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How to Hang Deer Mounts on Drywall?- [A Step by Step Guide]

Having a deer mounted on the wall is a symbol of honor. It represents a sense of heritage and pride. So, naturally, it is very intriguing to hang a deer mount on your wall as well. But without proper knowledge, it can go very downhill. 

So, How to hang a deer mount on drywall? 

First, you need to gather the essential tools that are required. Then scan the wall to find a suitable place to hang it. Also, find the stud in the deer with a stud meter. Then, drill a hole into the stud and the wall. Finally, after determining the proper mounting bracket, hang it on the wall. 

Want further elaboration? Don’t worry. We have gathered all the information that is required for this task. So, sit tight and read on to have a thorough understanding. 

Will a Drywall Anchor Hold a Deer Mount? 

Before hanging the deer mount, we need to know if the drywall can withstand it. If your drywall’s structural integrity is not good, then you won’t be able to do it. 

But there’s good news for you. Standard drywall anchors can withstand the deer mount. These anchors are good enough for holding the deer’s head. But they won’t withstand the entire deer. 

You can pull down on the mount and pull it towards yourself. That should give the mount more structural balance to hang with more stability. This goes for hanging elk shoulder mounts as well. 

Required Tools to Mount the Deer on Drywall 

As we have mentioned before, you will need to gather the required tools before anything else. This step is essential. Without the proper tools, you won’t be able to hang it. 

To aid you with that, we have gathered the list of what tools are required for this job. Here’s a rundown of them below; 

  • Cordless drill 
  • Drill bits 
  • Tape Measures 
  • Stud Finder 
  • Screw Assortment 
  • Level 
  • Screw Driver 
  • Step ladder 

These are the essential tools that you will need. Make sure to find them before starting the process.

Now let’s move on to the process of hanging deer mounts on your wall. 

Hanging Deer Mounts to the Wall: 3 Steps 

To hang a deer mount to drywall, you will need to follow some procedures. And they have to be done in steps. 

Let’s see what those steps are; 

Step 1: Take Proper Measurement

The first thing that you will need to do is to measure the mount. Measure the mount from the top of the antler to the base with your tape measure. With this, you will get an accurate idea of the required space on the wall. 

Find a relatively empty wall to hang your mount. Keep in mind that even smaller buck deers need large empty spaces around the mounting area. But there are other size coolers for deer available. 

Too cluttered an area can damage your deer mount in the long run. Also, a deer mount is heavy as well. So, it is detrimental for your wall as well to put so many heavy things in one place. It might hamper the structural integrity of the wall. 

So, it is highly essential to select the right space to hang the mount. 

Step 2: Do a Proper Scan of the Wall

The second step requires scanning the wall. Use a stud finder to determine the stud in the wall. 

If you are looking for some good stud finders then give our recommended stud finders a try. We have looked through the market and listed the best ones according to us. 

These are some of the best stud finders you can find in the market. They are also the best for your bucks. Also, they are highly durable and will last a long time. So, you will be able to derive the best utility from them. 

After locating the stud, drill a small hole into the wall. Use a drill bit with a small perimeter to drill the hole into your drywall. Also, into the stud as well. 

The next move would be to screw the mounting screw onto the stud. Use a cordless screw or screwdriver for this task. 

Ensure that the mounting screw is stable enough. Otherwise, the mount will easily fall off of the wall. 

Step 3: Check the Bracket

As a final step, check what bracket has been installed on the back of the mount. Different taxidermists usually use different types of mounts. 

So, it is essential to determine the correct bracket. 

But you will find all of them come with a suitable hanging screw. Hang the mount onto the screw. Ensure that it has sat firmly. Otherwise, the mount will loosen up and fall off the wall. 

Finally, adjust the screw as necessary. Getting a good attachment is essential. Also, ensure that the mounting hanging broad is placed as close to the wall as possible. Use the level to do that. 

If required, then let the deer hang straight. But never let it hang loose. 

Here you go. Now you have all the knowledge on how to hang a deer mount on the drywall. Install it while maintaining these instructions. But always consult a professional if you’re hesitant. 

Finally, keep your deer mounts clean


Can you hang a shoulder mount on Drywall?

Yes. You definitely can hang a shoulder mount on drywall. Use butterfly bolts with washers for them and make sure that they stay put. 

What is the strongest drywall anchor?

The best drywall anchors would be the traditional metal toggle bolt. These have the best structural integrity. But they are a bit complex to install. This is because you will need to drill holes three times wider than the actual diameter of the bolt. 

What size screw for deer mount?

Usually, 1 ½” to 2” drywall screws work best for the deer mount. As screws with a small perimeter are required for the stud, these work the best. 


That is everything you need to know about, how to hang deer mount on drywall?” Hopefully, that cleared up your confusion. 

It increases the beauty of your house. So, install it but maintain the safety protocols. And never hesitate to contact a professional if you ever need one. 

Until next time, have a beautiful day!

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