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Left or Right Helical Fletching? [Explained]

You need to know every tiny factor when you’re optimistic about performance and accuracy in archery. Among the minor technical concerns, helical fletching is one of the most significant.

It’s also something about which many archers have some doubts. And that’s the reason why we’re about to clarify everything regarding this issue in this article. 

So, which one is perfect left or right helical fletching?

Right helical fletching for the right-handed archer and left helical fletching for the left-handed archer. The arrow should spin clockwise when you’re right-handed. Meanwhile, the arrow should spin counter-clockwise if you’re a left-handed archer. Fletching determines which way the arrow will spin.

This is a brief summary of what you will learn in this article. Go over this to clear up any confusion you may have regarding this aspect.

What is Left and Right Helical Fletching

Fletching is the determiner of which way will your arrow spin. The arrow can spin either clockwise or counter-clockwise. And this is dependent on which helical fletching the arrow has. 

Let’s decide which helical fletching suits your shooting hand.

Which Fletching For You?

It’s totally up to your comfort. It might be either left or right helical fletching. If you want your arrow spinning towards the right then the right helical fletching is for you. The left helical fletching, however, is required if the arrow is to spin to the left.

You may need helical fletching depending on which hander are you. And the perfect arrow size is also related to this.  Let’s see which helical fletching is for you. 

Which Fletching For Right Hander?

It’s the best practice for a right-handed archer to shoot with the right helical fletching. It can give you a comfort zone while you’re shooting. 

While it also has some tiny impacts on accuracy. Again, it may be necessary to use left helical fletching arrows in some cases depending on where you are shooting.  

For example: When shooting in an area with left-flowing air and right-helical fletching, the arrow can move right from the target. 

To balance air pressure from the left you need to give pressure from the opposite. In this case, the left helical fletching can assist you to get more accuracy. 

Which Fletching For Left Hander? 

People often think of left helical fletching for the left-handed archer. And this is considered the basic rule of using the helical fletching arrow. 

Though left helical fletching can give you comfort if you’re a left-handed archer. But it always can’t assure expected accuracy. 

As we’ve mentioned in an example above, sometimes you may need to use right helical fletching even if you’re a left-handed archer. And this is depending on which direction the air is blowing in the place of shooting. 

How to Tell Right or Left Helical Fletching?

Whether the fletching is right or left, totally depends on the design of the offset fletching. 

Right helical fletching starts from the right and gradually angles towards the left. And on the contrary, the left helical angles gradually left to right. 

Take a look at the image below for a visual understanding. It’s all about air pressure. And the design of the offset fletching controls the air pressure on it.

Right and Left Helical Fletching

The purpose of helical fletching is to maintain the flight and direction of the arrow.

Does Fletching Direction Matter?

The fletcher hardly cares about the direction of the fletching. Mostly they use straight fletching when they shoot indoors. 

But in the open air, the fletching direction actually does matter. And that’s for the sake of balancing the air pressure. 

Let’s see how the fletching direction matters


Fletching direction can make an impact on accuracy. When you shoot from more than 18 meters away, the normal air pressure can make the arrow swing from the target. 

Airspeeds over 25 Km/h can distract the arrow from the target. And it can highly hamper accuracy. 

In this case, fletching direction matters to balance air pressure and get better accuracy. 

However, you can add the weight to the arrow tip and you can increase accuracy. Because of the added weight, air won’t be able to move away from the target. 


The fletching direction doesn’t matter much on comfort. Archers often tend to use the right fletching for right-handers and the left fletching for left-handers.

It’s not necessary, it’s always good for comfort. However, I heard some righty archers exposing they feel comfortable shooting right helical fletching. 

And this is because of clockwise spinning, which is the right side of them.  

Does Arrow Fletching Matter?

Yes, arrow fletching matters both indoors and outdoors. And this is for balancing the arrow flight. For the gravity arrow gradually goes down from the actual height after shooting. 

Fletching aids the arrow’s flight to balance gravity. And that’s ultimately important for accuracy. 

Furthermore, fletching also helps to balance air pressure from the right or left side.

This is the primary reason for having fletching on an arrow.


When it comes to getting the expected accuracy, it doesn’t matter which hander you are. All you need to know is which way the air is blowing. And accordingly, you need to use either left or right helical fletching.  

If the air blows to the left, then use the right-helical fletching arrow.

Similarly, use the left-helical fletching if air blows to the right. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Why Is My Fletching Hitting Drop Away Rest?

For the poor arrow rest, your arrow fletching hit the drop away rest. Make sure the rest you are using in your bow is well-polished and smooth. However, fletching friction with the rest can be the reason for poor accuracy and performance. Fletching hitting with rest can impede an arrow’s flight.

Does Helical Slow Down Arrow?

Yes, the helical does slow down the arrow. There is a scientific reason why helical could slow down the arrow. The helical makes the arrow spin faster. And that stabilized the speed of the arrow. At the same time, helical also aids in accuracy and proper flight.  

How Far Should Your Fletching Be From The Nock?

Your fletching should be 1.15 inches away from the nock. This is the ideal position for placing fletching. Because you need adequate space to grip the nock while you aim your target. At the same time, the helical must always be on the back portion of the arrow to balance its flight.

Final Words 

Well, hopefully now you know which one you need: right or left helical fletching. Helical fletching should be used according to circumstances. Additionally, you should consider the fact of distance.   

We’d love to hear your opinion regarding this article. Don’t forget to let us know if it was helpful or not. 

Thanks for your patience!

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