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7 Methods To Keep Moisture Out Of Deer Feeder!

Some hunters may find it challenging to keep moisture out of deer feeders. And looking for suggestions in the hunting community only makes things more confusing.

But hang in there! There is nothing to freak out about. Just by following some methods, you can get yourself out of the situation. 

So, straight to the point, how to keep moisture out of deer feeder?  

To keep moisture out of the deer feeder, make sure the lid is tight enough. The feeder can get rusty due to moisture, so it’s better to paint it inside. Use the deer breather kit if you find any humidity inside the barrel. Moreover, make sure to buy dry corn, and don’t forget to place the feeder out of direct sunlight. 

However, just knowing these methods might not be enough for you. Want to pull a rabbit out of the hat? Then keep reading. 

How To Keep Moisture Out of the Deer Feeder? 

Many reasons can cause moisture inside your feeder. Based on these reasons, you may need to follow different methods to keep the moisture out of the deer feeder.  

Here are some strategies for preventing feed spoilage while protecting the feeder from moisture.

Method 1: Get Your Feeder A Proper Lid

Having an issue with the barrel lid is commonly found as a reason to get water or moisture in the feeder. When the water gets into the barrel, this eventually leads to the corn getting molded. It can be one of the reasons why deer are not eating corn the way they usually do.

One issue can be that the feeder has a hole in the lid, which lets the water in. Another possibility is that the lid is not sufficiently secured with the barrel.

Make sure your deer feeder doesn’t have any holes in the lid and that it properly fits the feeder. This way, it won’t let in any rain or moisture inside the feeder, and your corn will stay protected for a long time without getting mold or getting ruined.   

Method 2: Paint the Inside of The Barrel

If you use a metal feeder, there is a chance that it will come into direct contact with atmospheric oxygen and moisture. Your feeder may end up getting rust and damaging the feed. 

Some deer feeders are not well painted inside the barrel. In order to keep the barrel from getting rust, painting both the inside and outside is crucial. In the meantime, you can also protect the corn protein feed.

Method 3: Use Deer Breather Kit

Mold and mildew might grow if there is any condensation buildup in the barrel. The corn may soak up moisture from the air as well. It may result in significant damage to the feed. 

Rain and hot weather can cause condensation inside the barrel. The barrel heats up as the sun hits it, vaporizing the moisture from the feed. And at night when it gets cold, it causes the vapor to condense on the barrel’s lid or sidewalls.

One way you can avoid condensation is by using a deer breather kit. The deer feeder breather removes condensation buildup inside a broadcast or gravity feeder. You can easily install it in any type of deer feeder, from plastic to metal. 

Installing the breather allows this condensation to be released from the feeder. You can use it not only for corn but also for protein feeders as well. Its unique ventilation system will protect the deer feed.   

Method 4: Make Small Holes In The Feeder

If using a breather kit does not sound convenient for you, you can make some small holes in the feeder. Sometimes the excess moisture in the feed can create humidity inside the feeder. 

In that case, you can go with this option. Drill a series of ⅛ inch or 3/6-inch holes in the barrel. So, the moisture would seep out from inside. You can create a shield over the barrel to protect it from the wind and rain.

This way, the feeder will get a chance to breathe and dry out the excess moisture. 

Method 5: Place The Feeder Out Of Direct Sun

To keep moisture out of the deer feeder, you should place the feeder in an appropriate place. It is best to place the deer feeder away from direct sunlight. 

Basically, direct sun and rain exposure can create humidity inside the barrel. It causes condensation due to the extreme heat and cold, as I already mentioned. The corn’s moisture can also affect the air inside the barrel. 

So, placing the feeder in the shade can keep the humidity normal around the feeder.

Method 6: Use Dry Corn

Choosing good quality dry corn also matters a lot to keep moisture out of the deer feeder. It’s not always an issue of moisture from the outside. 

Moisture is sometimes more likely to come from the feed or corn. Buying bad corn that is left out in the rain or not dried enough can cause moisture to build up in the deer feeder. This moisture can ruin the sweetness of the feed that you add to the deer feed. 

So, if you want to avoid dampness, buy premium dry corn to use as a feeder.

Method 7: Buy A Good Deer Feeder

If you want to keep moisture out of the deer feeder, there is another thing that you need to take into account. And that is buying a good feeder. 

Because choosing a good feeder is equally important as buying the feed. The majority of people prefer to purchase an all-season feeder that can prevent mold from growing on corn or other feed.

It gives you longer protection from moisture. Buy good deer feeders that are durable and high quality with multiple features. If you make one by yourself, make sure to use materials that won’t result in building up moisture inside the feeder. 

So, by following these methods, you can make sure that your deer feeder is protected from moisture. It will also help you to maintain the longevity of the deer feeder. 

Tips To Maintain Deer Feeder

Selecting high-quality corn or a feeder won’t save you from the situation. You must constantly maintain the feeder. If you don’t want to ruin your feed or feeder, follow these suggestions.

  • Put hunter-green spray paint if you are using a metal feeder.
  • Regularly check if there is any rust around the sides, feeder lags, or in the hood hinges.
  • Make sure the feeder breather kit is working properly. 
  • Create a shield over the feeder. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What Is The Best Height For A Deer Feeder?

The best height for a deer feeder is around 40 inches. The feeder should not be higher than that, otherwise, it might be harder to reach when you refill the feeder. You should measure the height of the gravity feeder from the ground to the top. 

Should You Hunt Over A Deer Feeder?

No, you can’t hunt over or near a deer feeder. However, in some areas with huntable whitetail populations, hunters are allowed to shoot a deer over bait. If it’s legal in your area to shoot over bait, then you can hunt deer when they are around the bait. 

What Is The Healthiest Thing To Feed Deer?

Oats are the healthiest feed for deer. Oats are a good source of fiber and carbs and are easy for deer to digest. Apples, grapes, carrots, and other fruits and vegetables are also included. Another nutritious food source for deer is acorns.

End Note

I hope now you know very well how to keep moisture out of deer feeders. Feed won’t ruin or become moldy if you use all of these techniques and follow the essential procedures.

And that’s all from me today. So, go ahead and figure out which method works best for your situation. 

Till then, keep calm and hunt on.

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