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Do You Need Climbing Sticks For Saddle Hunting?

Thinking about saddle hunting and never tried it before? Don’t know what method to use to climb trees? I’m here to break it down for you. So, saddle up your horses. 

If you are familiar with hunting you know that different techniques and instruments are used to climb the trees. Let’s list them below:

  • Doubled-Rope Technique
  • Single-Rope Technique
  • Lead Climbing
  • Climbing Sticks
  • Ladder Tree Stand
  • Tree Climbing Spikes
  • Tree Gaffs
  • Tree Stand Harness
  • Climbing spurs
  • Hand drill and bots
  • Screw-in steps

Rope stepsAll these methods can be used to climb a tree for saddle hunting. So, to answer the question above you don’t necessarily need climbing sticks for saddle hunting. But 

Climbing up the trees can be tricky and if you miss any steps then you’ll get major injuries. And, here’s where the climbing sticks save the day as they provide that assistance.

  1. Portable

Portability is one of the major benefits of carrying climbing sticks. You can carry them on your shoulder and hike or even climb the tree while carrying the spare sticks. Good quality climbing isn’t uncomfortable or heavy to carry. While carrying rope steps or lead climbing can become quite heavy. So, climbing sticks are better in portability.

  1. Everlasting

You usually have to replace your climbing ropes with the new ones or the screw-in steps might require some modifications. But if you invest in some good climbing sticks there are high chances of them lasting forever because of their sturdiness and stability

  1. Light Weighted

Climbing sticks are light in load and not a burden to carry. You can easily hike in them and not feel tired.

  1. Accessible

Climbing sticks are easily accessible and operatable. They are user-friendly unlike different items in the market.

  1. Versatile

Climbing sticks are so adaptable, versatile, and flexible to the need of the user. As a climber, you get a lot of options in the market customed to your needs. You can also do some modifications to fit you perfectly.

  1. Safe

Climbing sticks are safer in nature because they provide a good attachment to the tree. You don’t have to worry about the detachment of their pins from a tree.

  1. Slip-proof

One of the biggest problems of rope steps or Ladder Tree Stand is that you are prone to slipping on them. Climbing sticks are made in such a way that they are slip-resistant and prevent any injury.

  1. Comfortable

Climbing sticks are comfortable to step on and hold on. You can also easily step down on the climbing sticks and not feel any fear or uncomfortableness. 

  1. Blend easily

Climbing sticks blend easily in the trees and don’t stick out like others. Being cameo is one of the key factors of hunting. Being visible to your target lose all your advantage. So, blending more climbing sticks is the way to go. 

  1. Wide foot space  

Climbing sticks provide more foot space that helps you to reach your position more comfortably and without the risk of tipping or falling over especially if you have to climb hastily. The wide foot space helps you prevent any foot aches and injuries too since your weight is all balanced.

  1. Stickability

Another pro of climbing sticks is that they are stackable, easily stored, and carried. The rods-like structure make them easy to carry and store and does not take much space either in your bag or in your garage.

  1. Easy setup

The last but not the least benefit of climbing sticks is that you get a very easy setup procedure. With the ropes and other methods, you need a full amount of time and effort to complete the setup while climbing sticks neither require effort nor time to be attached to the tree. 

Method to use your climbing sticks

  1. Spot your hunting tree

First, you need to spot the tree you have to climb. Make sure there are not any wasp nets around. The tree should have strong and deep roots. Make sure it is not a public area and there are no wild animals there. Notice branches on the tree and make sure they are safe.

  1. Check your gear for safety

Before organizing your setup check your gear first for its safety to make sure for the trouble safe climbing.

  1. Set your gear up

Attach your climbing sticks to the tree and your saddling.

  1. Hunt

Now do what you came here for and hunt with confidence.

Tips to use your climbing sticks

  1. Distance of tree and stand-off

           Many people ask about the distance between the tree and the stand-off of climbing sticks for stability. The little trick is to position your feet at a 45-degree angle to have stability and a better posture.

  1. Mark your step

Sometimes it’s hard to see your step while ascending or descending climbing sticks. Add silver to see the steps clearly coming up and down.

Features to consider buying climbing sticks.


The length of the stick is one aspect that influences decision-making. The stick needs to be tall enough to reach the tree. What good is a climbing tree if you can’t utilize it?

As a result, always make sure the sticks are long enough to serve their job. It’s worth noting, though, that contemporary climbing sticks are sold in pairs. As a result, you can stack them one on top of the other to complete the task. As a result, it’s another feature to keep an eye out for.


One of the main factors is the stability of climbing sticks. The material and substance used in the making of climbing sticks are very important. So, make sure to choose the one that is sturdy, stable, and balanced. Do not buy wobbly sticks for safety.


Finally, you may examine the many functions that each climb stick provides. Some of the best companies, for example, have a lot of traction. As a result, the dirt and wetness do not cause you to slide and fall.

Other businesses make certain that you have adequate room for your feet. You won’t have as many possibilities of skipping a step and going down this way. Indeed, your foot is given greater room, ensuring your total safety.


To conclude there are a ton of pieces of equipment and methods of climbing up the tree. Each one of the techniques has its pros and cons just like each of the equipment has its own pros and cons.

Climbing sticks is one of the better ways to climb trees. But at the end of the day, it boils down to you your preferences. You can try the methods that click to you and then opt for the one that is best suitable to you and your needs. 

Now, you’ll be able to select the climbing sticks for saddle hunting. Recommend the best method to your fellow hunters and make their lives easy too. Moreover, all the methods bring a lot to the table and the additional benefits will impress anyone. You should definitely try most of them and chose the best one. Good Hunting!

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