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Exodus or VPA 3 Blade: Which One Is For You?

There are many broadheads available in the market. So many options can leave buyers confused. But two options stand out in particular 

So exodus or vpa 3 blade?

Out of the box, the VPA 3 impresses more. But the exodus has a more unique design and does more damage. Contrarily, the VPA 3 is more accurate and has more penetrating power. It offers better value for money as well.

This is just the gist of it. There is so much more to discuss in the article. 

In-depth Comparison 

The two broadhead blades are of the same type, but they are different. Let us see how they stack against each other. 

Out of the Box Impression:

The Exodus broadheads came in a neat box. And was prepared to be used as soon as they were opened. 

When removed from their packaging, the Exodus broadheads had the appearance of being lethal. Yet they seemed to be quite weak.

The VPA (vantage point archery) 3 broadheads came well packaged as well. And gave the impression of having a high level of quality right out of the box.

Winner: VPA 3 wins because right out of the box, it seems to be of better quality. 


The Exodus broadheads each have their own one-of-a-kind design. The broadhead has three blades in addition to its razor-sharp, heat-treated steel tip. These blades are kept in position by a collar and an O-ring after sliding inside a shaft. Which is held in place by a collar.

The blades, once screwed in, will make it back over the top of the arrow’s point. This fact alone sets the exodus apart from other similar products.

The VPA Traditional 3-Blade Glue-On Broadheads do not have vents in them. This is done to increase the overall weight and ensure a quiet flight. The type of power that can break bones is delivered by this.

Winner: The Exodus wins this round because of its unique design. 

Build Quality and Reusability:

Although it seems to be made of paper, the Exodus has been expertly cut with every blade. However, there is a considerable difference in the blades depending on the scale.

After being used, the blades sustained considerable damage. And the head and shaft had developed a very little coating of surface rust.

The corrosion on the tips and shafts of the blade, on the other hand, was readily washed away. And there was no rust at all on the blades themselves.

Now, the VPA 3 has a positive and well-balanced feel about it. On the scale, each of them registered exactly the same weight of 101 grains. This kind of pinpoint precision is really unusual.

After being struck by the projectiles a significant number of times, the blades sustained only little damage. And even though a few days had passed, there was not the slightest bit of rust.

Winner: The VPA 3.


The Exodus has a carved point that has been hardened, and it cuts on touch. The end of the tip, which is already rather sharp, may be honed to an even finer point.

The 0.040-inch blade thickness is much more than that of the majority of other options available on the market. This chisel has a large blade, and the tip of the chisel is amazingly sharp. And together they make for one hell of a combo.

But the blades might turn dull fairly soon. If that is the case, you will have to hone the Exodus on a very regular basis.

The VPA broadheads were rather sharp right out of the package. But they weren’t quite as sharp as you might have liked. However, they are capable of becoming a lot sharper. They also maintained their crispness fairly well.

Winner: The Exodus wins because of its out-of-the-box sharpness. 

Meat Damage:

The Exodus causes a significant amount of destruction in its wake. Damage to meat caused by the Exodus is comparable to that caused by a mechanical broadhead. 

The flesh was left with a massive hole in the middle of it. As well as some enormous chunks on each side.

The level of damage that was caused by the VPA 3 is adequate. The damage dealt is sufficient for a clean kill every time.

Winner: Because it does far more damage, the Exodus emerges victorious from this battle.

Compatibility With Different Grains:

It is important to keep in mind before we begin comparing, that the use of heavier broadheads does not automatically result in superior performance. Finding the solution that is both appropriate and suitable for your circumstances is the most important thing.

Also, you must know what sort of gain your bow needs. For example, a 50-pound bow needs a different gain from any other bow. 

The Exodus allows the option of utilizing grains with weights ranging between 85, 100, and 125 grains. 

Excellent results were obtained while measuring the cutting diameter using 85 and 100 grains. Increasing the amount of grain above 125 grains will have a negative impact on the flight and overall performance.

When loaded with 100 or 125 grains, the VPA 3 performs quite well. However, even a shooter using a 175-grain projectile might be pleased by its performance.

Winner: There will be no clear victor in this matchup since the round was tied. Despite the fact that compatibility varies, actual use cases will determine which solution is superior. Mismatching gain can make your arrow wobble in flight


The account of the Exodus was accurate and slightly above what could be considered acceptable. It wasn’t the most precise fixed blade broadhead that we have ever evaluated. But the Exodus was decent at its job.

But the VPA 3 is very accurate and goes beyond expectations.

Let’s compare the two blades in terms of their level of precision.

DistanceExodusVPA 3
30 yardsWithin an inchAccurate
40 yardsWithin an inchAccurate
50 yardsSlightly offWithin an inch

Note that, with a little tuning the accuracy of the VPA 3 can be further enhanced. 

Winner: The winner is VPA 3.

Penetration :

In the case of penetration, Exodus’s performance is average. On the other hand, the penetration of the VPA 3 is excellent. 

Here’s how they performed in penetrating target blocks. 

Distance ExodusVPA 3
20 yards31 inchesAlmost full pass through
30 yards23 inchesPenetrated 18 inches
40 yards21 inches

Remember that this was tested on target blocks. In the case of a real animal, the penetration will be much more. 

Winner: VPA 3.

Better for Hunting:

The Exodus has been tested on over 60 animals across North America. It performed great at hunting them. It is especially good for 

  • Elk
  • Whitetail deer
  • Impala

These are noteworthy animals. But as we already mentioned, exodus inflicts heavy damage. So it is great for almost every animal. 

The vpa broadheads in question can hunt from rabbits to bulls. So you can easily expect to hunt:

  • Rabbits
  • Bulls
  • Elks
  • Deers

So clearly both offer a wide array of animals you can hunt.

Winner: Exodus wins this round because it does more damage. Making it easier to hunt bigger animals.


About $45 is required to purchase the Exodus. However, the VPA 3 comes with a higher price tag, beginning at $50.

It’s possible that the mediocre performance of Exodus could make you doubt whether or not your money was well spent. However, the damage it inflicts on animals helps to slightly compensate for this fact.

When it comes to fixed-blade broadheads, the VPA 3 blade falls into the more expensive pricing category. It is reasonable to claim that the pricing is reasonable given the longevity and superb build quality. And accuracy and penetration of the product.

We believe that the most valuable aspect of this broadhead is its simplicity. The simplicity with which it can be resharpened as well as its longevity.

Winner: The VPA 3 is the winner because it provides superior value for the money.

Which One to Choose

Both are excellent options, you cannot go wrong with either. But if we had to make a choice, we would pick VPA 3. 

VPA 3 outperforms Exodus in almost every sector. But the damage inflicted by the Exodus can make it lucrative for many hunters. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are VPA broadheads good?

VPA broadheads are really good. They offer excellent accuracy and penetration. They are sharp and even resharpening them is easy. The value they offer for the price is also satisfactory. 

What are the three basic types of broadheads?

Broadheads may have either a fixed blade, a detachable blade, or a mechanical (expandable) blade. No matter the style, your broadheads should be razor-sharp, long-lasting, and well-suited to your gear and the size of the game you’re after.

Where are VPA broadheads made?

The United States of America is where VPA broadheads are produced. They take great pride in calling Indiana, and the Midwest more generally, home. This area is home to a number of major industrial centers in the United States.


And with that, we know so much more about exodus or vpa 3 blade. We recommend the VPA 3. You cannot go wrong with either one. 

Go through our guide to get an idea about which one is for you.

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