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How Long Can You Leave A Compound Bow Strung

Would you like to leave your compound bow in a string? But you’re unsure how long it’d remain good!

In this case, hunters frequently ask this question. How long can you leave a compound bow strung?  

You can leave the compound bow strung for up to 3 years. After 3 years, the string will lose its usability but the bow will remain good for up to 18 years. Keeping on a bow stand is the right technique to store a compound bow. Alternatively, it can also be kept on a flat surface.

Perhaps this information isn’t sufficient for you. You can read this article thoroughly for a proper understanding.  

Should You Really Leave A Compound Bow Strung?

Yes, compound bows can be kept strung without any problems. The bows are specifically designed to be kept strung. 

Due to the materials of the compound bow, you can leave it strung for as long as you like. But you should remember string doesn’t last longer than three years. In some cases, however, the bow can last for up to 18 years depending on its material.

It is, however, important to store it correctly. Keeping it in an unusual position can damage your string. The best practice for storing the compound bow is keeping it on a bow stand. It’ll help to keep the string elasticity tightened. 

If you ask us which is preferable, keeping the compound bowstrung or removing the string before storing it, we’d say detaching the string.

Because disconnecting the string will ensure your compound bow is in good condition if you store it for an extended period of time.

How Long Can You Leave A Compound Bow Strung

Different compound bows are built with different materials. And for this reason, all the compound bows are not similarly long-lasting. You can store an aluminum compound bow strung for more than 18 years while the string will lose its necessary tension after three years.

Carbon, fiberglass, and wood bows can be kept strung respectively for 10, 12, and 8 years. But in this case, the string won’t last longer than 3 years.

However, it depends on the string that you’re using. You can choose between the two best strings GAS Bowstrings vs ABB.  

Look at the chart to see how long you may leave the compound bow strung if it is made of various materials.

String durability: 

String Material Durability
Liner3-5 years 
Fiber2-3 years
Silk2 years
Hemp3 years

Compound Bow Durability:

Compound Bow Durability

This is just average from a different user perspective. The duration can be extended if you maintain and store it in a proper way.  

What Are The Essential Factors To Consider?

It is important to consider some sensitive factors before stringing a bow. How long the bow and the string will remain usable is dependent on these factors.

Let’s see what these factors are.

Factor 1: Bow Material Type

How long the bow will last is totally dependent mostly on the materials. Also, it can be the determiner of performance.

An aluminum bow lasts longer than other bows. Even it can remain useable for up to 18 years while strung. The aluminum compound bow is not affected by weather or other circumstances over the long term.

Factor 2: String Material

The string is the most important part of a bow. The performance of the bow is mostly dependent on the string. 

This is the reason why string material does matter much. Dyneema material is the best as a bowstring. 

D97 is one of the best cables to use as a string in a bow. The usability of this type of string is up to 3 years. But the excessive humidity and high temperature can cause its useability to lose even within a year.  

You must know which material is used in the bow string. Then you’ll understand how long it’ll last.

Factor 3: String Tension

String tension is another factor to consider before keeping a bow strung. 

The string can lose its elasticity if you store an overly tight-tensioned bow. 

So, if the string tension is tighter than the regular compound bow, keeping the bow unstrung is the best practice. 

Factor 4: Weather Condition

One of the most significant factors impacting bowstrings is weather conditions. Here’s how long you can leave a compound bow strung in various weather.

Rainy Conditions:

Rain doesn’t have much impact on the bow string. Rainy weather can be either cool or hot and humid. But keeping a bow strung is dependent on the temperature. If the temperature is cooler then it’s better for storing a compound bowstrung.

In rainy conditions, you can actually leave the compound bow strung for an unlimited time.

Hot And Humid Conditions:

The hot and humid conditions can play a big role in losing the string tension. 

High temperatures may cause cables and strings to lose tension. For the expanding characteristics of objects from heat, hot weather can cause tension loss. This is why leaving a compound bow string for a long time can cause further stress on the string tension.  

Dry Conditions:

In dry and cold weather conditions, you can store a compound bow string for the longest period of time. Cold temperatures don’t cause tension loss, but it does shrink the materials in length.

Low temperatures keep tension tighter. That’s why the bow doesn’t lose its performance because performance depends on the tightness of the string.

So, How Long To Keep The Compound Bow Strung?

On average, you can store a compound bow strung for almost three years. But considering other circumstances this duration can be less or more. 

However, for optimal performance, changing the bowstring every three years is the best practice. 

If you’re a frequent user, then you may need to change even in a year.

It’s pretty similar to the Leave a Muzzleloader Loaded.

Best Storage Practices For Long-Term Durability

How long a compound bow will remain good also depend on how you store them. Using a bow stand is the best practice to store a compound bowstrung. 

However, if you don’t have a bow stand, you can just simply store it on a parallel surface. Just keep the bow laying on the surface and that will help to keep the bow good for a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Do Bow Strings Lose Tension Over Time?

Yes, bow strings lose tension over time. And this is of the pressure and stretch keep putting on it. It’s very natural for the string to lose tension due to stretching for the purpose of shooting. On the other hand, string loses the tension for other circumstances, such as weather and using limits. 

How Often Do You Wax A Bowstring?

Every two or three weeks, it’s better to wax the bowstring. However, it’s dependent on your use frequency. If you are a heavy user, then you can also wax your bow string every week. If you are an occasional user, then waxing string once or twice a year is enough. 

What Type Of Bow Lasts The Longest?

Well-maintained recurved longbows last longer. This is because the flexibility of recurve longbow it’s durable. Recurve longbow has the option for unstrung and storing. In idle time if you maintain and store your bow properly then It’ll definitely last longer. 


Well, this is all you about how long can you leave a compound bow strung. Hopefully, you’ll be able to store and maintain your compound bow for a long time.  

Anyway, you can share your thoughts regarding this article. And let us how handy was this article for you. 

Best of luck!

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