choke for buckshot.

Well, this is nothing new. Numerous hunters have previously used this method without realizing the repercussions. And that wasn’t a sensible decision.

We have come up with a comprehensive article regarding this factor, so don’t worry. 

So, can you shoot buckshot through a turkey choke?

Yes, you can shoot buckshot through a turkey choke, but that can damage your shotgun. Buckshot spread out immediately after shooting and for the narrow constriction, pallets jog with choke. This causes your shotgun to tremble severely. As a result, the gun tube may sustain damage.

This is only a concise summary. Continue reading to learn all you need to know.

Can You Actually Buckshot Through Turkey Choke?

Yes, you can actually shoot buckshot through a turkey choke. But you must know the constriction of the turkey choke and the circumference of the pallets. And it is definitely different than shipping a crossbow just so you know.

Usually, a shotgun 12 gauge has a 5.5 mm constriction. And that can be reduced to 4 mm because of turkey choke. For the narrow constriction, turkey choke is supposed to keep the palettes together. 

People actually use turkey choke for buckshot for keeping the pallets together. But interestingly it doesn’t change the result too much. 

Let’s see how much the result can be changed by using a choke.

Constriction(micrometers)Total spread at 40 yds (cm)Effective range(yd)Total spread at 40 yds after using choke (cm)

As you can see from the table, there is just a minor difference when using buckshot. This is why using a turkey choke for buckshot isn’t very beneficial.  

The majority of expert gun hunters prefer full choke over turkey choke. And the explanation for this will be discussed in the following part of this article.

Is It OK to Buckshot With Turkey Choke or Full Choke?

Which choke for the buckshot? Well, before going into the brief discussion, let’s have a look at the quick comparison table.

Feature Turkey Choke Full choke 
Constriction (Inches).026.035
Range 20-60 yds 40-50 yds 
Spread in CM120.16161
Choke Extension11.2”12”
Muzzle Jump ReductionYesYes 

The major difference between buckshot and turkey is the constriction. But the result isn’t too much. Using a turkey choke can keep the pallets 5% more together. However, for this minor advantage, you must sacrifice your shotgun. 

Because of the constricted circumference, buckshot hit the gun tube. That makes jerks more frequent during the shooting and damages the gun tube. As a result, you can miss the target as well. 

Pallets, on the other hand, can easily pass out the tube for the larger radius of full choke. And after coming out the tube pallets don’t spread a lot because of the long extension. 

So, buckshot with a full choke is always better than a turkey choke. 

Can you Shoot All Buckshots Through Full Choke?

You can’t shoot all the buckshot through the choke because of the narrow constriction. It can cause barrel damage.  

Before we discuss it briefly, we would like to show you the chart of all buckshot sizes.

Can you Shoot All Buckshots Through Full Choke

You can’t shoot all these buckshot through the full choke. Let’s see the reason behind that.

Can You Shoot 00 Buckshot Through a Full Choke?

No, you can’t shoot 00 buckshot through a full choke because of its circumference. You can only shoot a 000 buckshot through the full choke.

You’d better understand if you see it visually. So let’s look at the following picture.

long range buckshot choke
Source: Hunter Ed

As you can see full choke is more constricted in the front, which blocks the way for 00 buckshot. And during passing through a narrow tunnel it hammers the barrel and that can cause damage.  

Can You Shoot 4 Buckshot Through a Full Choke?

The radius of the 4 buckshot is 6.1 mm and which is the biggest buckshot pallet. On the other hand, the constriction of a full choke is .035 inches. 

Size 4 buckshot can’t pass through the full choke. As a result, it can cause gun tube damage.

You can only shoot the 4 buckshot through the cylinder choke.  

Can You Shoot Buckshot Through Extra Full Choke?

Yes, you can only shoot the 000 buckshot through the extra full choke. It helps palettes to hold together for a longer distance. 

However, there is a high chance of barrel and tube damage. If you shoot larger buckshot through the extra full choke the chances of damage will increase.

So, try to avoid shooting buckshot through the extra full choke for the sake of safety.  

Which Choke is Best for Shooting a Turkey?

Full choke is the best choke for shooting a turkey. Because of the tight constriction, a full choke can hold the pallets together for a longer distance.

As a result, the accuracy of your hunting increases. For the longer extension, it can reduce the frequency of jerking. 

We’ve put up a table of the top choke and pallet combinations for your convenience. Let’s have a look at that. 

Type of ChokeConstriction(Micrometer)Best syncing palletSuitable distance to shoot
Cylinder .568Winchester long beard 237 pallets  25 yds
Improved cylinders .565Winchester super x 252 pallets30 yds
Modifier.660Remington nitro turkey 319 pallets 35 yds 
Full.665Fiocchi golden pheasant 391 pallets 40 yds 

You can try this combination to get better accuracy. Finally, a bonus tip for you, do not leave the muzzleloader loaded for more than two days with a choke.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can You Shoot Birdshot Through A Turkey Choke?

Yes, you can shoot birdshot through a turkey choke. You’ll receive a more efficient hunting outcome with tighter constriction. Because of its flying abilities, shooting a bird from a close distance is nearly difficult. For the birdshot, accuracy is crucial. And a turkey choke may give such accuracy.

Can You Shoot A Slug Through A Turkey Choke?

Yes, you can shoot a slug through the turkey choke. But shooting a slug through a turkey choke isn’t recommended. Because there is a high chance of damage to the barrel if you do this. The slug is stiffer and doesn’t blast before going out of the gun tube. This is why a slug can hit the barrel. 

Do Extended Chokes Make A Difference?

Yes, an extended choke makes a difference. It can increase the accuracy of shooting. Also, it can help the buckshot pallets to hold together. If you need to keep the pallets together during the shooting you can use an extended choke. Additionally, an extended choke will help to enrich more distance.    


Well, we can now hope that you know: can you shoot buckshot through a turkey choke?

You can share your thoughts regarding this article with us. We’d admire that.

Enjoy hunting!

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