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How to Remove Arrow Nocks?: [4 Steps Method]

You Might have experienced or seen the breaking nocks of an arrow if you have enough experience. It may look tiny, but it is one of the most important parts of archery. 

This smallest component of archery can break for a few reasons like tight grouping and repeated use. So if you need to remove your arrow nocks then, then you need to know the process first.

So, how to remove arrow nocks? 

Firstly you need to remove the broken nock from the top of the arrow. Clean any residual remaining inside the shaft so that you can insert the new one. Insert the nocks to the place using a tuning tool. Finally, match the index ridge with other arrows. 

However, if you get some spare time, then you can follow the following steps to know the nocks removal process in depth. 

So let’s jump into it!

Why Do We Need to Change the Arrow Nocks?

Before getting right into the process, first, you need to know why we actually need to change the arrow nocks. 

There are a few reasons why you need to change the arrow nocks. Also, you need to be aware of the types of arrows you are using. Because the arrow nocks might differ for different types of arrows. For example, the 001 and 003 arrows are different

In most cases, it is for tight grouping for which the knocks can break. Also reusing the nock can damage the knock with time. 

You might find cracks in them or maybe the sharpness is very low. If you are not aware of your cracked nocks, they might break. Or maybe the arrow will not hit the goal properly. 

So, if you have been using your nocks for a while now. Now, it is high time to change the nock before throwing it again.

Is It Normal for the Archer Arrow to Break?

It is not a usual case to break an arrow nock every other day. If your nock is not cracked or undamaged it doesn’t usually break. 

However, your nock might break due to tight grouping. Also sometimes for multiple time uses, it can break. As soon as your nock is broken or cracked, you need to fix it immediately. This is to avoid unwanted situations next time. 

Thus, you have to be very careful about your arrow nock. This can make your arrow wobble during flight.

What Tools Are Needed for Removing Arrow Nocks?

There are a few tools that you must need to remove arrow nocks. Some important tools are –

  • Nock tuning tool
  • Slow-setting nock tool
  • Replacement nock
  • Pliers
  • Extra-fine-grit sandpaper

Don’t worry! I have gathered some excellent tool suggestions for you. Have a look!

I hope, you find these suggestions helpful.

How to Remove Arrow Nocks?: [4 Simple Steps]

There are some simpler steps to follow while revving arrow nocks. If you are thinking of removing your arrow nocks, here are 4 simple steps to follow-

Step 1: Take the Nock Out

Firstly, To remove or replace the arrow we need to take the nock out using pliers. To rotate or remove the nock from the place piler is the most convenient tool. 

Pliers are easy to hold and it easily removes the nock from the shaft. 

Step 2: Remove the Sticky Residue

Secondly, to remove the sticky residue from the shaft, we need to use sandpaper. Insert rolled sandpaper inside the shaft and spin it around. It will remove the sticky residue from the shaft. 

It is an important step to follow and thus the nock can be placed properly. 

Step 3: Insert the Nock

Next, To insert a new nock, you have to use the nock tuning tool. This tool is specifically best for inserting new nocks. 

To avoid damaging the nock the best option is to avoid using pliers. For setting the nock you need to use a thin layer of nick-setting glue on the bottom of the nock. 

Step 4: Plague the Ridge or the Bump

Finally, you need to plague the ridge or the bump of the nock. And there should be an index marker. The marker will indicate the placement. There are two kinds of placement of index ridge lines with index flexing. 

One design orients the nock parallelly and the other one perpendicularly. In most cases, it is parallel with the index fetching. 

To make the placement on point, you have to rotate the nock around. It will help the nock to match with the other arrows. 

The process seems quite simple. But it can trouble you if you fail to choose the right tools for you. 


Can We Use Glue for Fixing Nocks?

Yes, we need to use some specific nock glues for fixing nocks. But there are some facts to keep in mind. You cannot use any hot or melted glue on it. It might damage the whole archer. Also using superglue might work here but it will surely damage your previous nock. 

How to Remove the nock Point?

To remove the nock point we need pliers and a screwdriver. On one side of the nock set, we have to hold it with pliers and the other side with a blunt screwdriver head. Hold the setup tightly together and twist it until the nock loosens up and comes out. 

How Frequently Nocks Are Required to Change?

It is said that you don’t need to change or remove the nock until it cracks or breaks down. But it is suggested by experts to remove or replace the nock before every major shoot. It can get damaged anytime during the shoot so don’t take the risk. 

Final Words 

We are ending with the hope that now you have a clearer vision about removing nocks. Does this article pretty much hold every detail about How to remove arrow nocks?

Now you know how simple the steps are. Just follow it accordingly and you are ready for your shoot. One last tip, do check on your nocks even if there is no shooting. 

That’s it from us. Happy Shooting!

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