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Crossbow Won’t Latch? Get the Complete Solution!

Your crossbow has just stopped working as you prepare to take it out for hunting. The trigger latch is down and it’s unable to intercept the string.  

This is nothing new for a crossbow. And you may relax since there is a simple remedy.

So, the crossbow won’t latch?

The trigger latch is closed, that’s why the crossbow is not latching. It’s just a matter of opening the trigger and you’re good to go. Apart from this, if the claws of the latch are down, it won’t latch. Flip the trigger safety up and push the anti-dry fire device to fix your problem.

It’s just a quick overview. This article will give you the complete solution. Continue reading.

TLDR (Quick solutions)

It is a good idea to try these quick solutions before going to the elaboration.

  • Flip the trigger safety to the fire position and pull the trigger again and again.
  • Press the string carrier down and pull back the carrier handle in the ready position. And then flip the safety mechanism up.
  • Pull up the claws of the trigger latch 
  • Push down the anti-dry fire device and clear the way for the latch to come up. 

Still not working? Then let’s get into the explanation. 

2 Reason Why Crossbow Won’t Latch

Simply there can be two reasons why the crossbow won’t latch. The first approach is applicable to the Concorde crossbow, however, the second is to all other crossbows.

You’ll find some similar issues when the crossbow won’t pull back.

To understand which one is yours just have a quick look at the table. 

Crossbow typeReasonSolution
Concordeof Trigger latch is closeOpen the trigger latch by taking the carrier handle in the ready position. 
All typesThe claws of the latch are downPush down the anti-dry fire device and put the trigger safety into the fire and pull the trigger.

Now, let’s start fixing your problem. 

Reason 1: Trigger Latch is Close (Concorde)

Very often hunters don’t notice that the crossbow latch is closed. Then they try engaging the string with the latch.

And you know the latch can’t catch the string. Most of the hunters think that the crossbow is damaged. But actually nothing like that, the crossbow is all OK. This is happening only as a result of the locked latch.

Diagnosis: String Not Engaging With Latch

It’s very simple to understand that the latch is closed. You’ll find the latch is down into the arrow track.  And the latch won’t hold the string to the loaded position.  

Consequently, sometimes strings can be broken down.  

Solution 1: Open the Trigger Latch

To resolve this issue, you simply need to open the claws and try to load again. Follow these step-by-step guidelines and fix the problem. 

Step 1:

Press down the string carrier and pull back the string carrier in the ready position. Follow the picture below to do this perfectly.

Trigger Latch

Step 2:

After positioning the string carrier into the ready position, flip up the safety mechanism into the fire. 

And hold the mechanism in position with your finger. 

Step 3:

Finally, trigger the crossbow. And then you’ll find the trigger latch is open. Now you’re ready to go.  

Reason 2: The Claws of Latch Are Down (All Types)

It’s fairly usual for all common varieties of crossbows to tumble down the claws of the latch. And that’s why you face issues like string not engaging with the latch. 

Sometimes, the anti-dry fire stuck the latch down to it, and the latch can’t come up. For this reason, the claws of the latch remain at the bottom of the trigger mechanism. 

Diagnosis: Latch Won’t Catch the String

If the latch claws get stuck at the bottom of the trigger mechanism then the latch won’t catch the string. 

You won’t find the latch in position to engage the string. And this problem has a very simple solution.  

Solution  2: Pull Up the Claws of the Latch

You just need to bring up the claws of the latch in the position to get rid of the trigger latch issue. 

The following steps will assist you to resolve the problem very easily without the help of the experts. 

Step 1:

Take a narrow small stick or screwdriver. Then push back the anti-dry fire device with the screwdriver or narrow stick.

Step 2:

After pushing back the anti-dry fire device you just need to flip up the safety mechanism into the fire position.  And hold it there. 

Step 3:

Lastly, pull the trigger back in the shooting position. And then you’ll find the latch-up in the position to engage with the string.  

These steps are most likely to work. But in case, if you still struggle with the latch issue then you may need to call the service.

We have some bonus guides for you for the maintenance of the crossbow. 

Crossbow Maintenance

We got some simple and easy tricks to keep your crossbow well-maintained. Ok, let’s move on to that.

  • Wax string once or twice a year. Don’t use vaseline and lubricant types of stuff. 
  • Just put a couple of drops of lube on each side of the arrow rail. And rub all over it.
  • Use serving to wrap the string. It’ll protect the string from damage.
  • Use the perfect grain arrow for your crossbow.

These maintenance measures will offer you an advantage in keeping the crossbow in good condition for a long period.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Is My Crossbow Not Clicking?

Your crossbow is not clicking because of the safety mechanism in the fire position while cocking. Before cocking a crossbow you need to put the safety mechanism in the safety position. After that cock the crossbow, and you’ll find the crossbow is clicking perfectly.  

How Long Can You Leave A Crossbow Drawn?

You can just keep the crossbow drawn for less than 24 hours. But it’s not good at all for the crossbow. Crossbow strings can lose their tightness. As a result, the performance will reduce alarmingly. You may need to change the string if you leave the crossbow drawn for more than 24 hours. 

Is It Ok To Dry-Fire A Crossbow?

No, unfortunately, it’s not Ok to dry-fire a crossbow. Typically, a crossbow is built with a DFI (dry-fire-inhibitor) mechanism. And that’s why dry fire is not the safest practice for the crossbow. The crossbow limb can also be fractured for dry fire.

Bottom Line

Well, we can expect now you got an effective solution to the crossbow won’t latch. The method is simple and the most effective. 

However, don’t miss to share your findings from this article. And also, let us know which solution works for you. 

Best of Luck!

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