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How Long Do Salt Licks Last? (All Factors Considered)

Hunters try out many baits to get the best group of deer during the hunting. These baits last for different times depending on various factors. It creates a common confusion among hunters about how long they should expect these baits to last. 

So, the question occurs, how long do salt licks last? 

Salt licks can last up to 1-2 years if the weather isn’t extreme. Heavy rain and snowfall reduce salt lick longevity even to 1 month. Keeping salt licks on a stump rather than on the ground increases its longevity. Also, there are different kinds of salt licks that last for different times

I hope this snippet could pique your interest. I will also share some tips that will help the bait go for a longer time. 

Do Salt Licks For Deer Work?

Salt lick is an effective bait for deer, especially in areas where it’s tough to find enough sodium and minerals. Deer require these essential ingredients in their diet. They will come for the salt lick by smelling it. 

But, should you put out salt licks for deer? If you think about it ethically, you should not use salt licks as deer bait. In many states of the US, it’s illegal. Using food edible bait including salt licks is considered cheating with the animal in big games. 

Moreover, a serious disease called Chronic Wasting Disease among deer and other wild animals can be spread through these salt licks. It happens due to the abnormal protein called prions mixed in the soil. 

They can cause brain and neurological damage as well as other prion diseases, usually transmitted through urine and feces. Some states banned this practice for this reason as well. 

However, using scents as bait isn’t illegal anywhere. You can use long-lasting Code Blue doe estrus. If in your state it’s not illegal to use salt licks as bait, you can go ahead and use one. 

How Long Do Salt Licks Last?

There are various factors that decide the longevity of salt licks. Keep scrolling to know these factors.  

Factor 1: Weather Condition 

Whether the salt lick will last longer or shorter mostly depends on the weather. Rain, snow, and humidity are the prime consideration. 

How Long Do Salt Licks Last In Dry Air?

Let’s say, there is little to no rainfall in your area and the air is usually dry. In that case, a 12-pound salt lick block will last around 6 to 8 months. Larger mineral blocks, such as 22-pound ones, usually last more than a year. 

And 80-pound granular salt licks will last around 2-3 years. However, it will depend on the population of deer in that area. 

How Long Do Salt Licks Last When It Rains?

A 12-pound salt lick block may last for 1-3 months depending on the rainfall. Larger ones will go a couple of months longer than that. 

Salt licks wash away quickly in the rain. A large number of granular mineral licks will also wash away faster in heavy rainfall. 

How Long Do Salt Licks Last When It’s Snowing?

Snowing can wash away a small block of salt lick overnight. Depending on the intensity of the snowfall, a salt lick block can last around a month. 

Granular mineral licks also wash away pretty quickly during snowfall. Compared to normal weather, they will last 50% lesser than when it snows. 

Factor 2: Where Is It Kept

How long deer salt licks last also depends on where the salt lick has been placed. There are two usual ways to keep salt lick for deer. 

How Long Do Salt Licks Last In The Ground?

A small mineral block on the ground may last at most for 3-4 months, depending on the weather condition. It’s impossible to go months without rain. We have to take that into consideration. 

The soil type is also a big factor in holding salt licks. Sandy soil washes leeches away salt licks too quickly, whereas, clay soil holds the salt longer. 

How Long Do Salt Licks Last In The Stump

Salt licks last longer on a stump than on the ground. No matter if you are using block or granular salt licks. It will last at least 3-4 months longer on a stump. 

The stump can absorb the salt. Even if the salt lick is dissolved, deer can chew the stump and get their essential sodium and mineral from there. 

Factor 3: Type Of Salt

Salt licks can be of two types – natural and artificial. For deer, it’s more effective to use artificial salt licks. Farmers prepare artificial salt licks by mixing various concentrations of minerals and nutrients. 

How Long Do Granular Mineral Licks Last?

80-pound granular salt licks will last around a year with moderate amounts of rainfall and snowfall. You can cover a big area with granular minerals and they last longer in clay soil. You can make granular mineral salt lick by yourself.

How Long Do Mineral Block Licks Last?

A 22-pound mineral block will last 6-8 months with moderate amounts of rainfall and snowfall. Mineral lick blocks endure longer than granular types. A 22-pound granular lick will never last this long.

How To Make Salt Licks Long-Lasting?

Here are a few tips on making the salt licks long-lasting and minimizing your effort. 

  1. Instead of putting salt blocks in the ground, find a big stump and place the salt lick there. 
  2. If you are using granular mineral licks, find soil clay to place them. If the clay is sandy and there’s heavy rainfall, you can place the granular licks on a stump too. 
  3. Instead of chunky blocks, use compressed salt lick blocks so that deer or other animals can’t bite and take away chunks of the salt lick. 
  4. Try to put out salt licks once the rainy season ends. Late September to mid-October is a great time to put out salt licks. It’s a little earlier than the pre-rut season and there is less rain and snowfall. A perfect time for a salt lick bait. 

These clever hacks will help your salt-lick bait last longer. Once you have set the bait, don’t roam around there. The human scent lasts for a long time in the jungle and deer can smell them. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How Do You Store Salt Licks?

You have to store salt lick in a dry and cool place. Wrap the salt lick in a plastic bag and seal it before storing it to avoid excess humid exposure. You can store the salt licks for up to 3 years before their shelf life ends. 

Can Deer Smell A Salt Block?

Yes, deer can smell salt blocks. Salt licks are a great bait to attract deer. Deer are attracted to the scent of sodium and minerals. They come to have these essential elements. 

Where Is The Best Place To Put A Salt Lick?

The best place for putting a salt lick is near the bedding of the deer. If you can’t find bedding, near a food plot is also a great place to put it. 


That’s all I have to say about how long do salt licks last. I hope you would check the legal restriction before putting out a salt lick. 

Once you have put out a salt lick, don’t go near it as it will scare away the deer. 

That’s it for now. Have a great day. 

See you!

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