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How to Lift Deer into Truck: A Step-by-Step Guide!


Damn! That’s a big deer you got there!

But what’s stopping you from taking it home?

Are you looking for ways how to lift deer into truck?

It’s easy! As a solo deer hunter, you can lift a deer in 2 ways. One method requires physical force while the other is done by a lift assist device. But, both methods use a pulley system to make the lifting effortless. You can also lift a deer into a truck with a friend using a different approach. 

Whether you’re with friends or on a solo trip, this article will help you in all circumstances. 

So, be prepared. You’re about to lift a deer in a few minutes! 

How to Lift a Deer By Yourself?

I have listed 2 methods here on how to lift deer into truck. You can choose any one of them whichever seems easier for you. 

Lifting Deer without Physical Force

Imagine you lifting a giant 120-pound deer without even touching it. Pretty awesome, huh?

With just a few simple tools you can crack this method. This is kind of like a one man ez load winch. But it’s not entirely an article on how to winch a deer

Let me show you how to perform this method.

First, you’ll need:

  • 1 pulley
  • 1 30 ft long synthetic rope ( ¼ inch diameter)
  • 1 10 ft long synthetic rope (¼ inch diameter)
  • 1 ramp or a diy deer drag (steady and hard)

Also, make sure you have a vertical steady post or a strong tree near the truck bed.

Once you’re all prepared, let’s move on straight to the steps.  

Step 1

At first, you have to take the 10 ft long rope and make a long loop. Then, attach both of the ends to the hook of the tailgate. You’ll find these hooks horizontally on the end of your truck bed. 

Step 2

Next, attach the pulley with one folded side of the rope. Make sure the hasp is in the middle. You’ll be able to slide it through the rope.  

Step 3

In the next step, you have to attach the lead rope through the pulley. This is the 30 ft rope I’m talking about. This rope will help in lifting up the deer.

Step 4

You have to set up a ramp to slide the deer. Place the ramp in a position that creates a slope over the truck bed. 

Step 5

Now, attach one end of the rope to the deer. Make a long loop and tie it around the deer’s neck tightly. Take the other end of the rope and tie it around a tree. Or, you can tie it around a steady vertical post. 

Step 6

It’s time to lift the deer! Drive the truck a little forward. The deer will automatically slide through the ramp.

Voila! You lifted the deer without even touching it! 

Lifting Deer with Physical Force

Here’s another method you can apply. But unlike the previous approach, here you have to do some active lifting. So, I would recommend using this method only if you’re physically confident enough.

Moving on, you’ll only need one tool for this approach – a lift assist device. It’s basically a folded strap with several hooks. You’ll need two of these straps to perfectly lift a deer into a truck.

Once you collected the device, now let’s move on to the steps.   

Step 1

Just like the previous method, hook both of the strap ends to the tailgate corners. Attach another lift assistant strap in the middle of the previous one. 

Step 2

Now, take the two ends of the device strap and roll them around the deer. Make sure you tighten the straps near the legs. It’ll secure the deer nicely. 

Step 3

Then pick up the deer on each side one by one. Each time you pull one side, tighten the strap. It’ll keep the deer lifted and closer to the truck bed. 

Step 4

Once the deer is almost near the truck bed, roll it with full strength. 

That’s it. The deer is ready to go home with you! 

How to Lift a Deer With a Partner?

Now, if you’re not a one man deer loader, I got another method you can follow. But don’t worry. You won’t need too many people for this approach. Only one partner is enough. 

Step 1

The first thing you’ll do is to tie two hooves with small ropes. You’ll have to make a loop at the end for lifting. Make sure you tie hooves on the long side of the deer.

Step 2

Now, it’s time for the deer lift for truck. Stand on the truck bed with your partner. Keep the deer hooves towards you. 

Hold the loops with your partner. Then, pull it straight up together. 

Step 3

Drag the deer on the truck bed. Make sure you pull it at the same time your partner did.

And that’s it. It’s done!

Tip: Here’s a small tip for you and your friend. Always warm up a bit before applying this method. Otherwise, you might get strain in the back while lifting deer into truck


Can I load a deer without lifting?

Yes, you can load a deer without lifting it into a truck. For this, you have to park the truck against the side of a hill. Basically, any place where the tailgate of the truck will be near to the ground. Then, drag the deer to the truck bed. Here, you’ll need to put less effort than in lifting. 

Can a man carry a deer?

Yes, a man can carry a deer. Usually, dragging a deer to one place is difficult. So, hunters prefer carrying a deer to a small distance. But before that, you must pull out the entrails. It helps to lower the weight and make it easier to carry. 

How do I hang a deer in my garage?

There are a few steps to hanging a deer in your garage. Take two small ropes. Create two double-knotted loops on both ends of each rope. Tie the small loop on the edge of one hoof. Repeat the process with the other hoof. Then, take both of the loop ends and hang them on a gambrel. Voila, it’s done! 


I hope you got the idea how to lift deer into truck. All of the methods are pretty much close. You just have to think and act strategically. 

I’d like to leave a tip here. Always keep a folding ramp in the back of your truck. No matter where you go, you’ll always be prepared for deer hunting.  

Good luck!

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