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Do Brow Tines Count As Points? Rules or Tradition?

So, you are done with the hunting and now you want to brag in front of your other hunter friends. During this time, a common debate the hunters get involved in is about the point-counting rules. Different hunters like to count it in different ways. 

So, do brow tines count as points? 

Brow tines are usually counted by hunters in the 37 eastern states of the USA, and the other 13 western states don’t usually count them as points. There is no fixed rule on whether you can count it or not. However, the brow tines have to be at least 1 inch long to be counted as a point. 

Don’t stop scrolling just yet. Here’s more you have to know for better point counting. This article will disclose some interesting facts about that. So keep reading. 

Do Brow Tines Count As Points?

There are no hard and fast rules about whether you can or can not count brow tines as points. In general practice, hunters of eastern states of the US count brow tines as points. On the other hand, hunters in western states don’t typically count this. 

No matter how you count the points, mount the antler with the head on your wall as proof that you have actually tagged a deer with a glamorous antler. The deer head mounting takes a long time, but it’s worth it.

Where Do Brow Tines Count As Points?

Although it’s not true for all hunter groups, still there are debates among the states about considering brow tines as points. The following table outlines where brow tines can and cannot be counted.

States That Count Brow Tines As PointsStates That Don’t Count Brow Tines As Points
North CarolinaMontana
New YorkNew Mexico
New JerseyNevada
New HampshireOregon
Rhode IslandWyoming
South Carolina
South Dakota
North Dakota

Do brow tines count as points on deer or not is more of a family tradition than hunting rules. Some families like to count it and some don’t. 

For example, in law in PA changed the 4-point area to an antler to 3-points, excluding brow tines. It is illegal to hunt beyond the three up on the main beam; even if they have more points extended from the brow tines. 

Moreover, in some hunter groups, there is a practice of counting the brow tines in only whitetail deer and mule deer. For example, in Alberta, anything over 1” is counted for both whitetails and mule deer. That means, they also count the brow tines as points. 

How To Count Brow Tines As Point?

The famous Boone & Crockett method of counting points has a standard measurement of points. According to them, you can count brow tines as points if they are at least 1 inch or longer. 

In fact, no points also will be counted if they are not at least 1 inch. So, if you are counting brow tines as points, measure them first while counting the deer score. Here is how to do it. 

  1. First, consider a straight line across the primary or main beam, from this line, the measurement starts. 
  2. Take a measuring tape and measure the brow tines from the beam to the brow tine tip. This tine is also known as G-1. If they are at least 1 inch, you got a point. 
  3. If there are other sub-branches of G-1, don’t count them as G-1. They will be considered as H branches or abnormal points and you have to measure them separately. You can count them as points too, if they measure more than 1 inch. 
  4. Now, if the deer has 5 tines on each side, including the brow tine, you can call it a 5×5 point antler. If you don’t want to count the brow tine, it’s a 4×4 point antler. 

So, this is how you count the brow tine. After counting, you can hang the antler on drywall. No matter if you call it a 4×4 or 5×5 point, it will look great on your living room wall.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Do Deer Grow More Points Every Year?

Yes, as they grow older, deer usually grow more points every year. However, at very old age, their antlers began to grow smaller and weaker. Moreover, if the deer don’t get proper nutrients, and are injured, their points won’t grow over time. 

What Does G Mean In Deer Antlers?

In deer antlers, the tines are considered as G. These are the branches that grow directly from the main beam. G-1 refers to the brow tine or the very first point of the antler. G-2 is the immediate next point after G-1. and G-3, and G-4 go sequentially. 

What Counts As A Point On Deer Antlers?

The points or branches of the antler that come out from the main beam are counted as points. The more the point, the more pride is for the hunter. However, to be considered as a point, the branch has to be at least 1 inch long. 

Will A 8-Point Buck Always Be An 8-Point?

No, an 8-point buck is usually a young buck with good genetics which is most likely to get 10-points next year. The antlers usually grow every year if the deer gets proper nutrition until they grow very old.


I hope that covers everything that you are looking for on the topic, Do Brow Tines Count As Points? So, do whatever you like. However, it’s better to be on the same page with fellow hunters in your group. 

That’s all for now. I will come again with another interesting topic. Have a great day and happy hunting!

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