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How to Make Sweet Feed for Deer?- [3 Recipes]

Each animal has specific dietary requirements. And deers are no exception. It means they would eat from grass to grains. 

But they need food that suits their digestive tract. That’s why you need to know the method and right ingredients of sweet feed for deer. 

So, how to make sweet feed for deer?

You can make sweet feed with a variety of different things. But sweet feed for deer has simply two things in it. Adding grains with the flavor of molasses gives you sweet feed for deer. These two are the core ingredients. And this is the bait food for deer indicating how much they love it. 

Besides making that deer’s bait sweet feed for hunting. We will also talk about what food is suitable for deer’s digestive tract. But before all that let me warn you.

Feeding Sweet Feed to Deer-[Nutritional Warning]

Who doesn’t like dessert? I for once love it. But what if I eat too much of this lovely treat? You get the idea.

The same is the case with deer. Giving them sweet feed every meal won’t be a good idea. It may not be very good for overall health and growth. 

Deer need food that is especially high in proteins. Obviously, you won’t want your deer to have poor antler growth. 

Furthermore, you should be very careful while introducing your deer’s stomach to carb high food. As we mentioned, the basic ingredients are grains and molasses. 

Grains such as corn and oats are high-carb foods. And one tablespoon of molasses has only 1 gram of protein while 14 grams of carbs. Your deer need food that is diverse in nutrition. 

Furthermore, introducing deer to food high in carbs too quickly can cause serious health problems. Because they would be unable to digest those carbs leading to pain and eventually death. 

Also, too much sweet feed or sweet feed in every meal is not good. Feed for deer should be diverse to provide all nutrients they need.  

Let us see three of those sweet feeds for deer.

3 Ways of Making Sweet Feed

We will see 3 different sweet feeds that are suitable for deer nutritional needs. 

Method 1: Using Corn

The ingredients you need for this method are as follows:

  • Corn
  • Oats
  • Molasses  
  • Protein Palette

These are the most basic things to make sweet feed. But corn alone doesn’t have the required proteins and minerals that deer need. But this is what deer love and would come after it. 

And don’t forget giving just corn in feed is dangerous for deer’s health. Sometimes your deer may not wanna eat corn

So, to keep the nutritional value up we add protein pellets to the corn and molasses. Because they have the right amount of proteins, minerals, and fats. 

And all that is highly digestible form as well which is not something to ignore. Let’s go and make this sweet feed.

  • Mix corn with oats. They both should be of an equal amount.
  • Now add some molasses. For every two and a half cups of oat mixture add a quarter cup of molasses. 
  • Add protein pellets in equal and required amounts.
  • Mix all of these evenly.

Sweet feed for deer is ready. Pour it into the deer feeder and let them enjoy it. 

Method 2: Using Brown Bread

The ingredients for this sweet feed recipe for deer are as follows:

  • Brown Bread
  • Corn Kernel
  • Honey 
  • Molasses
  • Peanut Butter

Let us check out how to make this sweet feed for deer.

  • In a bowl pour equal amounts of honey and molasses. 
  • Now get some brown stale bread. And cut it into cube-like shapes.
  • Dip those stale bread cubes like pieces in peanut butter.
  • Pour the honey-molasses mixture on the pieces of stale bread.
  • Add half a cup of corn kernels. They should be dry.
  • Mix all of them evenly.
  • Transfer this mixture to a baking pan.
  • Bake it in an oven for about 200 °F (93 °C).

And that is how the sweet feed for deer is ready to serve. 

Method 3: Make Protein Pellets Sweet Feed At Home

There are plenty of protein pellet products for deer available at the market. But to ensure the quality of the feed you might wanna make it at home. 

To make this nutrition-rich protein pellet feed you require the following ingredients.

  • Corn
  • Oats
  • Soybeans
  • Pinto Beans
  • Cotton Seeds
  • Peanut Butter
  • Molasses

Protein pellet sweet feed is better than corn. Let us see how to make those protein pellets out of these ingredients.

  • First, using a crusher, crush all the dry ingredients.
  • Secondly, pour some peanut butter and molasses into this dry mixture. And mix all of them evenly.
  • You can also use a feed pellet mill to make granules. 
  • After that extract extra moisture through the pellet cooler.

When dry they will be fresh for a long time. And you may wanna also pack them. Not just is this feed high in nutrients but also highly digestible for deer. This is why it is preferred by most deer farmers.

But if you think this is extra effort and wanna buy protein pellets from the store. Then check out our best picks.

These will save you a lot of effort. And also you won’t be worried about the diet and health of your deer. 

But looking forward to baiting a deer with the sweet feed? Then you should use deer scent while hunting. You can use scents like code red and core blue deer scent.


Is chicken and goat feed good for deer?

The answer is no. Deer need food high in not just proteins but copper as well. And goat feed is generally low in both of them. Especially low in copper because chickens are intolerant to copper feed. 

Why specifically is too much sweet feed not recommended for deer?

Feeding too much sweet feed can lead to an increase in deer’s ph level. Eventually killing bacteria and enzymes which are essential to its digestive process. Furthermore, too much sweet feed with corn has the risk of developing lactic acidosis. But this can be avoided by keeping diversity in the feed. 

What is cheap feed for deer?

The cheapest option is corn. But the problem is that it has low nutritional value for deer. Too much corn feed can produce lactic acidosis which is a digestive problem. And this disease can lead to the death of your precious deer. 


Hope you got an idea of how to make sweet feed for deer. Also now you are aware of deer nutritional requirements and risks involved while feeding sweet feed.  

Keep your deer safe by properly planning its diet according to the nutritional requirements. The three different sweet feeds that we told you about will do the trick. 

That’s all.

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