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How To Straighten Carbon Arrows: Easiest Solution!

As a shooting enthusiast, you must know how durable carbon arrows are. However, you may notice some bent carbon arrows that can make you worried like many other shooters.  

So, how to straighten carbon arrows?

To straighten the carbon arrows you have to cut the edges of the arrows. Carbon arrows can’t be bent permanently. The edges are usually found bent due to manufacturing default. You can cut off around 2 inches from each side using a miter saw and get a straighter arrow. 

The process doesn’t end here. You should know more details before getting into straightening the carbon arrow and they can be sensitive. This article will guide you step by step through this process. So keep reading. 

Do Carbon Arrows Bend? 

No, carbon arrows do not bend permanently when you use them. It can flex, but it will come back to the previous state again. These arrows are made with carbon fiber that is extremely flexible and durable. 

However, due to manufacturing faults, the carbon arrows can be a little bent when you purchase them. The bent level can be  +/-.001 inch in a good-quality carbon arrow. Inexpensive carbon arrows can be +/-.003 or +/-.006 inch bent. 

Moreover, even in the good quality arrows with a +/-.001 inch bent, you will find that the end is more crooked. The bent at the end of the arrow can be up to +/-.009. 

A carbon arrow is typically 32 inches long. And when they measure the strangeness of these arrows, they only measure the middle 28 inches. And the bent from the manufacturing fault usually can be seen in the two edges

 It is difficult to achieve precision with these crooked arrows. Also, crooked arrows can be a reason for your arrows to wobble during the flight

Can You Straighten Carbon Arrow?

You can straighten a carbon arrow, however, different from the traditional way you would do it with an aluminum arrow. It is not possible for you to try and straighten the crooked end. You can only cut off the crooked ends. 

If you cut off 2 inches each from the two sides of the 32 inches shaft, you still have a 28 inches arrow which is good enough for a person with average height. I will discuss the cutting method in the next section. 

How To Straighten Carbon Arrows?

You have to cut the carbon arrows to straighten them. Cutting the carbon arrow is easy if you have the right equipment. Here is some equipment you are going to need for this. 

Equipment for cutting a carbon arrow:

Now that we have the necessary equipment, you may think about how to cut a carbon arrow. 

For that, you have to measure the arrow to determine how much you want to cut. Then, execute the cut using a miter saw after securing the arrow with a vise clamp. Finally, rub the sharp freshly cut edge with sandpaper.

Let’s get into the process.

Step 1: Measuring the Arrow

Your aim should be cut off 2 inches from each side of the arrow shaft. Remove the arrow nocks and arrow points from the arrows. Take a measuring tape and a sharpie and mark 2 inches from each side. 

Step 2: Secure the Arrow

Your miter saw should include an integrated vise clamp. If not, take another tabletop vise and fasten the arrow. Don’t make the grip too tight as carbon fiber can crack under too much pressure. 

While clamping the arrow, adjust the movable arm of the miter saw to align the cutting disc edge with the marked point of your arrow shaft. 

Step 3: Execute the Cut

Wear safety goggles and gloves before getting into the cutting step. Turn on the miter saw. Slowly guide the whirring disc all the way through the shaft. Keep your hands steady while doing it. 

Repeat the process with another end of the arrow shaft. 

Step 4: Sand the Cut

The cutting ends can be sharp. So, take sandpaper and rub the edges of the arrow shaft gently in a circular motion. 

After that, attach the arrow points and nock with the shaft and now you have a straight carbon arrow. 

What Are The Dos And Don’ts While Straightening A Carbon Arrow? 

While straightening the carbon arrows, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Here are those.

  • Don’t try to heat up the carbon arrows to straighten them. Also, don’t try to bend its opposite side to make it straight. These methods won’t work with carbon arrows. Rather, the carbon fiber will get broken. 
  • While cutting the arrows, always wear safety goggles. Because small particles of carbon fiber can damage your eyes. And to save yourself from injury, make sure to wear gloves. 
  • If you don’t have prior experience with the miter saw, it’s better if you take those arrows to a hardware store or hunting supplies store for straightening. 
  • Don’t cut the arrow shaft shorter than 28-27 inches. Shorter arrows than the arrow size you require are a safety hazard. 

You should check the arrows while buying them. Good quality carbon has usually less curviness. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Why Do You Flex Carbon Arrows?

You flex the carbon arrows to make sure they are not broken or damaged before you shoot them. If the arrows are faulty the shaft will break when you flex it a little bit.

Does Acetone Hurt Carbon Arrows?

Cleaning your carbon arrows with acetone won’t ruin the arrow. You just have to wipe them off immediately. If you allow the acetone to soak in the arrows, the glue that is used in the arrow can melt. 

Can You Straighten Aluminium Arrows?

Yes, a small bend in aluminum arrows can be straightened. Hold the arrow by two edges. And bend the arrow on the opposite side of where the curve is. And the arrow will be straightened. 


Here’s everything on how to straighten carbon arrows. Although carbon arrows come with a little bent, they are great if you consider other features including precision and longevity. 

So, it’s worth the hassle of cutting and straightening. While cutting the arrows, always ensure the safety measures. 

That’s all for now. Be safe and have a good day.

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