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How Long Does Code Blue Doe Estrus Last: Spelled Out!

Urine such as doe estrus is always an attraction to mature bucks even from a long stretch. 

However, have you ever found this scent going to disappear before deers get attracted? You might be asking about its activation durability, right? 

Worry not! Got you covered! We prepare this article letting you know its expiring period along with usage processes.

So, how long does code blue doe estrus last?

Usually, bottled doe estrus scents might last over a year after opening. But you will have this activated and efficient not more than an hour in heat. Also, choosing the perfect rut season can help it last a bit more. However, scents coming with no packaging might perform better than these. 

However, we still have left several things to discuss. Spare us a few minutes and keep following our guide!

Let’s get into the main picture for real quick.

How Long Does Code Blue Doe Estrus Last?

The fragrance of a doe in heat does not last more than a few hours.

As Code Blue doe estrus comes in a bottle, smells disappear faster. Not only this brand but also this problem exists in every bottle coming with doe estrus. 

However, you might have the bottled estrus urine for a year once it’s opened. So, coming in bottles might have a direct connection with durability. 

Bottled with preservatives lessens the shelf life of these scents. In a nutshell, about an hour in heat is its average time.

Similarly, tipping in hog hunting also depends on scent materials.

How To Use Code Blue Doe Estrous?

When it comes to using Code Blue Doe Estrus products, maintaining specific manners is required. 

Well, using the doe estrus directly on the existing scrape is better. Relevantly, you might need rubber boots along with rubber gloves, etc., wearings. 

However, wearing scent lock clothes or carbon alloy clothes can be an ideal choice for users. Along with that, make sure that you come clean on the field. 

Meanwhile, having any human odor or scent can disturb this process. So, always check this out before going outside. 

You might find the best doe estrus scents from our recommendation!

Now, you are smarter enough to go to the scrape. However, keeping yourself away as much as possible from the scraping point is advisable. In this manner, you might dump a little bit in the scrape. 

Utilizing deer scent wicks might be a fruitful option. Simply hang it on the tree or via other things just above the scrape. 

Meanwhile, the wind also carries it away. As a result, chances go higher of getting smelled by deers.

However, operating different types of drag rags for deer hunting is also suitable. In the meantime, people often ask when to start using drag rags. 

Jumping out of the truck with your drag rag is not enough. Measurement of the area carries importance. 

It includes how many trails you are going to cross. And, the number of bedding and feeding areas too. 

However, from 200 to 400 yards away is suitable for drag ragging. Along with that, it’s better not to rag in the shooting lines. Interestingly, carbon-alloy spraying, etc., may put more odds in your favor. 

Meanwhile, drag ragging comes as a better option. As a result, deers often get confused. 

Also, it won’t leave them spooking issues so that you can catch it without any risks. Relevantly, getting a good shot is attainable.

Following these tactics will make your Code Blue doe estrus utilization more successful.

However, spreading food outside can be another way to catch deers. But scents might work better as many deer hesitate eating corn or other foods.

Ideal Time For Applying Scents

Understanding whether the time is perfect for the rut phase or not is very crucial. In this manner, you have to choose the right scent. 

We often find people using generic bottles that contain doe pee. These bottled materials coming from regular stores can make your deer hunting complex. 

But why should you not expect higher goals through these? Contamination inside the bottle and picking the wrong season- both are equally a failure. 

Many users believe the middle of October is the best time to trick bucks. And, spending a lot of money on purchasing scents goes wrong.

However, sensing the perfect scents carry significance as deers highly rely on this communication. Meanwhile, they barely communicate through sight or sound.

An ideal time for tarsal flaring, licking, feces and scraping comes with some conditions. Let’s find out about these!

Usages Per Season 

However, there are four seasons existing in America. But we will sort things out in terms of a rut. So, all you have is pre-rut, rut, and post-rut.


Pre-rut usually forms at the beginning of autumn. It’s better keeping your Code Blue doe estrus in a safe place during pre-rut. 

However, bucks get prepared for breeding at the same time. But the does don’t get ready. 

As a result, bucks keep tabs on does only. Meanwhile, you might not get the rut in full swing.


This stage is considered the most efficient one. The does wait for bucks rather than running them away. Meanwhile, the estrus cycle lasts for only 24 hours! 

So, doing things in time is very crucial. So, spread a good amount of scent and wait for bucks to appear! That’s it!


After the post-rut ended, you might still utilize doe estrus as bucks look for unbred does. However, you may find this season less rigorous but a bit efficient. 

Meanwhile, mixing the scent with other scents is a good approach. As a result, it will reassure the whitetails to explore the path fearlessly.

However, having tips to call more whitetails in each season might help you in hunting. 


What Does General Doe Estrus Fragrance Like?

Usually, doe estrus does not come with any foul or offensive odor. However, you might find nasty smell after buying real deer urine from stores. Different chemical contamination inside it makes this happen. If it’s overly distasteful, efficiency gets decreased. Mild, synthetic smell does the trick.

How Far Can A Deer Be Able To Smell?

A Deer can smell a doe in heat from half of a mile away. Its sense of smell stays 500 to 1000 times more acute than us. Like dogs, it also has got thousands of acute receptors in their nostrils. As a result, smelling six different things at a time is possible for deers.

Can I Use Doe Estrus In December?

Yes, some fawns and adult does may come during December. They come every 28 days in December while having no breed. January is also a flexible month for them to come. AS a result, hot doe urine functions properly. During that time, fawns create an estrus scent to which mature bucks get attracted.

Final Words

So now you know how long does code blue doe estrus last

We have tried to keep you aware of the durability of spreading doe estrus. Hopefully, it will direct you to successful hunting.

Lastly, if you have any more questions, let us know!

Best of luck for deer hunting!

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