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Is 12 Feet High Enough For a Tree Stand


Among the other hunting options on the market today, tree stands still hit differently.

Every hunter has different tactics and needs. Some prefer being among the bush to hide, while some prefer a tree stand. So the question is, is 12 feet high enough for a tree stand?

Yes, 12 feet height is enough for a tree stand, but not standard. Because this increases the risk for the hunter getting seen by the wildlife. So it’s necessary to stay at a maximum distance while hunting. In bigger hardwoods with trees, the higher you can place the tree stand, the better. 

Now, will it be enough to keep 12 feet high for a tree stand? The reasons and alternatives are discussed here. This will hopefully help you decide the perfect height for your tree stand.

So, let’s get started!

Is 12 Feet High Enough For a Tree Stand?

Usually, 12 feet high is the bare minimum height for a tree stand. Otherwise, the higher the better.

Hunting takes a lot of movement. Sometimes you may not be with proper concealment and catch the deer’s attention. Situations like this often get worse when the tree stand is at the bare minimum height.

What Could Be The Average Hunting Tree Stand Height?

The average hunting tree stand height is 20 feet. Hunting tree stands, commercial or homemade, are typically located 15 to 30 feet above the ground. The average height is often considered 20  feet.

Tree stands help you be in a closed structure where wildlife can’t see you at all. 12 feet could be quite close to wildlife. Again, 30 feet may be higher if longer branches are hanging over. 

For a close sneak peek, proper vision, and distance from wildlife, average-height tree stands are preferable. 20 feet high tree stands on longer trees and moderate hanging branches are better for hunting.

What Is The Ideal Height For A Tree Stand?

The ideal height for a tree stand is the hunter’s position over a selected hunting area. For a tree stand, basically, the ideal height depends on the forest. 

In thick woods, more or less, 8-10 feet is enough to look under tree cover. Whereas, on the edge of a food plot the height may be twice. Considering some facts, the higher the better. Therefore you can hide your movements and scent.

The main aim of ideal height is to maximize observational viewing. Not too low, not too high.

What’s The Lowest Tree Stand Should Be?

Experts say, 12 feet is the lowest a tree stand should be. 

Hunting at the lowest distance is risky. If you choose to hunt from the lowest distance, conceal the tree stand. Catching wildlife sight becomes easier while hunting from a lower height.

Tree stands at 12 feet low are considerable when the jungle is deep with hanging branches.

Where Should You Hang Your Tree Stand?

From a concealment perspective, you should hang your tree stand in clusters of trees.

The ideal tree is about 18 inches in diameter for hanging tree stands. This ensures that the tree is sturdy enough to support the weight. Also, wide enough to conceal the width of the shoulder.

Precisely, a large tree with more hanging branches is best to hang a tree stand. A 17 to 20 feet high tree stand would be enough to cover yourself then.

Why Should You Hunt From A High Tree Stand?

Hunting from a high tree stand helps provide a wide field of vision before it bottoms out. A good game is spotted sooner, making the hunter’s scent harder to detect than at ground level. The higher you go, the more room for making new plans for the best shot.

But this leaves cons here. Hunting from high tree stands increases the risk of falling. It takes less space for movement and provides no proper protection from cold or wind.

Is It Possible To Hunt From A Ladder Stand Height?

Yes, it is possible. The hang requires some kind of screw to use in steps or to tie ladder sticks. That helps to climb up into the stand. 

Ladder stands require a ladder that starts from the ground and ends at the stand. Getting in and out of the stand is the easiest way to use. Not to mention, it’s also the bulkiest, and hard to put up a tree stand. 

How to Avoid Falling Out From Your Tree Stand? 

Safety comes first. Hunters are often seen to act rashly during hunting. Some make the common mistake of acting hastily after seeing prey. Where some keep the finger on the arrow long before shooting. What garnishes all these mistakes is, not wearing a harness. This leads the hunter to fall from a tree stand and cause deadly injuries.

To safely hunt and avoid falling out from your tree stand, follow the mentioned steps-

  • Wear a full-body harness.
  • Inspect your stand and all your equipment before using it. Always look for a safe tree and stand.
  • Avoid climbing into your stand while carrying equipment.

Recommendations on choosing a Tree Stand

When the question arises if 12 feet is enough for a tree stand? I would personally recommend that you hang your tree stand to suit the conditions surrounding it. 

Having said that, feet may vary depending on the hanging branches, trees and concealment management. 

Before shooting, check keenly if the barrel and action have any kind of obstruction. While you keep your firearms loaded, keep your finger away from the trigger guard. Because unless you’re ready to shoot, having your finger on the trigger may cause an accident.


What is the best height for a tree stand?

17 to 20 feet up the tree is the best height for a tree stand. Again, considering the surroundings, choose the height for your tree stand. 

What is the maximum length of time you should have a stand attached to a tree?

Not for more than two weeks, you should have a stand attached to a tree. Make sure to always maintain the weight limit of your stand.

What is a common cause of accidental falls from a tree stand?

Wrong placement of tree stands and wrong use of equipment. These common mistakes lead the hunter to face severe injuries. Death is the maximum they pay.


Now you know is 12 feet high enough for a tree stand? For a tree stand, 12 feet is enough if the surrounding promises rich concealment for the hunter. 

A misplaced stand can remove you from areas of wildlife activity. Therefore, proper placement of your tree stand is significant for increased success in the field.

Either way, let me know if the information was helpful for you. You can leave a comment here. Happy jamming!

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