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How To Carry Climbing Sticks: A Secure & Silent Method

You’re planning on a hunting trip. While packing you are confused about how to properly carry the bulky climbing sticks.

You need to make sure they are secured and silent.

So you ask, how to carry climbing sticks?

Firstly, stack the climbing sticks on top of each other. Generally, they come in sets of three. And manufacturers provide standoffs to stack them. Tie them up. Now use a side strap and cords to carry them around your shoulders. Or fasten them to your backpacks using k-clips and molle webbing.

There you go! That’s the basic idea. But I’m sure you’ll love to know more about the hows and whys.

So let’s head down to our article for a more detailed discussion on this topic.

Problematic Issues With Carrying Climbing Sticks

When you’re hunting, getting into an elevated spot gives you a lot of advantages. Climbing a nearby tree is the best way to have that spot.

So the most convenient way of climbing a tree is using climbing sticks. But you need to carry them around as well. And they are quite bulky.

If you don’t know how to carry them properly, they are going to be a tiring thing to carry around. Because most climbing sticks are made of steel or aluminum and have a significant weight.

Also if the climbing sticks jingle around loosely, that will also generate noise, which isn’t ideal at all for hunting.

So, you need to be mindful of these factors when you’re planning on carrying climbing sticks. And that’s exactly what we are going to talk about here.

Ways To Carry Climbing Sticks

There can be mainly two scenarios. You might arrange for a camp where you’ll wait for your deer to come. 

In this scenario, you will carry your arrows, bow, or rifle in your backpack. Once you’ll reach your spot, then you’ll bring them out and begin your preparation.

Or you can be walking around with your rifle in your hand or a bow is drawn. So that you can attack your prey as soon as you spot one. 

Your climbing stick carrying can vary according to these two ways. Because in the first scenario your hands are free but in the second your hands are occupied.

So you can attach your climbing sticks to both your backpack or you can carry them around your shoulder using straps.

But before that, you need to know how to properly pack your climbing sticks.

First Things First: Securing Your Climbing Sticks

Generally climbing sticks come in a set of three. And there is an additional base with them. 

Now, fastening these climbing sticks is important. Because they are in general metallic and have a fair bit of weight.

Also, they have quite a few moving parts to help attach to a tree better.

So if you don’t tightly fasten the climbing sticks and the base, there could be a chance for them to make noise.

What you can do is, look for grooves in the climbing sticks. Climbing sticks from the same company have grooves or standoffs in them in a way that they can securely attach to themselves easily. So you stack them properly on top of each other.

And when they are perfectly placed in their spot, if you shake them there aren’t any movements to cause noise.  

And then you can attach them with straps or cords tightly.

Straps and belts are required all throughout these methods. They are very important as they support your heavy bows, rifles, and equipment.

So you can get them from stores around you and also online. Titan straps and Universal straps are pretty famous for these kinds of work.

Here are some straps and belts that you can get:

Now that you’ve gotten yourself the useful tools, you’re totally prepared to follow the next process

After we’ve secured the climbing sticks together, let’s see how you can carry them around.

Carrying The Climbing Sticks

As we said earlier, You can carry them on your sides, by this they are easier to access. But if your hands are already full, then you have to carry them around your backpack. 

Let’s see how exactly that works out.

Using A Shoulder Strap

In this method you take a shoulder strap to tie around the climbing sticks. You can buy extra straps from the market. But if you want to save money, you can easily source them from old backpacks.

And the backpack straps are more padded and comfortable to use.

So, you take a shoulder strap, and you tie two knots from both ends of the straps. Adjust the knot diameter according to your climbing sticks.

Then take the knots that you tied at the end of the straps. And take them around the climbing sticks.

We advise that you wrap your chords under the 2nd climbing stick. That way it gets a groove to rest and is more soundly attached.

After that, you can easily carry them on your shoulders sideways. It’s like carrying a bag around. And it’s also easier to just untie and use the sticks.

Carrying Behind A Backpack

This is quite similar to how to carry your rifle. You already have your climbing sticks attached together.

Now you take your backpack and use your existing molle webbing and k-clips to properly attach your climbing sticks.

You can use both elastic and non-elastic straps. Elastic straps are relatively easy to tighten around your gear. Non-elastic straps are good as well.

Take the straps over and under the climbing sticks as you please, and secure it behind your backpack. Now you can carry them and even forget that they are there.

And now you’re all set for a nice and quiet hunting session!


Are Carbon Fiber Climbing Sticks Available?

Yes, Timber Ninja makes carbon fiber climbing sticks named C1 carbon fiber sticks. They are very lightweight and quiet. And they come in a pack of 3.

Do Spikes In Climbing Trees Damage A Tree?

They do not damage the tree directly. But the bruises and marks left by the spikes open up chances for further vulnerability to damage and disease. So it’s not recommended to use spikes.

What Are Backpack Straps Made Of?

Backpack straps are generally made from Nylon webbing. But they can be made from Polyester and Dyneema as well. They are low stretch and strong materials that are very secure to handle weights. They also dry much faster when wet.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully you’re clear about how to carry climbing sticks. Choose one that suits your budget and likings well. 

Remember, patience is the key to a successful hunt. Happy hunting!

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