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How To Keep Mice Out Of Hunting Blind

You’re nearly finished setting up your blind for a hunting session. But you notice a few rodents roaming about. And this is immediately concerning. 

You are worried about the safety of your gears and blind.

So you search for how to keep mice out of hunting blind?

To catch existing mice, a mice trap is enough. Leave it with some food and they’ll get trapped easily. Cats and snakes can be deployed to eat the roaming around rodents. Also, you can use peppermint oil and cardamoms to deter mice. The smell of these will keep mice away from your blind for good.

Now that you know the basic solution, let’s get down to a more detailed discussion.

Let’s dive right in!

Why Are Mice Such A Headache?

When you’ve set up your hunting blind, all your gears are spread out, and the last thing you want to encounter is mice. Because they are a huge headache to deal with.

They can chew through your blind, hunting gear, your various bow strings, and all your precious gear. 

Mice will leave their excrement all over your blind. And you’ll have a nightmarish time trying to clean them up.

No matter how tightly you try to set up your blind, they will find a way. And if you bring any snacks with you on your long hunting sessions. That will be an open invitation to them.

Mice are also nasty disease carriers that can spread easily to humans. And if you plan on killing them with rat poison, that can bring more problems. 

If you have a pet dog that you take with you while hunting, there is a high chance that the dog might get sick due to this rat poison. 

Also, the rat will die in unusual and unknown spots and eventually will die and rot. That will release a pungent smell. Resulting in a very hard-to-find cleaning chore.

So it is best to just keep them out of your hunting blind. And how exactly can you do that? We will discuss that now.

How To Keep Out Mice Without Killing Them

As we’ve discussed earlier, killing mice is not a permanent solution. It is also not the most effective of them all. 

On the other hand, dead mice will rot and leave a very bad smell all around your blind. Sometimes they’ll die in little spaces and it’ll be very hard to find them.

So looking for non-lethal options is the best option for you. Let’s check some of them out.

Mice Trap And Cages

This is the most basic and intuitive solution that will come to your mind, using traps and cages for rats.

There are a variety of cages out there. The most common is a one-way cage, in which you’ll leave a piece of food. And when the rat enters the cage it will close automatically. 

The rat will get trapped and you can then leave it elsewhere. As one cage will be able to catch only one mouse at a time, you need a few of them. And strategically place them all around your blind.

Here are some mouse trap cages that you can get for yourself:

Hopefully it’ll be easier for you to choose a rat trap cage now!

Be sure to release the mouse at least 2-3 miles away from where you are so that they can’t return.

Using Mice Repellents

Mice repellents are chemicals that deter mice away from your blind. This is an easier solution and more cost-effective.

Talking about repellents, they can be both organic and chemical. Organic ones are better to use because they ensure the safety of you and your pets.

You can use peppermint oil and cloves as your natural repellent. Deer scent doesn’t affect them but mice can’t stand the smell of peppermint oil and cloves. 

So spraying peppermint oil and cloves around your blind will keep mice out of your way. And to get better results you can put little pots with peppermint oil in them with their lid open. And place them around your blind and near your sensitive gear.

Mothballs have a similar effect too. So you can keep mothballs in the bag of your equipment. Leaving a  few mothballs here and there the blind will work too.

You can also use chemical repellents from various companies. But be sure to take protective measures when applying them. 

Releasing Snakes 

This might look odd, but this is a pretty effective solution. And many people resort to this for effective removal of mice. Especially if you are setting up your blind and will leave it for a few days, this is a very effective approach.

You can rent snakes from professionals and they will hunt down the mice and eat them. These snakes are not venomous and trained. And they work as amazing mouse removers.

Bull snakes, rat snakes, king snakes, and black snakes are often considered the best for this.

You can also get a cat to do this type of work if you have a cat who’s accustomed to hunting around the house. 

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

The first and foremost thing that attracts mice is food. In long hunting sessions, you’re bound to have food.

But be careful not to be messy and spread around. Dispose of your garbage and food waste in designated bins. 

This will effectively keep mice from coming from the very beginning. 

And to keep things safe, adorn the habit of keeping mothballs in your bags and whatever you carry your hunting gear in.

Well, if you can take care of this, mice should not be a problem anymore!


How Many Mice Does A Snake Eat Per Day?

A rat snake will eat one full-grown live rodent a day. They might eat more if the mice are smaller. They’ll have an unusual bulge in their belly but it’s nothing to worry about.

How Often Do Mice Give Birth?

Mice give birth nearly once every month. And they give birth to a litter of 9-14 mice babies. They are very fast breeders, so they can grow in numbers pretty easily if left unattended.

Can Mice Chew Aluminum Foil? 

No, they can’t chew aluminum foil. Surprisingly mice hate aluminum foil. It kind of works as their kryptonite. The thin sheets of metal have sharp edges and bumps incorporated into them, which makes them hard to chew. That’s why mice detest them.

Wrapping Up

Mice should not be a problem while hunting, as you know how to keep mice out of hunting blind. Your hunting sessions should be safer now.

See you later, Have a good day!

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