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How Long Does Doe Estrus Last In Different Conditions?

The added ingredients for hunting come with scent applications to pull out your target. Like most passionate hunters, you should be working on it also.

Introducing a few good techniques helps to make you feel excited about the booming gunshots. Attracting bucks using doe estrus is one of those. 

But, how long does doe estrus last?

A single spray of doe estrus-scented products may last for an hour. The vital factor behind the doe estrus staying in the air depends on the weather conditions. Certain rainy, dry air, heavy wind, and snowing scenarios impact how the scent withstands to spread. 

Do move forward by keeping on reading simply to know how to make the scent work perfectly. 

What Does Doe Estrus Smell Like?

The doe estrus scent smell provides an odor that attracts bucks for breeding. To humans, the scent is often not pleasant. 

However, the smell is pleasant for the deer that are hormonally bound. 

The popular doe estrus products are offering a certain chemical solution such as a pheromone additive. This is to make the deer less conscious about the surroundings from the impact of the odor. 

How Long Does Doe Estrus Scent Last?

On average, the best doe estrus products don’t last more than an hour. The major concerns remain with the possibility of scent disappearing before you can spot a deer. 

The capability of the doe estrus solution scent for lasting longer depends on weather conditions. The best code blue products, such as whitetail doe urine is working to meet customer needs. 

With an ounce of quality Code Blue Scent Drag, you are recommended to spray 5-10 squirts of scent. The same actually goes for the other products. 

Here, we will be looking at some essential factors that impact scent composures.

Factor 1: Weather Condition 

Homemade remedies can increase the longevity of the scent. Many hunters have toiled with doe estrus with some salt additions, to make the scents last longer.

Similar urine scent products such as Nationwide Scrape Lure can be worked out with sodium benzoate. Whitetail, or Nationwide, a good quality mixture of sodium benzoate powder will benefit you. 

There are over 63 compounds found in urine. Out of these, the sodium benzoate will work with 2 compounds. These are acrolein and 2-nominal compounds, the mixture will act as a strong solution against contaminants.  

This further suggests the ability for the urine to be denser and to stay longer in the air, mostly depending on varied weather conditions. 

How Long Does Doe Estrus Last When It Rains?

Heavy rain usually washes away any odor in the surroundings, this includes the doe estrus. Usually, it will take less than an hour for the scent to disappear. 

Let us demonstrate how the chemical compounds of doe urine react to the water from the rain. This is in contrast to the relative humidity and evaporation that remains at 100%. 

Chemical CompoundsProperties Reaction To Water
2-Octanol Poor soluble qualities to water
2-NonenalInsoluble in water
2-MethylhexaneInsoluble in water
DodecanalInsoluble in water
HexaneDo not mix in water
4-OcteneInsoluble in water
LimoneneInsoluble in water
2-PentylfuranSlightly soluble in water
AcroleinEasily dissolves in water

As you can figure out, the majority of the deer urine chemical build-up does not mix with water. The acrolein contents may be the exception, but not good enough for diffusion.

Most of the compounds mix sufficiently well with alcohol and certain oils, such as citrus. 

The condensation is more profound with sodium-based salt solutions as showcased before. This is the reason why adhering to salt addition may allow the scent to last longer. 

How Long Does Doe Estrus Last In Dry Air?

It is possible to lose the scent within the first hour of the single doe estrus spray. This means the doe urine compounds will not fly around longer due to the molecules present in the heavy dry air. 

Here is how it happens:

Chemical CompoundsReaction To Nitrogen & Oxygen
2-Octanol Degrades with SRC
2-NonenalCauses compound decomposition due to oxidization
2-MethylhexaneCombusts with humidity
DodecanalEasy degradation due to oxidative reactions
HexaneMixes sufficiently in the air
4-OcteneDegrades with SRC
LimoneneGet absorbed with humidity levels and after rain evaporation
2-PentylfuranThe polyunsaturated aldehydes release decomposes in the air
AcroleinThe highly reactive compound gets absorbed in the heavy cold air

As you can see, the chemical compounds do not spread adequately with the heavy presence of nitrogen and oxygen. 

There is an advantage that caters to long-lasting scents in the woods, but environmental factors are important. This is when the transition of weather comes around with lower humidity levels. This is mainly in areas of 30 to 40% humidity where the air is cold. 

The scent simply won’t last long… 

How Long Does De Estrus Last When It’s Windy?

The scent won’t last longer than close to an hour as well when the weather is windy. During the fall season, after the rain, there is air dryness. 

This is followed by a windy atmosphere that carries the same level of dense air molecules. As shown before, the chemical composition will react in terms of getting decomposed. 

This easily means the chemical effects are losing scent very fast. 

How Long Does Doe Estrus Last When It’s Snowing?

Snowing happens late in the season when winter arrives. It is usually good news as one single scent spray would last longer than an hour. 

Altogether, it may carry the presence of scent for two to three weeks. This is if the doe estrus is sprayed around 4 to 6 times a day. You should stop during the last days of the week for the scent to keep floating. 

The snow absorbs the chemical compounds quite well to push the volume of scent diffusion. 

Hunting becomes more favorable during this time as the chilly weather spike up the deer hormones. 

How Long Does Doe Estrus Last In The Ground?

On a given day of clear and warmer weather, the scent may stay up to six hours. This is if the 5-10 squirts are sprayed at one-hour intervals, at least three times.

As the weather gets colder, the deer are less aware of the surroundings due to hormonal insurgences. Spread the scent evenly throughout the area to capture attention. 

A good shot is going to make the hunting look good during such a period.  

Factor 2: Distance Covered

A single doe estrus scent spray must cover around 10 to 15 feet. However, certain gel-added products such as Tink’s Estrous Gel Stream can cover up to 20 feet, according to popular reviews. 

Synthetic scent products can be used throughout the area covering almost a quarter of a mile. This is to accompany the space taken up by the bucks for territorial dominance. 

You may gain some benefit with sodium salt added scents as it spread further. This means you can easily cover a greater area, close to a mile even.

The space covered is mostly attributed to more than a mile scenario. You don’t need to work harder by spraying such a vast area. A quarter of a mile is good enough for the hunt. 

Factor 3: Number Of Times Sprayed

As indicated before regarding the number of times you would be spraying every day, the scent must stay for up to two weeks. A bit more than six times per day should do good, depending on the conditions. 

After that time, you should stop for at least a week. The bucks may develop a conscious recognition of the scent, which is bad for hunting. Also, if the reason remains to go for more kills. 

Mixing the scent with gel is more favorable for more condensation. A dense scent behavior means lasting longer and spreading wider. 

It is not usually not recommended to increase the concentration. The scent smell may become a little heavy for the deer to tolerate. They will just avoid staying in that area.

How To Store Doe Estrus For Maximum Effectivity

Few common care is needed to store the scent in a way so that it doesn’t lose its fragrance. For example, do not keep the cap left open in the air where there is heavy oxygen presence. 

Some good guidelines for using doe estrus scents will benefit hunting. Other than that, here are a few things you can do for the storage:

  • Store the fragrance in a space that is dry
  • It is good if you keep the product inside cardboard, which is away from moisture
  • Alternatively, an air-tight container is also a good option
  • Ensure that the bottle is sealed properly
  • Storing in a cool space is a good idea
  • Always avoid bathrooms for the storage
  • Synthetic scents should be refrigerated and should not be kept in warm conditions

If placed inside a good box or container, the external factors will not influence the scent easily. This is why it is important to be stored under a sealed system. 

How To Make It More Longlasting 

We have mentioned before how salted sodium powder products can help the mixture. Any DIY gel-scented composition with salt is good for the scent’s lasting longer. 

Apart from that, here are a few more things you can do:

  • Apply the storage procedures strictly in accordance with the ideas shared above
  • It is good to mix the scent with sodium just before application, do not store the mixture
  • Tarsal gland gels last longer with the addition of sodium salt powder.
  • You can also use the cut tarsal glands from deer to be mixed in a water and salt powder solution. This is one of the most effective methods that last really long.

Always monitor the weather conditions including the humidity levels to encounter better scent application results. If you know exactly when to spread the doe estrus, you don’t have to work so hard. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Does doe estrus expire?

The doe estrus never expires. Mostly, synthetic urine will never go bad if handled and stored properly. It stays more potent with salt additions where the compounds react favorably. 

What is the difference between Doe Urine and Doe Estrus?

The doe estrus is the urine of the doe which is going through a heated period. This means the deer is ready to breed and going through hormonal changes. The behavior is linked to the process of easy hunting. 

Will Doe estrus scare the does off?

It may scare the does off during non-peak periods, such as summer. The peak periods mean the time frames between September to December, or perhaps January. The weather attracts the doe for crazy movements for mating. 


There you have it! The problem is solved as the qualities of urine chemical compositions speak for themselves. To answer how long doe estrus last, this is your sufficient insight!

We hope you are going to highly benefit from this article.

Till next time, it is time for us to go.

Bye for now!

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