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How to Ship A Crossbow: Everything Explained!

If you need to make a shipment of your crossbows then you should follow a proper procedure. Otherwise, you will ruin your crossbow equipment. 

So, how to ship a crossbow?

To ship a crossbow, you have to pack it in a certain way securely first. So that it doesn’t get any harm. Secondly, you have to put it in a hard case and then send it to the shipment office location. Also, there are different ways of making national and international shipments.

Do you like the overview? Great! Because we have a full detailed segment on how to make the shipments. Spare some minutes for this and tag along with us to learn everything about it.

Let’s cut to the chase.

How To Ship A Crossbow?

Crossbows have been always one of the best traditional methods for hunting. If you are a passionate hunter, then you have used a traditional crossbow at least once during your hunting times. 

Packaging Process for Crossbow Shipping

Before making the shipment of your crossbows and arrows, make sure they are adequately packed. You can save time as well as enhance security. And the handling of your crossbow by making the proper packaging of it. 

So, make sure to pack everything perfectly, that will make your shipment secure. 

Follow these guidelines when you’re shipping archery crossbows, arrows, targets, and strings.

Step 1: Bubble Wrap the Equipment

First, you have to prepare the packaging of your crossbow that you want to ship. Bubble wrap all the edges of the crossbow and secure it with adhesive tape. Secure both sides of your crossbow within the tube. 

You must first place the recurve crossbow, compound crossbow inside its original case. Do it before sending it.

Step 2: Secure the Crossbow inside A Case

Secondly, make arrows and load them. To avoid any damage during shipping, put your archery crossbow arrows in an individual container or bag.

Fill the case, or suitcase, or backpack with the crossbow and other materials. The majority of crossbow kits are made up of several components. You can send these together in an archery bag or backpack.

Then pack the crossbow in a solid outer box or in a hard case with enough padding. When the box is adjusted, no movement should be heard from inside. 

Use strong tapes to enclose and seal the package.

Step 3: Ship At The Courier Office Location

When you are done with packaging, leave the package with the necessary details. And then send the location to the shipping office.

Thus you are done with the packaging. Packaging is a very important matter to make any kind of shipment. 

What Should You Know Before Using A Shipment Transfer of Crossbows Internationally?

Shipments can be local or international. So, if you want to make international shipments, you have to keep certain things in your mind. These are:

  • Firstly, check which is the most appropriate shipping choice according to your requirements. Then measure and select the right box with compound. If you need slightly curved crossbows, archery arrows, targets, or any other equipment, order it.
  • Then, check to see if you’ll have to print and apply the label yourself. As once the transport service for your crossbow has been verified. You will get this information through email then.
  • With any online tool, you can calculate the projected delivery time. Then you can ship your crossbow equipment at the right time.
  • Also, there are two options, either you can physically drop the package at the office, or you can book it online. 

Crossbow Shipping Prices

All crossbow orders might cost around $30-$50 shipping and handling fee. This includes any extra clothing and accessories you add to your order.

Any order that does not contain a crossbow will be charged a $12 shipping and handling fee. If you add arrows and accessories to a crossbow order. You will only be charged the $30 crossbow shipping price.

Though this fee differs in various shipping companies. And also, the local and international charges are different.

How to Pack A Broken Crossbow?

If you find any problems like your crossbow won’t pull back or any other problem, you can send it for repair. So, if your crossbow is broken you have to be double careful about the packaging this time.

You can minimize the harm to your crossbow or other goods while delivering. Put it in a robust shipping container with correct packing materials.

Also, you can try and secure the object. Using packaging materials such as bubble wrap, packaging peanuts, packaging paper, or wrapping foam.

Remember to clearly put your Return Authorization Number. Put it on the outside of your shipping container in marker.

Here is some recommendation for good packaging equipment. That might be handy for your shipment.

If you can repair a broken crossbow by yourself then it’s great! But if you need expert help, then you can send it by using this way.

Following these methods, you will be able to make the shipment process done of your crossbow.


What is the mechanism of a crossbow?

Compound crossbows feature stronger limbs to maximize energy efficiency. And a string coupled to a pulley mechanism to make it simpler to drawback with much more power when the bolt is shot. The pulley mechanism also guarantees that the bolt will release smoothly.

Is a crossbow license required for hunting?

A crossbow hunting license is required for crossbow hunters.  Crossbows are lawful during all hunting seasons. For all animals where bow and arrow hunting is permitted. A basic draw weight of 75 pounds, as well as a stock length of 25 inches, is required for crossbows.

What is the best way to tighten a crossbow?

The crossbow irons bring the bottom of the stirrup. Along with it, the centre of the bow underneath it is tight against the crossbow stock. Do it by hammering in the wedges. The 1/2 in. gap of the rectangular bore in the stock is left unfilled in case the bow has to be tightened more.

Wrapping Up

This was all about how to ship a crossbow we had to share with you. We hope this information will clear all your confusion and queries. If you have any more queries please let us know.

Till then Sayonara!

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