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Do Buck Bombs Work? Find Out The Truth!

Hunting communities keep constantly buzzing about hunting gadgets that are creating hype. If you are active in those communities, you must have heard about buck bombs as well. 

There are mixed feelings among the hunters about this product. So, it’s easy to get confused about its feasibility. 

So, do buck bombs work? 

Yes, buck bombs really do work as an effective way to put out deer attractants. With this gadget, only a few drops of attractant are able to cover a larger area. It’s very convenient to use. However, you have to give some effort to make it work. Wind direction and a suitable location should be taken into consideration. 

This article covers everything you should consider if you are considering using buck bombs. So, keep reading. 

Do Buck Bombs Really Work?

Buck bombs work great if you can make them work for you. Then what’s all the debate about? After talking to many hunters, especially those who are amateurs, I came to know that buck bombs don’t work at all. 

Even the first time I used this thing, a complete failure. 

However, I didn’t stop my inquiry as the product is so popular. If it really doesn’t work, why do hunters even buy it? Then finally, I found some hunters who got benefitted from buck bombs. I tried the methods they use, and guess what? Buck bombs really do work. 

How Does Buck Bomb Work?

Buck bomb uses the same scent that you use as attractants to attract deer. Only, the scents come pressurized in a spray can like Insect killer. 

The pressurized scent comes out like microscopic particles. As a result, even a drop of scent can cover a large area. Also, the scent sticks to leaves, grass, and trees around the area. 

This convenient spray can save you from the hassle you have to face while putting out attractants in the traditional way. With buck bombs, you can avoid having that awful deer pee smell in your hand. 

Moreover, they also last for a long time like any other good quality attractant like Code Blue doe estrus may last

But there’s a catch. You can’t just randomly spray away some buck bombs and accept for bucks to show up. You have to follow certain rules. Read the next segment for that. 

How To Use Buck Bomb To Make It Work?

To use buck bombs properly, you have to consider some factors including which scent to use, wide direction, etc. Let’s have a clear discussion on those. 

Use The Right Scent:

Buck bombs come with different scents that have different purposes. Depending on the season, you have to choose the scent. Using scent randomly won’t work. Here’s when to use buck bomb depending on different scents. 

ScentWhen to usePurpose
Doe ‘N Estrus BombEarly September to mid-OctoberLure bucks during the pre-rut season using the doe estrous smell. 
Doe “P” BombMid-June to Early-July, again You can attract both does and bucks with this, especially during the early-bow season. 
Buck Bomb vanillaMid-October to late-NovemberLure both does and bucks during rut time. On the plus side, this attractant smells great too, unlike others. 
Dominant Buck BombEarly October to late NovemberIt’s specially made for luring mature bucks during pre-rut and rut season. 
Scrape Generator BombLate September to mid-OctoberIf you are making a mock scrape, this is for you. 

These are the right time for using particular scents. They may not work well at other times. 

You can also make sweet feed along with spraying buck bombs. You can attract more deer this way.

Consider the Wind Direction:

Determining the wind direction is another important factor while spraying buck bombs. Many hunters don’t take this into consideration and end up blaming the buck bomb. 

First, determine the wind direction. Suppose the wind is flowing from east to west. Set your stand in the west. Keep spraying the buck bomb while coming from east to west. This way, the deer will follow where the smell is going and will end up near your stand. 

Check Your Own Scent:

While putting out scent attractants for deer, the common mistake hunters do is to leave their scent with those as well. 

Deer, especially mature bucks, have very sensitive noses. If they could find the human smell, with those attractants, they would never floor those trails. 

Mask your own scent by using fragrance-free detergent, and body wash. Also, spray some buck bomb on your stand too. 

Choose a Suitable Location:

Choosing the right location to spray buck bombs and making your stand is also important. Deer won’t travel too far following the smell. You have to find out the buck and doe’s bedding area and make a stand near them. 

Once you’ve sprayed the buck bomb, come back to your stand, stay quiet and let those deer find you.

Don’t let all the mixed opinions about buck bombs make you confused. Just use it in the right way and in this hunting season, you will surely score more bucks with less effort. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Do Buck Bombs Expire?

Yes, buck bombs do expire. They have a shelf life of 3 years. If you use them after that, you won’t get a good result as those scents won’t have enough smell to lure deer. 

Will Buck Urine Attract Does?

No, usually does don’t get attracted to buck urine. Only other male deer will be attracted by buck urine. On the other hand, both male and female deer can be lured using doe urine.

How Long Does Buck Bomb Scent Last?

Buck bombs last up to 8 hours after it is sprayed. They last long because of the small particle that the pressurized scent liquid creates. However, within a few hours, this smell may mix with other smells and won’t be as effective. 


So, if you ask, do buck bombs work or not, I would say it’s up to you. If you can utilize the buck bomb in the right way, it has to work.  Use the buck bombs just before dawn for the best results. 

It is time for me to go. I will come back soon. Till then, stay safe.

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