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How Much Does A 55 Gallon Drum Of Corn Weigh- [Figured]

A good quality steel drum gallon can assist efficient storage facilities. Depending on the type and the amount, the capacity of corn storage should allow flexibility in the usage and perhaps movement also. 

Therefore, you must know how much a 55-gallon drum of corn weighs

Sweet corn will weigh 413.57 lbs and field corn will be weighing 330.85 lbs in approximation. However, in terms of different moisture levels and kernel sizes, the accurate weights would vary. As a 55-gallon drum can hold up to 500 pounds, more than this amount will need another drum. 

There is a lot of information to get settled with, keep moving then!

Factors That Impact The Corn Weight

There are three real factors that impact the weight of corn. For example, moisture contents in different percentile variations make the corns weigh differently.

Other than that, depending on the type of corn, and the size of the kernels, the weights would vary also. So, within the combined scenarios of all three factors, the weighted measure will provide many different numbers. 

A detailed focus has to be made on the different corn types, to bring out the correct stats regarding the weight. 

How Much Does A 55 Gallon Drum Of Corn Weigh?

A 15% moisture advent is quite normal for both field and sweet corn. Keeping such figures into account, we can say the weight of sweet corn is approximately 413 pounds on a 55-gallon drum. In contrast, the field corn weighs approximately 330 pounds on a 55-gallon drum. 

Corn TypeWeight(lbs)
Sweet Corn413.57
Field Corn330.85

These two types of corn are the best out there for making deer feed better with sweet tastes. When the needs are met sufficiently, the good feeling will drive better behaviors. 

With that, we will go forward with the two types of deer-feeding corn and their weights based on a few factors. 

The Weight of 55 Gallon Sweet Corn:

We have not elaborated on how the weight of sweet corn varies according to moisture and kernel size. The chart has showcased a 413 pounds approximation with 15% moisture and 8.41 mm kernel size. 

Let us figure out a detailed chart for certain variations in weights for 70Ibs/bu Sweet Corn.

Size of Kernel (mm)Moisture Level Weight
8.4110%275 lbs
8.4115%413 lbs
8.4125%688 lbs
9.6010%314 lbs
9.6015%471 lbs
9.6025%785 lbs
11.6210%380 lbs
11.6215%570 lbs
11.6225%950 lbs

It is quite surprising to see how the wet levels of the corn can increase the overall weight to a significant level. Depending on the types of grains and corn, the ability to absorb moisture is quite wide-ranging. 

However, we shall be sticking to the basics to outline a comprehensive picture so what you really require is rightly aligned.

weight vs size of kernel

The size of the kernel plays a really good role here, the bigger the size, the more the weight is going to be. 

The Weight Of 55 Gallon Field Corn:

In general, field corn weighs less than sweet corn, and it reacts differently to moisture as well. However, weight variance stays the same in terms of how it is changing with an increase in moisture levels and the size of the kernel. 

We will be going in the same direction with 56 Ibs/bu field corn to bring out some good data… 

Size Of Kernel (mm)Moisture Level Weight
8.4110%221 lbs
8.4115%331 lbs
8.4125%553 lbs
9.6010%252 lbs
9.6015%378 lbs
9.6025%630 lbs
11.6210%305 lbs
11.6215%458 lbs
11.6225%763 lbs

The field corn is also affected by moisturization and the weight changes abruptly with different sizes of the kernel.

weight vs size of kernel

You can clearly see the variation in changes in the weight levels and flows in similar conditions of the sweet corn. The overall corn characteristics have similar features no matter what the type is. 

This means, depending on the kernel size from small, medium to large, no matter what the moisture level is, the weight will increase. 

Does Size of The Kernel Affect Corn Weight in A 55 Gallon Drum?

The size of the kernel directly affects the weight of the corn. As you can see, smaller-sized corn kernels will harvest lower-weighted corn than the largest corn kernel size. 

It is a fair deal to recognize that the smaller kernel size will produce a higher amount of corn than the larger-sized ones due to more rows. This impact falls directly on the number of gallons based on its diameter size.

You can figure that there is not sufficient space inside for a 34×24 sq. inch drum. The 55-gallon can accommodate as high as 500 pounds of bags inside. You are going to need another 55-gallon drum when the corn weight reaches almost 1000 pounds. 

The situation is similar to the utilization of right-sized coolers for deer. You will be mostly  delivering on the cost-effectiveness scenarios.

Does Moisture Content Affect Corn Weight in A 55 Gallon Drum?

Yes, the moisture content directly affects the weight of corn, it increases the weight to 25% as the moisture level grows.

Changes In Moisture And Test Weight (Air-Dried Indoor Sample)

Moisture And Test Weight
Source: Farmdoc Daily

With the graphic display of the lines above, you can see how the changes in moisture contents are impacting the weight. 

Within the context, of 55-gallon drums, as they can’t hold more than 500 pounds, higher weights will have to make way for the addition of more drums. 

So, How Many Bags of Corn In A 55 Gallon Drum?

Good quality bags can hold from 50 to 60 pounds. This means you will be needing around 6 to 7 bags, depending on the weight. 

It is good to be careful with the working factors of 55-gallon drums in terms of movement and disposal with the bags inside. 

Higher moisture content will stretch the bags a bit, but won’t harm the texture quality. Also, if the corn is extracted from larger kernel sizes, ensure that your bags can hold that extra volume. 

Or else, you can introduce more bags to fit an extra drum that can be added. It all depends on the most feasible, cost-friendly, and efficient ventures. 

Best Bulk Corn Storing Ideas

The best bulk corn storage practices will outline how successful the entire process of loading and unloading is. 

Here are a few good ideas for more efficient results:

  • Dry continuously so that the moisture level is low and the corn will be lower in weight. This means, eliminating the need for extra drums. 
  • Always ensure the quality of corn is top-notch so that the extra weight is not filled up with bad corn.
  • Always control the temperature depending on the weather conditions. For example, during summer, you have to keep things cool.
  • Also watch out for any insect intrusion, and apply necessary measures to prevent insects from gathering up

There you have it, a few good facts are making things clear on how to work with bulk corn storage, distribution, and placements accordingly. 

Vogelzang 55 Gallon DrumMade of heavy-duty steel for extended durability 
Eagle 55 Gallon Barrel Drum 36×24 sq. inch Polyethelene materials do not react to high moisture levels
Lumax Rotary Barrel Pump Carry adjustable and portable qualities

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How many bushels of corn will a 55-gallon drum hold?

On average, a 55-gallon drum can hold 7 bushels, approximately. This is relevant for both sweet and field corn. Perhaps, a bit more for field corn as the weight is lower. 

How much does a 55-gallon drum of corn cost?

Good brands such as Vogelzang would cost around $140. On the other hand, the Eagle brand is going to cost $155. There are discount offers coming to help you further. 

How many pounds of corn can you get from a 40-gallon drum?

As the size of the 40-gallon drum is smaller than the popular 55-gallon drum, the weight of corn can’t exceed 265 pounds. Most people don’t like 40-gallon drums since 55-gallon drums are more cost-efficient. 


When you have wondered how much a 55-gallon drum of corn weighs, the relevant data should satisfy you. The variants in calculation will make things work to stay alert in accordance with conditions.

Hope you achieve the best out of your endeavors.

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