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GAS Bowstrings vs ABB: Crucial Aspects To Look For!

Archery enthusiasts mostly focus on arrows which often leads to them having string issues. Relevantly, arrows require sturdy, durable bowstrings in terms of shooting. 

Don’t you feel the same while shooting? If yes, which bowstrings should you look for? 

Worry not, we have your answers.

Now, the questions arise: what are the key differences between GAS Bowstrings vs ABB?

In terms of pricing, GAS Bowstrings may require you to have deep pockets. Meanwhile, America’s Best Bowstrings comes with the newest technologies offered at $40 to $60 only! However, ABB guarantees to serve up to 3 years while you may find GAS Bowstrings falling shorter.

Still, we left so many crucial issues on the table! So, spare us a few minutes and be our partner in this journey.

Let’s cut to the chase now!

GAS Bowstrings vs ABB: A Quick Table Overview

Before digging deeper in, let’s have a quick look!

Comparing AspectsGAS BowstringsABB
Durability2 to 3 seasons2 to 3 years
Material UsedBCY material452X BCY material
Pricing$110 to $130$40 to $60

Got some aspects in your head? Well, we are going to explain these in the next sections!

GAS Bowstrings vs ABB: Detailed Comparison

Enough of having a quicker overview! It’s time to dive into the GAS Bowstrings vs ABB details!

However, you may check out our recommendation for the ideal bowstrings cable with speed nocks! Besides, knowing ways to remove arrow nocks is vital before buying.

Material Used

GAS Bowstrings solely utilizes BCY fibers to bring out its strings. Also, you will find this fiber in serving materials too. 

As they constantly test brand-new and current materials, you will get the best performance out of these. Along with that, having an advanced string structure ensures higher durability.

Meanwhile, America’s Best Bowstrings has some top-quality bowstrings varieties. Platinum Series Strings are one of them. Having manufactured with 452X BCY material upholds the standard. 

Winner: GAS Bowstrings


GAS Bowstrings usually can last more than 2 or 3 seasons. However, it highly depends on how frequently you use it. 

Like America’s Best Bowstrings, it also asks for your good maintenance standards. So, it’s better if you manage to replace them once every 12 months.

ABB can serve you up to three long years. However, it asks you for proper maintenance. 

But once you start using them for a frequent period, it requires changing. As a result, you will get the ABB fine till the expiry of the durability period.

Winner: ABB.


GAS Bowstrings have been made out of a Total Tensioning System (TTS). 

As a result, forming excellent string stability becomes possible. So, any crossbow you select for these strings to put into will be a perfect match.

Along with that, having zero creeping, rotation of warble, and serving separation are quite awesome. 

These traits make the GAS Bowstrings quite different from other manufacturers. 

However, most manufacturers avoid having technology. Meanwhile, they simply push their strings and threads at a fixed weight.

On the other hand, America’s Best Bowstrings manufactures premium-grade customized bowstrings. 

Coming with vast technology, it goes perfect from beginners to even professional archers. They have been constructing new processes regarding EST, ACCU-SET, and FIBER-LOC.

Along with that, having now a bigger bowstring manufacturing capacity puts them on the top.

Winner: ABB.

Final Verdict

The gas bowstring keeps the largest range to choose your ideal bowstring. 

From industry level to even basement bowstring makers, everyone is highly satisfied through GAS Bowstrings. So, as per your spending, a gas bowstring can be the best deal for you. 

They continuously distill processes along with material applications. As a result, delivering more satisfactory solutions become possible. 

On the other hand, ABB has an average tuning process that barely impresses users. However, it may cause crossbows not to pull back too. 

Apart from these, it launches an interesting feature that barely exists in top brands. America’s Best Bowstrings introduce a bowstring maker. 

Well, it usually permits users to have their own strings only using their websites frequently. 

A great chance for you to see in your eyes even before you place an order. They allow you to select the series you want to go on! 

And picking the bow model or even brand is your duty to make. Along with that, you can be able to choose serving and dual strand variants. 

However, you should choose a heat shrink color too. That’s how the custom strings have come into the picture. However, knowing some tips for building ultimate bowstrings will be excellent for you!

Well, GAS Bowstrings also support website-based own-string making. It allows choosing a serving color, speed bomb, nock, or even any personalization you want.

If you consider pricing, then ABB has fewer competitors. Coming with even half of the pricing that GAS Bowstrings offer. But in terms of durability and user-friendly traits, GAS Bowstrings wins the race.


Are ABB Strings Suitable?

Yes, BB has got a quality bunch of bowstrings where Platinum Series Strings rule. Coming with the best traits, these strings also belong to BCY 452X material. Also, it drops cool website features where you can create your own strings. And obviously, it’s possible before you order it!

How Long Will My Strings Last?

A bowstring lasts more than a decade! If you can properly maintain it in a good condition, it will stay for 8-10 years. However, shooting during offseasons too may take it to a harsh condition. But no less than 5 years is the minimum durability.

Is It Okay To Replace The String, But Not The Cables?

It’s possible but not always! While changing strings, you must buy the same material that the cable belongs to. If not, the strings would get stuck into tuning issues afterward. As a result, both of them would be affected badly. So, you should change both of them once a year if you target bows. For hunting tyapes, once in two years is enough.

Final Words

So, these are the key aspects that impact while choosing between GAS Bowstrings vs ABB. We have tried making things simpler so that you can relate to the product. 

Hopefully, differentiating capability you have gained through walking with us.

If you still carry questions, leave those to us!

Happy hunting!

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