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How To Thread a Rifle Sling? [5 Simple Steps]

A rigid and reliable rifle sling is very important to keep your weapon safe and secure. We always feel like freeing up our hands after good target practice. And we might not have a good place to keep that rifle once we’re done. You can use a rifle sling to free yourself. 

But do you know how to thread a rifle sling? 

When unboxing the sling, make sure everything is alright. Adjust the sling by taking the keepers and sliding them in the sling. Then secure the sling by feeding the keepers through the sling. Take your swivel and hold it towards the swivel stud. Now feed the swivel from outside of the loop and put it back inside. 

This is just a quick rundown of the entire procedure. Are you curious about the entire procedure? Then read the entire article.

How To Thread A Rifle Sling In 5 Simple Steps

Threading the sling to your rifle is not at all that difficult. To get that weapon ready, you just have to follow a few basic procedures. Before mounting the sling, ensure the weapon is emptied.

Then you can go through these steps one by one- 

Step 1 of 5: Choosing The Perfect Sling For Your Rifle

There are many various sizes and brands of slings to pick from. They however are categorized into 3 types. Single-point, two-point, and three-point are the types.

You must first understand these classifications. It’ll help you understand what kind of sling you might want or need. 

Slings with a single point of attachment to the pistol are available. They allow the rifle to hang free.

Two-point slings are commonly used in high-quality gun belts. It attaches to the rear stock and fore-end of the gun. 

Three-point slings are a little bit more complicated. They have three connections attached to the rifle. Above all, this will result in you feeling like being protected by a harness. It also lets the rifle hand down just like a one-point sling. 

You can choose a sling specifically for war zones. Or you can get a sling just for carrying your rifle. Or you can get them specifically for your hunting activities. But be sure to avoid damaged or worn-out slings. 

If you haven’t even bought your rifle yet, go and select the best hunting rifle. That is if you’re planning on going hunting with your rifles. 

Choose the sling that’s suitable for you and you’re good to move on to the next step. 

Step 2 of 5: Unboxing The Sling

The sling will come in a package with a little zip tie to hold everything together. First, you need to check the sling properly. Make sure nothing is missing and everything is in good condition. 

Also, make sure it’s the right one for your rifle. You’ll notice the keeper is attached to the sling. You need to remove the keeper. 

The keeper secures around the base of the hand-guard. You need to pull it off from the sling and remove it. Don’t throw the keepers away though, you’ll need them to thread the sling.

Step 3 of 5: Adjusting The Sling

Before you start attaching, log into the sling down by the rifle. You’ll have the folded end up at the short area of the sling. Now, you need to take a hold of the two keepers and slide them on the sling. 

But, make sure you’re keeping a little distance between them.

Source: GrovTec US, Inc.

Feed the keepers through the sling. These will effectively secure the sling. You can manually pull the strap open to pull the sling free. But don’t do that until you attach the sling to the rifle.

Source: GrovTec US, Inc.

Now you will notice there are two big loops on the tail of the sling. Once you’re done, take your swivel and hold it towards the swivel stud. Now feed the swivel from outside of the loop and put it back inside. 

Source: GrovTec US, Inc.

Make sure you have enough webbing to go through. Just like this one, feed the swivel through the second swivel stud. 

Now, you’ll have your swivel coming through both sides and you need to make it even. Adjust it and make a tight and secure sling.

Step 4 of 5: Installing The Sling To The Rear End

After your sling is ready to attach you need to open the swivel and spin it. Now go to the rear end of the rifle and open the peg. There will be a stud at the end. You need to put it through the stud.

Source: GrovTec US, Inc.

Make sure you’ve installed the swivel stud before all that. Once you’re done putting it through the stud, pull the sling and see if it’s tight and secure. If it’s loose then spin the swivel and adjust it accordingly.

Step 5 Of 5: Installing The Sling To The Front End

You’re done installing the sling to the rear end. Now, you need to apply the same principle and attach it to the front end. 

You need to feed the sling through the underside of the keeper and pull it back out. It will be locked out now. The elastic web will secure the sling to the rifle. Spin the swivel of the front and tighten it more.

Now you have installed the sling successfully. You can adjust the keepers to lose or tighten the sling.

That’s all you need to know to install a sling to your rifle.


Is it possible to install a sling without swivels?

Yes, It is possible to install a sling without swivels. But you need to install a different kind of sling. This type of sling is called the ultimate loop sling. These slings are specifically designed for those guns which cannot be adjustable with commonly used slings. You can make good use of those slings if you don’t want any swivels.

Is it important to use a rifle sling?

A rifle sling will make you feel the weapon is less heavy as compared to when it is in your hands. It is also a great aid for shooting. Sling stabilizes your shooting and it helps you aim better. Overall the right sling will make you a better shooter.

What tools do I need to thread a rifle sling?

If you are a beginner you need to buy some tools to get your sling ready. Some of the tools like Power drill, Tape measure, Tape, Hammer, and Loctite are very important. These tools should be enough for you to thread your rifle sling. 


All experienced hunters know that the sling of the rifle is very important. And now you know how to thread a rifle sling. So follow all our instructions properly and you’ll be able to thread the sling perfectly.  

In case we missed out on anything, let us know in the comments below. 

Best of Luck!

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