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How Much To Have A Bear Rug Made? Pricing Unfolded!

A bearskin rug comes with the pelt or hide part of that animal. Have you found your tools a bit insufficient in making rugs? As a result, you may get confused about the pricing too. 

Worry not, we will be walking you through all of these. 

So, how much to have a bear rug made then?

Several brands such as Monarch Taxidermy Inc. are the top rug-maker in hunting industries. Its pricing starts at $2000 and can go up to $3000. Meanwhile, Hunters Choice Taxidermy, McLagan’s Taxidermy will keep your budget smaller. From $1000 to $1800, you will be able to sort the rug process out.

In this article, we will discover the rugging process too along with the pricing. Let’s not keep you awaiting more!

Here we go to dig deeper in-

How Much Does It Cost To Make A Bear Rug?

Bear rugs, especially black ones, are often quite expensive. So, let’s find out the cost of the taxidermy rug from the bears. 

BrandPrice Range
Monarch Taxidermy Inc. $2000 to $3000
Hunters Choice Taxidermy$1000 to $1500
McLagan’s Taxidermy$1500 to $1800
Timberline Taxidermy$1000 to $1300

However, brands such as McCain Taxidermy & Foothills Taxidermy or Elusive Creature Taxidermy come in several varieties. 

Differences exist there in terms of variety in inches. On average, you might find $200 to $250 per foot in the McCain brand. 

Meanwhile, $205 per foot comes on average in Elusive Creature Taxidermy.

How To Make A Bear Rug?

Before making a proper rug, here is what you will be needing!

Things You Will Require

  • Skinny knife
  • Salt
  • Freezer page
  • Tape
  • Enduring marker
  • Taxidermy collections
  • Sewing tool
  • Leather hand-sew materials

You can explore the best permanent marker as per our recommendation!

Along with that, things like Polyester fiber filling are crucial here. Also, having an airbrush or paintbrush makes your work more efficient. 

Meanwhile, you might need rug felt, rug padding, etc. Now, it’s time to explore the steps of making!

Step 1: Skinning Out The Necessaries

Skinning the bear out is the first approach. Try to pull the skin out as much as you can. This process will remove flesh too. 

Remember to clean around its face and talons. Then, cut the foot paddings out followed by removing the toe bones of the claws. 

You might need to split the eyelids and lips too. Along with that, remembering to turn ears inside out is very crucial. This step prevents all sorts of wastage and spoilage. 

Step 2: Adding Salt And Storing

Adding salt procedure is applicable if you store the bear hide until tanned. Relevantly, a bear hide carries two distinct sorts of hair. 

Meanwhile, both hairs have a functional role in the operation. In this manner, you might dry hide from the bear.

However, removing dried hide from the deer skull is also close enough in nature.

Along with that, you might require turning the bear hide part in. In this manner, more than 6 months of freezing is possible.

As this step contains adding salt, let’s get a real-life example. Measuring the ratio between salt and skin is quite significant. For every 300 lbs of skin piece, it is suitable to add 20 lbs. 

Step 3: Tanning

It’s time to send the bear hide for proper tanning. Utilizing a taxidermist or tannery is better! Also, do request taxidermy supplies.

Meanwhile, you will be requiring tanned bearskins. Such as rug assembly kits, bear ear liners, noses, eyes or even fake claws, etc., are necessary. 

However, knowing the whole tanning process of fleshing and preparing bear hide is much helpful.

Step 4: Taping

Now, keep a tanned skin’s life-size outline to tape. You might need a freezer paper here along with a permanent marker. 

This pattern will help in the rug padding process. 

Step 5: Shaping

Now, let’s squeeze its head with the skull shape. Also, don’t forget to shape the mouth, ears, eyes, nose, etc., into a real form. 

Step 6: Airbrushing

Airbrush comes into the picture now. Or maybe using stains, you might shape the inner mouth and teeth parts of the bear. 

It will lead you to have an authentic outlook on its head.

Step 7: Rug Padding

At this stage, you need to be aware of hand sewing, machine sewing, or hot glues. The rug padding including these should contain the same size as the bear rug.

Step 8: Cutting Felt Layer

All you need is to match the felt layer now. It helps to decorate your room more perfectly with the newly-made rug. 

Also, cut the layer of felt out. But keep avoiding making the felt layer shorter than the rug. It’s better if you keep the layer at least one inch larger than its rug. 

Then, attach it to the padding. You might require another cutting of the felt layer. For that, a 2 inches larger cut than the rug will be perfect.

Step 9: Decor

Last of all, you might allow the bearskin rugs to get dried properly. And, ensure to keep it in a secured place for 10 to 20 days. 

That’s it! Start mounting it on the wall or decorate it on the floor. You might find the duration of deer head mounting similar to the bear.


How Much Does An Authentic Black Bear Rug Cost?

Real black bear rug consisting 5 to 6 feet square height demands almost $250 and $300. Generally, furs might cost more than $6 per inch reckoned from the snout. And this measurement goes to the base of the tail. Meanwhile, the area rug of black bear comes from a modified acrylic pile.

Are Bear Rugs Long-lasting?

Bear rugs, especially black ones, are quite long-lasting products. Along with that, making clothes from these assure longer durability. Bears or other fur-bearing mammals offer standard quality and reliability to the users. From coats, jackets to shawls and stoles, each product ensures longevity.

Can I Step On Bear Skin Rugs?

Yes, these bear skin rugs are highly comfortable to walk into. You can crawn it upon easily also. Meanwhile, you might not feel any slippery issues here. It appears as a sensational decoration while hanging it on the wall. And, putting it over the back of chairs also enhances flexible sitting.

Final Words

Now you have got the idea how much to have a bear rug made

However, we tried to let you know the rugging process along with briefing the price. You might have got the gist to apply comfortably from the next purchase indeed!

Still got any questions? Let us know!

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