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How Long Does It Take to Mount A Deer?

So, you have gone deer hunting in the wild. And you have successfully hunted one and now you want to mount it on your wall. To do that, you have sent your deer head to your taxidermist then they’re taking time.

Now, you are getting frustrated. Well, it can be very frustrating to be waiting to possess something prideworthy. 

Now you are curious to know; how long does it take to mount a deer? 

The required time is variable. It depends on three factors; the size of the store, and where the deer is tanned. Then finally, how skilled the taxidermist is at their job. But the actual taxidermation process is rather quicker than you might expect. So, these factors determine the required time amount. 

Still, craving for more understanding on this? Worry no more. We have brought you a detailed breakdown of the deer taxidermating procedure. 

So, Why wait? Jump in.

Taxidermy Industry: Understanding of the Delay in Process

First, let’s give you a rundown on the industry itself. It is necessary to understand the delay in the process. 

In the taxidermy industry, the majority of the shops are small. They operate with a maximum of five people working in the taxidermy studio. But commonly you will find only one person is running the entire business operations. 

You need to understand that, most of these business owners are not pros. They rarely have much knowledge on running a business smoothly and efficiently. Most of the time they get into this business because of the love of it. 

So, the delay in time duration gets lengthier due to their inexperience as well.

Also, small taxidermy studios lack the financial structure and ability to handle unforeseeable situations. So, the delay intensifies. 

3 Factors to Determine the Delay 

In the case of getting delayed for the deer mount, 3 factors are crucial to be understood. They mostly determine how long it will take for you to get them. 

Those factors are; 

Factor 1: The Studio Size 

As we have mentioned already, the industry is formed out of passion. So, you will find a lack of professionalism all over the place. 

Due to this inefficiency, the delayed time can extend as much as two years. 

The less skilled and professional the taxidermist is, the more time it requires. An efficient taxidermist can pull that task rather quickly than an inefficient one. 

Factor 2: Where the Capes Are Tanned?

The second factor relies on where the capes are tanned. Either the taxidermist does it themselves or sends it to a tannery. 

The delayed time largely depends on where the cape is tanned. If the taxidermist does it themselves, it can take a large proportion of the time. This is due to their unprofessionalism and inefficiency. 

The time required in this step is variable. You can never be certain of how much time it will require for the taxidermist to tan the skin. 

In the other case, the taxidermist sends the skin to a tannery. Then, usually, it takes three to six months to get those skins returned. 

This is a lengthy process as well. Most of the delay happens for this segment. Where the skin is tanned heavily determines the amount of time necessary. 

Factor 3: The Actual Taxidermy Process 

Shockingly enough, the actual taxidermy process is a lot quicker. A beginner taxidermist can mount a small deer in 20 to 30 hours. It is that easy. 

And with time, the process gets even faster. A professional taxidermist can mount a deer in roughly two to three hours. And then your deer is prepared to be mounted.

Generally, only 30 minutes is required for form preparation and the eye section. And finishing touches can take up to one more hour or so. 

But that comes with years of experience and price. So, often you will find someone who is new to this industry. 

Hence, intensifying the delaying process further.  

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The Entire Taxidermy Procedure 

As we have looked into the factors of delay, let’s illustrate the entire procedure as well. In that way, you will understand what goes on while your deer is getting mounted. 

In the standard industry process, skinned deers are sent to the taxidermists. And then those skins are sent to the tannery. 

Since the majority of the shops are small, it takes plenty of time to send enough skin to the tannery. It depends on the size of the deer you want to mount. 

The approximate average time is 3 weeks to 5 months. And then it can take up to six months for the skins to be returned from the tannery. Usually, it remains on the shelf until other projects are done. 

The shelf can stock them for up to another six months as well. 

There is a common misconception that the actual taxidermy process takes all the time. It is utterly false. The majority of the time is required for the skin to arrive. 

Once the skin is returned and the taxidermist starts working on the deer, it’s a short process. Usually, 30 minutes to 4 hours can finish the task. 

And then your deer mount is delivered to you. 

Now that you know all the processes, next time you can be a bit more patient. The more time you wait, the better taxidermation you will get. Which will last longer and the craftsmanship will be finer. 


How long does it take to taxidermy?

If a dry preservative method is used then taxidermy can take up to 3 weeks maximum. The actual taxidermy process can take up to 1 day. But the drying process will take the remaining time period. 

What is the average cost of mounting a deer head?

The cost of mounting a deer head depends on how skilled the taxidermist is. But regardless of their skill, you will need at least $500 to get a deer mounted. As with the size of your deer, the price may go up as well. 

How much is a deer mount worth?

The value of a shoulder mount depends on the quality of the taxidermy of the mount. But the average whitetail mount costs $350 to $450. The price goes up with the size of the deer. Larger size can cost up to $1000. 


That is everything you need to know about, How long does it take to mount a deer head?” Hopefully, that cleared up your confusion. 

It’s an easy process but due to the art factor of it, it takes time. So, have a little patience while you send a deer for mounting purposes. 

Until next time, have a lovely day!

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