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How to Hang Elk Shoulder Mount? [Explained]

Mounting an elk shoulder can be very challenging. Especially if it’s large and heavy. Failing to mount it properly can cause severe accidents and property damage. 

So, how to hang elk shoulder mount?

You can hang an elk shoulder mount using noose hangers or wall brackets. Install a noose hanger on the backboard of the mount. Hang it on a wall using a screw. Or install a wall bracket on a stud and attach the taxidermy plate on the backboard. Place the plate on the bracket carefully using a swingarm.

It is pretty simple and anyone can hang an elk shoulder mount with some basic guidelines. Follow our article for a step-by-step guideline for each of the methods. 

Method 1: Using a Noose Hanger

These are one of the most popular hangers. This comes in a full round piece. You can break it from the middle of your elk shoulder mount isn’t that heavy. People use the whole piece for bigger and heavier elk shoulder mounts.

It’s almost like hanging deer mounts on drywalls.

These are the best hangers you can find in the market. Check them out!

We are going to use half-noose hangers to mount a lightweight elk. Let’s look at the steps you need to follow.

Step 1: Break the Noose Hanger in Half

Breaking the hanger in half gives you two hangers that you can use individually. Take one piece and place it on the backboard of your elk. 

Step 2: Drill a Hole in the Backboard

Mark a circle with about three-quarters of an inch radius. Use a drilling machine and make a hole with a spade bid. Just deep enough for the hook to stuck in. 

Don’t go too deep or you might damage the elk. Once the hole has been made, you can clean out any extra strap inside the hole. 

Step 3: Place the Noose Hanger

Take the noose hanger and drop it down on the hole you’ve made. Drop it down and place it until your hole is centered by the hanger. You need to have wood above your slot to drill screws. 

Place it according to its center of gravity. If it’s a straight head it should be in the middle. Place it on the right or left if the head of the elk is turned in either direction.

Step 4: Screw up The Noose Hanger on the Backboard

Use an automatic screwdriver or a drilling machine and screw through the holes of the hanger. Make sure you use aggressive threaded screws. Put all four screws through the backboard to secure the placement. 

Step 5: Drill a Screw/Hook to Mount the Elk

Drill a hole in the wall where you want to mount your elk. Use a royal bolt and hammer it inside the whole. 

Then get any strong screw or hook that can hold the weight of your elk and put it through the royal plug. Royal plugs make the joint much stronger and more reliable. 

Finally, pick the elk up and carefully place it on the wall. So that the hole on the backboard is on the s crew on your wall. 

There you should have your elk shoulder-mounted on your wall. 

Method 2: Using a Wall Bracket 

This method is suitable for mounting heavy and larger elk heads or elk shoulders. Let’s look at the steps to complete the method.

Step 1: Install the wall bracket into a Stud

Find a stud on the wall. Place the bracket on the wall where you want to mount it. Mark the screw holes of the wall bracket on the wall with a pencil. 

Drill holes for the screws on the stud. Put in a royal plug and screw up the wall bracket through the holes.

Step 2: Place the Swing Arms 

Place the swing arms into the wall bracket. Take one end of the arm and put it inside the holders on the bracket. 

Swing arms let you adjust the placement of the mount more freely. 

Step 3: Install the Taxidermy Plate on The Backboard of the Mount 

Place the plate on the backboard. Try to place it where the weight of the elk is centered.  With a pencil, mark the screw holes for the Taxidermy plate on the backboard. 

Drill holes in the backboard for the screws. Finally, screw up the plate through the holes.

Step 4: Place the Mount on the Swing Arm

Simply put the swing arm through the taxidermy plate. Place the mount on the wall bracket carefully. The swingarm has a set screw that lets you lock the position for the mount. 

Finally, find your sweet point for your mount and secure its position.

These methods should save you a lot of time since it doesn’t take as much time as hanging a deer mount

Follow these steps accordingly and you shouldn’t have any issues changing your elk shoulder mount. 


What is the best way to hang an elk mount on drywall?

Toggle bolt the 1×6 to the drywall. Then attach the elk to the wood, which you can obviously screw right into. Use two supporters, one at the base and one at the bottom, if necessary.

How much does shoulder mounting an elk cost?

A completed elk shoulder mount will cost between $1200 and $2000. But that depends on the skill level of the taxidermist, the materials used, and the quality.

What is the price of a shoulder mount?

Established taxidermy shops may charge $600 or $700. Even though the “man down the street” may just want $300.


Now you know how to hang elk shoulder mount. Mounts are very heavy. Be careful to place the mount on the hanger or the bracket. Slipping it might cause accidents that might lead to property damage.

We hope you can mount your elk shoulder safely after going through our article. 

Till next time, best of luck!

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